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  1. Door gift soap - 100% handmade. Hello Kitty soap - RM2.00 per pc Love shape soap - RM1.50 per pc The shaped soap have a gorgeous aroma of fragrance. You may mix the colours that you want. I'm Ms Tang from Ipoh and soap maker. If you interested in this handmade door gift, kindly pls contact me. My contact number is 0166881463 and email is kellytangsl@gmail.com. You can watsapp me anytime.
  2. Hi. Now i'm pregnant about 16 weeks. Last Saturday i just did ultrasound. From ultrasound scan screen, my gynea able to point out baby gender. That is quite clear to see from the screen. But she told me must double comfirmed by next visit.
  3. EDD-17/08/2011 Gender:Boy Hospital - Perak Community Specialist Hospital Gynae's Name: Dr Chen Yoke Chuan
  4. Hi, any recommendation for confinement lady from Ipoh??? my due date is mid august...
  5. Congrat to DanielT. For me i'm not that pantang about this. when my husband knew that, he so happy and told his buddy and family... until one of my relative said that 1st 3 months is very sensitive. but that time is too late to keep quiet....ai! anyway, as long as take care for your wife and everything must becareful... dun carry heavy things! take more rest....
  6. Dear DanielT, just try 2 months only and you are still young. Take your time and relax. if after 1/2 yr still no news, just visit gynea still not too late. don worry so much. Sometime your wife having stress or get sick, may affected menstrual cycle. My husband and me try about 6 months just success to get bb.
  7. i married about 2 years already. i never cook for cny but i just act as helper and taster only. Ya... i agree with csc's suggestion that make steam boat is easier.
  8. For me, no shark fin is ok... i attended few wedding dinners is without shark fin and replaced with ginseng soup.
  9. Unclewong, Pls talk to your wife in peacefully. Maybe i dunno the clear pic on your situation just based on your massage. Dun just blame your wife is bad. Marriage does not mean that must get child. Maybe now is not right time to have it only. If you love a person, you can accept everything even bad thing. Whatever u complain is just a small issue only. Pls talk and talk nicely to your wife.
  10. Maybe u can do some home based business...
  11. Ya, i know the Max Factor. I get it from Hongkong pass few years. i can't get this product from malaysia.
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