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  1. hi, any idea to have more breastmilk?? been breastfeeding for the past 3 weeks but stop for 2days since im not feeling well. since im taking medicine, i din give my bb drink BM. after 2 days, my BM seems like getting lesser n lesser liao. it was my mistake tat i din pump it out althou bb cant drink it. wat should i do now?? HELP!!!
  2. mmm... need some advice from u all here. by this coming CNY, my baby will be 6 weeks old. issit ok for my baby to travel frm KL to my hb's hometown at Johor? actually wat im worried about is how am i going to take care of her during midnite since my baby alwz crying at hime and doesnt wan to sleep at nite time. she makes me a bit stress whn taking care of her by myself althou my hb will be around too. but whn she started to cry, seems like only my mom (my mom has been taking care both of us during my confinement) can calm her down or know how to deal with her.
  3. Hi Lynn, im quite interested on the Fisher Price bouncer. do u might to post the photo into ur blog.. thanks
  4. hi Roger n Beautiful Gown, im using Picabot for almost one year... so far i dun have this problem, normally i let the robot to work while im not at home. i thnk u shld do somethg wif ur alarm setting. jus my 2 cents cheers....
  5. yeah... let me b the first one. thx for sharing
  6. hi michelle lws, i agreed wif babysiew. i was admitted to columbia asia last mth due to my miscarriage. i stil remember around 2am when i press the nurse call, 2-3 nurses came to see wat happend to me. so far, im happy with their services. no worries.
  7. i really dun like RB's boss attitude during d discussion. she was like so action i.e. their shop serves n provides the best products n services and other shop doesnt. the worst thgs abt her action attitude was she asked us whether are we stil checking around on d bridal shop's package price. if yes, she dun wan to discuss wif us on their package. is this consider good services frm RB??! she even said tat their photographer's skill are very good n experience one. but whn my bro bring shows me his photos, i felt so so only, not to said very good. luckily, their so called 'quality control' designed is stil acceptable. if not i felt really not worth it.
  8. all the best to u guys... i wish i could start TTC by Sept too... but need to wait for 3 mths (according to my gynae) to get fully recovered. anyhow, hope to hear a good news from all of u. Gambahteh!!!
  9. im ok wif the touch pad aso... whn u get used to it, shld b no problem. thanks for ur link too.. will try to check it out tonite!!
  10. hi hmchan911... ur parents in laws is hokkien ppl issit? as wat i went thru during my wedding preparation. i need to buy a pair of shoes for my PIL, hand towel n leg towel for my hb's sibling. i dun understand y aso but tis is hokkien ppl's culture thn i jus follow lol. im a hakka gal. :p sinc i dunno wat is their size so i jus give them an angpow as a replacement. and as for hand towel and leg towel, i jus bought d hand towel wif 'hei' words and normal towel as a leg towel at pasar, only cost me few ringgit for one set of hand n leg towel. sometimes, we jus need to fulfill their request to avoid any misunderstanding or arguement. i did ask my hb and other hokkien's frens, but they jus dunno wat is the meaning. anyhow, jus enjoy ur wedding preparation...
  11. hi nokia 5800 fans, last week i have tried to transfer my song frm pc to my nokia 5800 but failed to do so ... on my pc's side, it comes out an error said cannot detect my hp??? any of u experience tis problem b4? need some feedback... thanks
  12. hi, actually korea is a nice place to visit in Dec (winter time and can play wif d snow). i went to korea for my honeymoon last year. very happy n enjoyable. may b can consider aso... happy planning
  13. janicelly, thx so much... im sure my fren will feel happy with ur reply. will show her the link.
  14. Hi Pinkiepie, no worries... i heard from a fren of mine said tat Lasposa has moved to another places but we have no idea where is the new location. cheers...
  15. hi, anyone of u all is borned wif no nipple? a fren of mine went to visit few docs and was told tat she was natural borned wif no nipple. she did ask d doc if in future how to breast feed her bb thn doc jus said she need to use the pump to pump out d milk instead of let d bb suck it. sometimes, she really feel upset and im as a fren aso dunno how to help her. may b any of u can help her instead?? thx...
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