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    Neoromantic Bridal is mainly tailor made wedding dress and evening dress, bridesmaid dress for all of brides. We provide high quality wedding dresses with reasonable price. Pls pay us a visit if interested:)

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  1. 2016NEOROMANTIC 原创新娘设计比赛章程 2016 Neoromantic WEDDDING GOWN DESIGN CONTEST 大赛初衷:我们一直以来为新娘量身定做她们梦想中的嫁衣,由于这个宗旨我们一直鼓励新娘们设计自己梦想中的婚纱,每个女生都有梦想中的嫁衣,现在只需拿起笔画出你梦想中的嫁衣,就有机会让它在最幸福的那一天演绎你的美丽。 Competition mind: We have been tailored for the bride wedding gown of their dreams, and for this purpose we have been always encouraging brides to design their own dream wedding. Every girl has a dream wedding dress, now just pick up a pencil to draw out your dream wedding dress and email to us. You will have the opportunity to make it out and present your beauty in your big day. 主办单位:Neoromantic Bridal Sdn Bhd Organizers: Neo Romantic Bridal Sdn Bhd 参赛条款和规则: Term and conditions: 1.谁可以参加? 所有居住在马来西亚和新加坡地区的即将在2016年7月—2017年12月结婚的新娘和新郎(帮您的另一半设计)都可以参加,要求必须是准新娘或者准新郎,谢绝设计师或者学生参加。 1. Who can participate? All residential areas in Malaysia and Singapore who will be married during Jul, 2016 - December 2017 can participate in. Have to be true planning marry bride or groom, exclude designer or student. 2.奖品是什么? Neoromantic bridal 会把您的手绘图做出成品,免费送给您,让您在结婚的那天穿上它演绎最幸福的日子。获奖者需提供结婚当日的照片以证明确实为真实结婚夫妇。 2. What is the prize? Neoromantic bridal will make out your finished drawing after discuss the details in shop. It will be free to make out and enjoy it with your wedding day to joy the happiest day. And we need to request the winners provide actual wedding photos to prove that indeed the day the couple's marriage finally. 3.评审时间表是什么? 我们会从即日起开始接收所有来稿,截止到3月19号白色情人节前,塞选出10张来稿, 并于3月26号公布于我们的facebook 网站,以供所有的人开始进行投选。截止日期为4月15号,获得最多点赞的稿件将被评为获奖作品,我们会联系获奖人员,在4月23号来店面谈制作细节,于6月10号之前进行第一次试穿,7月之前完成所有的调整工作。 3. What is the assessment schedule? We will begin to receive all contributions from now until March 19, 2016 of the White Valentine’s Day. Only 10 of all manuscripts will be selected out by Neoromantic, and will be published on 26th March,2016 on our facebook website for all the people begin to vote . The deadline for voting is on 15th April 2016, who will get the most likes will be awarded the winners, we will contact the award-winner to walk in our shop for discussing making details and measurements on 23rd Apr. Gown will be made out on 10th Jun,2016 for first time trying on, complete all the adjustments before July. Neoromantic will update the progress in facebook to show the contest fair. 4.评审标准是什么? 所有来稿中由neoromantic 挑选出10张最后来稿,在10张最后进入决赛的稿件中进行Facebook 点赞投选,票数最多的获胜,会获得制作婚纱的奖励,我们给予了这场比赛最大的公平性。 4. What evaluation criteria? 10 final manuscripts will be selected in all contributions and published in NEOROMANTIC facebook page. Start to vote likes for 10 final hand drawing during 26th Mar,16 to 15th Apr,16. The most facebook likes gainer will be defined as the winner of the contest. 5.如何参加? 申请人必须于2016年3月19号之前,以电子邮件形式递交手画草图稿和参赛表格,邮箱地址为neoromantic.sb@gmail.com 5. How to participate? Applicants must submit in the hand drawing sketch draft with the application form before March 19, 2016 by e-mail. E-mail address is neoromantic.sb@gmail.com Neoromantic Bridal 拥有对此场比赛的最终解释权,如有疑问请发电子邮件联络我们。 Neo Romantic Bridal has the final interpretation of this contest, if any doubts or enquiry please email to contact us.
  2. "Why not make your own wedding gown?" This is the question that we have been asking a lot of our customers. Neoromantic Bridal is a professional wedding and dinner gown maker. We provide superior quality and reliability wedding gowns with very reasonable price. Our price depends on the fabric and designs. Everyone can now custom made the gown you've always dream of! We welcome brides to walk in to try on gowns that we have in our showroom and have a look at the quality of our gowns. Showroom Address: No.145A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya. Contact No.: 03-7877 1763 (Office) 012-666 1945 (Erin, whatsapp also) E-mail Address: erin@neoweddinggown.com Company Website: http://www.neoweddinggown.com Company Blog: http://neoweddinggown.blogspot.com Business Hours: Every Tuesday - Saturday (10.00am till 7.00pm);
  3. For most brides, the process of getting the perfect wedding gown can be quite difficult and daunting. Which is why, we have come out with some tips to help make your gown shopping a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Let’s take a look at the ultimate wedding gown shopping tips: 1) Do some research to have a rough idea on the look that you would like to have on your wedding. Do you want to look classy and elegant or you prefer to look relax and free on your big day. 2) Be decisive over your wedding theme can make gown shopping a lot easier too. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you may want to wear a flowy chiffon wedding gown instead of a classic ball gown, whereas, if you are having your wedding in a grand ballroom, an elegant lacy gown would be more appropriate. 3) Bring along a close friend or family member when you are shopping for your dream gown. It is always advisable to have someone whom you trusted to give you their honest opinions on how you look in the wedding gowns that you have tried. 4) Wedding gown shopping should be done at least 4 months in advance so that your designer/tailor has ample time to sew your wedding gown to perfection. It is important to allow some time buffer because you might need some additional alterations done. 5) Keep your wedding gown designer informed if you have plans to loose or gain further weight prior to the wedding. This will help them to give you a better advice on the shapes and cuts that will look the best on you. Wedding gown shopping can be a lot of fun when you have made the necessary preparations. Above all, the most important thing for a bride to do is to relax, keep calm and enjoy the whole process. At Neoromantic Bridal, we provide professional wedding gown consultations to help brides decide on the perfect wedding gown. If you are having any doubts or difficulties in getting the gowns for your big day, feel free to call us at 03-7877 1763 or 012-666 1945.
  4. Neoromantic Brides: Jossie "Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Your photos are always pushing us to improve ourselves and make the gowns better and better." "As promised, here are a few pictures of the wedding and evening gowns for your portfolio. Thanks for your work on the dresses. Everyone said they were stunning. Hope you like the photos. .."
  5. Jaymee by neoalbum, on Flickr Jaymee2 by neoalbum, on Flickr Jaymee3 by neoalbum, on Flickr Jaymee4 by neoalbum, on Flickr Jaymee's wedding car decoration, it is our honor to do Jaymee's wedding car decoration after tailor made her wedding gown. Really attractive car! Congratulations again for your big day! Photo 28-2-14 12 23 23 pm by neoalbum, on Flickr Photo 28-2-14 12 22 55 pm by neoalbum, on Flickr Photo 28-2-14 12 22 20 pm by neoalbum, on Flickr Photo 28-2-14 12 22 08 pm by neoalbum, on Flickr
  6. Thanks for sharing your actual day photos with us and really happy to see that your couples are so gorgeous with tailor made gowns and tux from Neoromantic. Also bridesmaid dresses also so nice in the photos, really feel encourage for us to keep on making gowns for each one. Congratulations again! By the way, Michelle's wedding gown is reselling in our shop for second hand gown, anyone is interested, can walk in to try on it. IMG_1493_1 by neoalbum, on Flickr IMG_1470_1 by neoalbum, on Flickr IMG_1554_1 by neoalbum, on Flickr IMG_1583_1 by neoalbum, on Flickr IMG_1635_1 by neoalbum, on Flickr
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