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  1. hi wongmaro, just sent over! PL
  2. hi carmen those candles are so cute! how many do you have now and how much are they? b_t_b@live.com.au thanx PL
  3. Hi piggymarmot Just sent over! To contact them, you can send an email to Jane Chok at jane.chok@luxurycollection.com, she's a fantastic organiser or call them on 03 2717 9900. So far no complains and still keeping my fingers crossed for the day! PL
  4. Hi Allyson, Mind sharing your links with me too? Many thanx and Congratulations! b_t_b@live.com.au PL
  5. hi honeynut, can share with me 2 pls? b_t_b@live.com.au Thanx! PL
  6. OTS, so sorry! I'm a few minutes too late! I know you've just sent to pinkelle and dreamz. If you would be sooooo kind, can you please send me the quotation to me as well. cissieau@gmail.com THANKS A MILLION! cissieau, you've got mail!
  7. Pinkelle/dreamz you've got mail!
  8. Hi Wonder if anyone had heard of Fifoto before and could advise how is their service and quality of work? Thanks! www.fifoto.com/weddings PL
  9. I finally had a look at the 3 most talked about branded diamonds, Lazare (authorised retailer - De Gem), Hearts on Fire - HOF (authorised retailer - Habib), Brilliant Rose - BR (Brilliant Rose, of course). I wanted to compare these diamonds to GIA cert diamonds to understand whether there is a difference and should I pay more for these branded diamonds. Since these diamonds are marketed for their 'perfect' or 'ideal' cuts, I compared these diamonds with GIA cert diamonds that have 'triple excellent' cuts which is the highest grade GIA lab would grade for cuts. After comparing Lazare, HOF and BR to GIA cert diamonds (triple excellent cuts specifications, nothing less), I noticed: 1. Lazare sparkles more than a GIA cert diamond for the similar specs ie (colour, carat, clarity); 2. HOF sparkles more than a GIA cert diamond in dim light for the similar specs; and 3. BR sparkles more than a GIA cert diamond at every turn for the similar specs. Indeed the cut of these diamonds make a slight difference but as for which of these 3 cuts are better than the other is, I believe is merely a preference. Lazare and HOF have 57 facets cut and BR has 66 facets cut. The difference between the 57 facets and 66 facets are: 1. 66 facets - light is reflected at more angles cos of the greater no. of facets to reflect the light; 2. 66 facets - the diamond twinkle rather than sparkle cos of the greater no. of cuts, the smaller the facets able to reflect the light; 3. 66 facets - when view through a proportion scope, you will see a 'flower' (at one view) pattern in the diamond; 4. 57 facets - when view through a proportion scope, you will see a 'hearts' (at one view) and 'arrows' (at another view) patterns in the diamond; and 5. 57 facets - reflects a sharper and wider blade of white light when it sparkles cos' of the lesser no. of cuts. I must add that with a GIA certified diamond, one can get a bigger diamond for the same price of a branded cut diamond. Especially if one chooses to have triple excellent cut GIA cert diamond, it is half (or less) the price of a branded cut diamond!
  10. Hi blurcheryl I'm no diamond expert but from what I understand so far all the diamonds you mentioned are the same with a few exceptions. 1. Brand 2. Cut The most common cut diamond is round (commonly known as 'round brilliant cut') and has 57 - 58 cuts. The cut is discovered by a guy called Marcel Tolkowsky in the early 1900s. Tolkowsky came up with the proportions theory on the "Ideal Cut" of diamonds and if applied correctly, will give you "Hearts and Arrows" diamonds. That is, you would essentially be able to observe 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows in a perfectly cut diamond. Most the diamonds you mentioned are cut to follow Tolkowsky's proportions. Hence, you would see 8 hearts and arrows in the diamond (if they are round, of course). But whether the cut is perfect to bring about 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows is another issue. Because you and I are not diamond cutters / experts, we would not be able to see or tell whether the diamonds we get are perfect in every sense. The jewellers would send them to the diamond graders (Gemologist) like GIA and AGS to get expert independent opinion on the diamond grades of the 4 Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat) so that they could then inform the consumers about the diamond quality. That is why most jewellers like Poh Kong, Habib, Wah Chan, etc have graded diamonds. Which is also why, some companies spend millions in branding/advertising costs to bring about awareness in customers or confidence in their diamonds because they claim to have the perfect/ideal/excellent cut. But essentially that means they claim to have 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows. Lazarre and Hearts on Fire are examples of companies that spend millions in research and advertising so that consumers would be confident that they are getting the best cut/colour/clarity in town (ie. "THE DIAMOND"). If I'm not mistaken, Estrella and Love diamonds are branded diamonds from De Beers and Love Diamond Company respectively. (Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong.) Tiffany and Mont Blanc are established companies well renown for their products and purchase their diamonds from De Beer (that sells rough cut diamonds), although I also heard that now Tiffany has branched out to start their own cutting process.(Again, please correct me if I'm wrong.). These branded diamonds are priced at a premium cos' of research and advertising spent which is part of the economic position undertaken by these companies. There are cuts that sway away from the normal 57 - 58 facets (or cuts). One of which is the 66 facets diamond discovered by japanese. A brand that carry such diamonds is Brilliant Rose. From what I hear, the reason why Brilliant Rose is more expansive, it is because it has more cuts and therefore cutting process and polishing etc takes longer. To decide which cut is better than the other is merely a preference that you have to decide for yourself. If you want to learn more about diamonds, suggest you try www.pricescope.com. An excellent resource on diamonds. Hope it helps. A step to better knowledge on diamonds is a step to better consumer knowledge and negotiation.
  11. Congratulations lovebug & adyong85 on your exciting gems! Brilliant Rose sounds very tempting....I have not personally seen one myself but I heard a lot about it...should take a look one of these days... Been trying to collate all the information on rings in the other forum and all credit due to all generous MBers sharing all the findings and they are: 2008 - Diamond & Platinum GIA - 0.38 carat Estrella diamond VS1, F grade, excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmentery, set on a platinum ring: RM 5,553 (after discount 10%+5% for members) GIA - 0.30 carat Estrella diamond VS1, F grade, excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry, set on a platinum ring: RM 4,900 (after discount 10%+5% for members) GIA - 0.32 carat normal cut diamond VS1, F grade, very good cut, polish and symmetry- don't know, set on a white gold ring: RM 3,124 (after discount 10%+5% for members) 2007 - degem....0.37c, E color, VS2, GIA cert, RM4K 2007 - wah chan, E, VVS1, 0.37, RM3.4k 2007 - le lumiere, G, 0.33c, VS1 at RM2500 with ring (complete set). 2007 - Le Lumiere E, VS 1, 0.33c, RM2500 2007 - LOVE diamond 0.29c, G, VS2, RM8k 2007 - E, VSI1, 0.34c, white gold ring with 6 claws, SGD800 2006 –Tian Po S’pore HOF 0.3C - 0.5C, color E - D, VSI1, ranges from SGD4000 to SGD5000 (it comes with GIA certification) 2006 - Taka Jewellery 0.34c, E, VSI 1, SGD800. H&A cut and HRD certified 2006 - 1. E, VVS2, 0.31 carats, ideal cut diamond. – RM3.5K 2. G, VS 1, 0.39 carats, ideal cut diamond. – RM3.5K 3. G, VS 1, 0.33 carats, perfect cut diamond. – RM3.5K 2006 - wah chan 0.34 carat, F colour and VS1 RM3,030 2006 - D&P Estrella 0.25 carat on 950 platinum, D, VS1- RM3.3k 2006 - 0.57carat, vs1, G, RM6.5 k 2006 - D&P Estrella collection RM5K plus for a D, VV2, 0.31carat 2006 – Larry Jewellery in S'pore, Lazare S$10k for a 0.7 carat 2006 - Habib @ The Curve. 0.40ct, E color, VVS2, certified Hearts & Arrow. Bearing in mind some of the above information are not complete like cut symmetries (apart from branded names with patented cuts), name of shops, etc. This however, forms good guide and estimate for those looking for a ballpark figure and budget accordingly. Btw, this is good list for negotiation too! Hope none are too offended that I didn’t include names of those providing the information…feel free to add to the list!
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