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  1. Girls, Please be reminded that you are allowed to share your experience but please prevent from helping friends to promote their business here since its very unfair for the vendor that pay to advertise their business. thanks for your cooperations Moderator
  2. i just want to ask one question before i can get more question to ask u. do you still love her?
  3. is it ballroom dance that u looking for? i think u can just approach those dance studio that teaches Ballroom dancing. wont cost u sky high i think....
  4. Great to hear you have a nice time with IR. but still never let your shield down.... :)
  5. Just click on the link below http://www.malaysiabrides.com/emagazine/201007/
  6. my GDL is in the morning on the day of the Bride's side banquet... ging le.... hahahaha anyway, its alright if bride is not around, furthermor the bride and the bride's mum have to 'hide' in the room while the groom side brought their things in anyway....
  7. Marcus, all this 'old' bride can participate or not?!?! :P
  8. hi Yinxi, its good that both of you finally get to mutual agreement between both of you. but when i read your previous message saying about the budget that you need to squeeze yourself to get the saving, i think its not that easy to go for a buffet banquet as well. bear in mind, people will not be giving that much angpow if u go for this style and u may end up paying more. sorry if i sound bias but i still support the traditional wedding banquet as that will be merrier (u dont have to invite the whole village , dont you?) and more memorable.. just my 2 cent! Good luck
  9. my ipoh MUA back in sept 2009 is Ruriko. her makeup skill is good and she is very friendly. i would really recommend her as MUA. due to the fact i dont have enough sleep and jetlagging, i have quite a circle and bag under my eyes. she managed to cover it all and transform me into Cinderella for the night! big compliment to her. Coolsky, sorry to hear about that and a big hugz to you. supposingly she is in my list as well but since Ruriko stayed nearer to my house so i took her instead. she dint even rush me into paying her since i totally mess up with money where i was left empty at home while my hubby and family already proceed to the restaurant. she was fine with it and ask me to just bank in for her the next day...
  10. It may be subject to your post advertised some product or service which appears you are not our authorised vendor. we dont normally deleting any btb / gtb post unless there is something wrong with the post. if the same thing still happened, please do let us know
  11. It depends whether you want to fly far or just locally honeymooning. i think Bali would be a good place for end of the year. if you go up futher north ie. China and above, you going to experience extreme cold due to Winter... or mayb u can opt for back packing which will save u lots more but definitely not those relaxing and luxury feel...
  12. how can this be classified as cincai... i dont think a proper procedure will lead to a PROMISED happily ever after.....
  13. oh gosh! i have the same feeling as well. but then i'm not the lucky one. my hometown in ipoh and my PIL in Miri. so i have no choice but to celebrate with IN-law this year. never had CNY with them before so dont know how they celebrate, what do they do. lots of question in my mind but most of the time been directed to how i celebrate at home. i will definitely sad for not having reunion dinner at my own home. i'm thinking to bring my home culture there.. hahahaha.. i'm evil!!
  14. errr.... this depends lo... some MIL is very accommodating and nice then its alright but if those fussy one.. then sorry lo. sure got argument one day.
  15. yeah, i should said thats their promise that time during VG time. so my time i insist i wan adam as my pg and lucky enough he still managed to come back and finish our assignment before he went off completely. i know what u feel when all those excuses and empty promise come out. tell u wat, they do give me very very good impression before that happened which really upset me and even my friend ask me whether any good BS around, i still have to think twice whether want to recommend touch to them. what to do they mess up part of my wedding. annee, jst be calmer when deal with them and they do come in and read the comment here so hope they can do something with your package.
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