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  1. hi I'm new here and looking for MUA from Ipoh, can share your wedding day photo to me? Thanks. Hi Joanne here. did she go raub, pahang?
  2. Helloo... I'm also looking around for videographers...any recommendations? Any videographers around? Email me...joan_yhteo@hotmail.com
  3. Hi all, me too... Would like to various price package for Photographer & Videographer.. Please e-mail to me at joanyhteo@gmail.com Actual wedding day & tea ceremony will be in Raub, Pahang. Another dinner in KL. Thank you very much & hope to hear from you .... :)
  4. wow.. It's great.. very nice.. I went to my dream wedding BS Dec-2008. package is about RM7k... it's too expensive for us. I like your dress during registration time... Congr...
  5. wow.... greats.. perfect match.. just to share, what is the price you paid for the performance?
  6. Hi, Mind to share with me? my e-mail address : joanyhteo@gmail.com. I've like the MTV very much... thanks.
  7. Hi, Winnie... my email add chowti78@yahoo.com..... you know what i want.... :P Hi Winnie.. pls share with me... joanyhteo@gmail.com thanks.
  8. Hi, May I know total cost of registration at Thean Thou Temple? We not from KL, Can we register at Putrajaya National Registration Department? Please help to advise. thanks ar
  9. Hi, could please e-mail it to me also. joanyhteo@gmail.com thanks.
  10. Hi all, May I get the quotation for Robin's photgraphy? My AD would in on 27-Dec-2008. thanks ar..
  11. Hi all, I'm a 2008 bride-to-be. Thanks for all the members who have shared your opinions and experiences here. It's very useful for my preparation. My wedding day is on 27-Dec-2008 Please share with me if you found any good things. Cheers, Joanne
  12. Hi congras to you... same to me... Mine is on 27-Dec-08 also.
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