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  1. Hi Sweetie Kua, I am also a BTB from BP. Have you met up with Anna? What was her quotation to you and her portfolio looks like? Hope you dun mind sharing. Thanks :)
  2. Palladium is another type of metal, like titanium, platinum,etc. I think they might have this in United States as I saw this in a website. Actually, I never see any Titanium and Palladium rings in Malaysia or Singapore :(
  3. Hi BTB / ex-Brides, Any "lubang" on where in JB or BP that I can buy cheap ampoules and eyelashes for Makeup? Please advise! Thanks.
  4. Hi all Brides/BTB who will be having ROM/AD in Singapore, Would you choose MUA from JB or SG? I already have a BS package in JB but not including ROM / AD MUA. I am considering which one to choose. Please help. Thanks.
  5. Hi babaliciouz, Can email me your pre-wedding photos and package details from Venus, JB? My email address is merlionnite@yahoo.com Thanks a lot for your help! :)
  6. Hi Ann, Can share with me your Pre-wedding photo links and package details with Mondore? My email is merlionnite@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot for your help! :)
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