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  1. My mum is a experience confinement lady, anyone interested can contact her Description: 1. Cooks really good food 2. Support breastfeeding 3. Not calculative 4. Very friendly 5. She do Urut (massage) also ( addition charges ) If interested Call her 017-2694426 ( Madam Lee ) Thank you
  2. Babysitter Available Area : Desa Petaling Time :Day Care or Night Care Age : New born - kid Rate : Negotiable Available : Jan 2014 Introduction : Pet-free & smoke-free home, Clean environment, Can cook for baby, English , Cantonese & Mandarin speaking, Experienced babysitter Contact Info : 017-269 4426 (Mrs.Tan)
  3. I have a babysitter is at desa petaling only
  4. can i ask why i cant post a topic , i juz write that my friend finding a baby to take care and desa petaling got available babysitter . it cant post?
  5. hi all mummies, i have few tin of Anmum Essential Step3 1.7kg (normal) to let go coz my SIL is changing his toddle fm she brought at RM52 now she selling RM45 , any1 interested can pm me within klang valley
  6. Does anyone hear b4 YAKULT home delivery? or does any1 let their children drink yakult. Yakult is a Cultured milk drink is good for us, it have 30 billion good bacteria. It help us and children: *increases good bacteria and reduces harmful ones in our intestine *Reduces harmful substances (toxins) in our body * Helps us avoid constipation and diarrhoea *Helps boost our body's immunity in fighting infectious diseases and occurrence of cancer cells. now home delivery service is available at kuala lumpur, melaka and seremban only,
  7. mimossa, i got 1 sifu ,he gif de name quite meaningful and nice, Like my bb his name is Tan Kenjo Chinese name is 陳建州 . If u wan u can pm me i gif u the address ^^
  8. hi may i know the price Thank you
  9. i think now he was 6kg i also noy so sure, coz when he was at 2/9/08 his weight was 5.3kg
  10. escudo tat time dr check my bb just 3.4kg but duno y born out that time 3.73kg
  11. i think i use 1 1/2 hour to push the bb out, first time gif birth duno how to push and the head hard to push out too big T.T
  12. yalo that time c4 and tesco having sale sell mamypoko cheap at the same time, tesco sell rm 42.89 c4 sell rm42.99 but i buy 1 pack only coz no more M size i buy 1 S size only my bb cant use S size after few more week :(
  13. My bb born at 1 Aug, how bout yours? his weight is 3.73kg so hard to born out >.<
  14. but tesco also having sale selling jumbo pack Rm46++
  15. Sell cheap diaper at giant only today Mamypoko NB52/S48/M44/L38/XL34/XXL28 - RM32.99 for Giant member cards holder its only RM29.99
  16. My bb born at 1 Aug, how bout yours? his weight is 3.73kg so hard to born out >.<
  17. hi cutiepiggie, when is ur bb born? My boy now is 6 week ++ , he drink 3.5oz every 2 hour but at night 4 or 5 hour only he wake up cry for milk. Last few week i reli have the problem to burp my boy, i do it for half and hour also he dun wan to burp. But now ok le , when ur bb dun wan to burp u try let him sleep on our hand then wait 2 or 3 min let the bb sit down and burp again try repeat it then bb will very fast burp out, i try this at my bb every time my bb burp until very loud >.<
  18. For Hukm price normal birth rm525 for stay 2 day n use epidural, for c-sec is rm1200 not more then rm1500 but we cant choose c-sec, for c-sec at hukm is for those emergency ppl only. We need to pay rm300 deposit when we start to stay at hospital
  19. may i know how much do u sell the black label
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