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  1. Thanks ashandrea and lyven for the advice. I happened to have a small organic purple/red cabbage at home. Wonder if purple cabbage is okay for a 6-7mo baby?
  2. Hi mommies, I am planning to introduce avocados to my boy. May I know if I could puree the avocado and freeze them so I could pass to the nanny to feed my boy daily (applying 4-day rule)? Will it brown/spoiled if I put the pureed avocados in the freezer. Sorry for the silly questions. Thanks.
  3. Hi mommies, Can 6-7month old baby take pureed spinach? I read from somewhere that spinach contains nitrates and should only be given after 8month old. Also, spinach should not be recooked, so I wonder if it is safe to freeze and reheat them for babies? Please advice. TQ
  4. Hi mommies, Slightly off track. The Combi spoon I use to feed my boy is stained after I feed him with pumpkin purees. I tried to wash many times but somehow the color of pumpkin just can't go away. Same goes to my Avent steamer + blender's cover. How can I remove the stains effectively? Please advice. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the information. What about happybellies brown rice cereal? Any mommies have tried that as 1st solid food before? I received it as a gift from a friend recently. Also, My boy 'won' himself a huge nestle cerelac hamper when he was in my tummy and now knowing that it has added sugar in the content, I am not sure if I should still feed him with this. We have almost all varieties of the Cerelac range in various sizes Any advice?
  6. Hi there, I am about to start my boy with solid since he is already 6month old. May I know which brand of rice cereal do mommies here give as baby's 1st solid food? Any particular reason to your selection? Or is there any other options apart from rice cereal? Am totally lost due to brands and varieties overloaded :wacko3: . Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Femm22, Thanks for the info. :)
  8. Beaba is really costly in KL! Maybe I should reconsider getting baby blender&steamer but just go for conventional food steamer & food processor to do the work. Save me bucks.
  9. Hi all, Side track a bit...I wonder where can I get Beaba Babycook in KL/Sel area? I have yet to decide on Beaba or Avent's Steamer & Blender but would love to see the item myself. How's the price like? Is there other steamer & blender to recommend? I need something that's easy to use and not time consuming, if possible :) Thanks in advance
  10. Hi mommies, My baby is about to start taking cereal soon and I am currently researching on blenders and baby foods. May I know if anyone owns Beaba Babycook? Can it grind grains? I am considering between Avent's steamer & blender and Beaba Babycook. Can anyone share some experience of the pros and cons? How long do we usually use these gadgets? Need to get something worth the investment since they aren't cheap Thanks in advance. Janice
  11. My In law ask us almost everyday if our boy can flip over already since 3.5months old. Reason? Her colleague's twins who are 3 weeks older than our boy can do so already at xx week old. And almost every week ask us of baby's weight, feeding amount. Reason? her colleague's babies are xx kilos, feeding xx amount, sleeping throughout the night, taking xx hours of naps, start teething, start taking cereals, cooes alot etc. It gets to my nerve as they sound like comparing their grandson with other babies, setting benchmarks for my boy all the time! I told them before that different babies develop differently but still they keep on going. Getting more and more babies to compare with my boy. I doubt this is a way of creating conversation with me. Am going nuts
  12. Tinkerbelle, In my case, the comments come from close relatives whom I see almost everyday...kinda unavoidable people. My parenting style too, has been criticized and questioned. I know some comments are out of concern, but some are plain hurtful
  13. How would you deal if the comments, esp negative ones, come from family members (ie: in laws, parents, siblings)? My boy is 4+months old and like Cas's gal, he cries (wails) for company and comfort. For his age, he is on the bigger size. Some close relatives have been commenting that he is a cranky, giant loudspeaker in front of me, criticize that he has small eyes (one slightly larger than other, only if we look closely), fine/almost hairless, sumo baby etc....It hurts when my elders are giving out such comments! A relative even calls my boy 'Sumo boy' instead of his name EVERYTIME she sees him My paed says he is not overweight. He is growing fine and healthily, just a bigger baby, thats all. But with all these comments coming from the family members, they really drive me nuts!
  14. Fellelina, Yeah, send me your email, I'll just drop you a line then ;)
  15. Hi Fellefina, I tried to PM you but can't get through. Can you enable your PM? Cheers
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