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  1. Anyone wanna sell your stroller/ baby cot/ mambo seat / toys etc? i'm looking baby stuff for my son... as u know new one very costly so try to look for used item
  2. hi all, just to share with u all regarding my CL...i just delivered my baby on June 2008 i found this CL through my mom's friend...she is cousin of my mom's frend..only 52 if not mistaken...she's from Taiping...she has more clients in Spore... she's very good in taking care my bb...also very neat...after every meal she will mop the floor (whole house except bedroom coz its carpeted) and clean up my kitchen... she will actually arrange my meal for the coming few days...remind my hubby what to buy...never waste...cut & pack those fish, meat, chicken etc nicely in a plastic bag for every meal... she will also wash my hubby's clothing...cook dinner for him... before she went back..she actually help me to change all my bedsheets...wash toilet and clean up my store :P not like other CL...she dint watch TV drama series....only watch half an hour news with me not choosy in food...whatever left over last nite will be her lunch next day b4 she left, she told me the recipe to cook the 'or chor teh', herbal soup etc...cut the ginger & keep in container for me...same as those left over fish & meats... what i can say is she is really efficient & nice person... anyone interested can PM me for her contact definitely no commission from her... just to share...coz previously i've been contact few CL which is very calculative and some even quite rude...finally i get her just 2 mths b4 i deliver...
  3. oooppss...this CL been booked on Jun'08 can anyone recommend another good CL? i'm urgently looking for CL now....only 4 months ahead Thanks
  4. Hi Shmily, Could you kindly share the contact me - caren0421@yahoo.com I'm urgently looking for CL now.... I scared that this CL might been fully booked..can someone recommend good CL? Thanks
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