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  1. Does anyone know of part-time CL i.e. come in the morning and leave after preparing dinner, in KL? Please share. Thanks.
  2. Just wanted to share my experience with all of you. My wedding was on 27th Oct '07 and I placed my booking with de Couture for CHRIS to do my make-up on 26th July '07. Note that I specifically booked CHRIS and that was stated in the booking receipt. Imagine my horror :o when I was told on 27th October '07 (when I was there to get my make-up done) that CHRIS is no longer with them. I was then told that she left on 31st July '07 (i.e. just 5 days after I placed by booking). And all this time the management did not have the courtesy to inform me that CHRIS has left, plus I am sure the management would have known about CHRIS's resignation when I placed my booking with them on 26th July '07. I find it so unprofessional (!) of the management to keep the news from me all because they wanted to earn the few bucks. Alas I had no choice but to let the other MUA do my make-up as it was impossible then to get the service of another MUA (of my choice). And the outcome from the other MUA was NOT very impressive, I didn't like it, but what can I do? :( Just wanted you guys to know about the dishonesty and I hope none of you will go through the same bad experience.
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