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  1. Hi Kiwipat, can u send me the contact of the CL to kyoong77@yahoo.com? Many thanks! :) .
  2. I know this photographer from Shanghai. Takes very nice picture. You can go on the website www.nicovision.cn to see his work. Charge reasonable price !
  3. My confinement lady is pretty good. She cooks very well(cooked for my hubby if he's at home). Very hygienic person. She trained my maid from scratch in doing house work and taking care of my baby. She's not calculative at all and have good knowledge in taking care of the baby.She even keep notes on some of the details on taking care of baby.She speaks fluent English. My husband and I are very satisfied with her service that we extended her service for another 3 weeks. She has given me a good confinement experience !
  4. Thanks for posing the rules for our reference. Really useful. However, I think there is just way too many PANTANG that we need to keep in mind. Probably , nowdays, many of us will just follow a few popular one .
  5. That is true, so that on the actual day will be nicer. Otherwise, the wedding day feeling is gone if we wear the gown before actual day. :) WG is better for AD. How many EG u get? Like mine I got 1 WG and 2 EG. I also got 2 wedding banquets whereby one is for families of both sides and the other one for frens and colleagues. On my AD in which on the same night is the 1st banquet for family, I will wear the WG n middle of dinner change to 1st EG. 2nd night banquet jus wear the other EG and no change in middle of dinner. hehehe.
  6. Another question , will it be nicer to wear the Wedding gown on actual day , or it will be ok if we wear the wedding gown on the dinner one week before (the actual day).. as we have two dinner for brides and groom.
  7. Bluelady, Don't know how true are those pantang. but I think nowadays, we young ladies usually will wear whatever we feel nice and comfortable in. The shoes one i just heard from my aunty telling me to get cover up shoes, she said that will be more appropriate for bridal shoe.. but didn't mention anything about pantang . As pinky said, just do what we like . (as long as it is proper )
  8. Thanks Pink Kitty for your words. Knocked so much sense onto my head. What you said is true. I think I will just do what I feel most comfortable with. Talking about the shoes ( i heard from my aunty saying the same thing. She said wedding shoes shall be covered up one.. can't see the toes. Really don't know how true it is.
  9. That's what I think too. :) Because some people said may has pantang one. Is that true?
  10. Hello Girls, Just wondering if it is ok to wear two different wedding gown on the actual day? One for the morning session and one for dinner session.
  11. hello, chin siew can you share your pictures ? bobowithlove@gmail.com Thanks alot in advance! :)
  12. Helo Chewwy, I would like to have a look at your wedding pictures! Could you please email your link to bobowithlove@gmail.com? Thanks alot. Congrats on your wedding!
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