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  1. Yes she is taking antibiotic for throat infection! Oh hmm I think I'll continue it coz if not then her cough will nor stop:(
  2. Hi everyone!! Donna if anyone has experienced this before...my daughter is 19 mths now and suddenly she doesn't feel like eating, has yellow mustard stools and a lot of times I catch her putting her fingers at the back of her mouth! Just wondering if all of these is due to teething coz she's not been like that. she's not even finishing or drinking much of her milk which is pretty unusual. At the same time she's having runny nose and cough so she's under medication.. But donna if her stool's due to the medication and if her loss of appetite is due to being sick...help!!! And she hasn't been sleeping well either!
  3. Hi CFA, My daughter eats her solids during the day and her dinner at 5.30-6. Then drinks her milk between 8.30-9. And I try to get her to sleep at 9.30 but she'll normally fall asleep around 10. Wakes up at 1.30-2 for a feed and then around 5.30-6 for another feed.
  4. I have the babylove one too and yes it really sucks.. Total waste of money.. I ended up buying the bbjorn and it's really handy. Have not tried any sling before but maybe it might be a better idea when baby no2 comes. I'm also hoping my daughter will stop her night feeds but she's still drinking 2 times a night!! She's already 1.5 yes old:( if I don't give her she screams and cries for a long long time...- anyone experience this? I've got a friend whose daughter is 3.5yrs old is also like that...
  5. My daughter is being very selective. Sometimes she brushes her teeth herself sometimes she just bites the toothbrush. Sometimes she lets me brush sometimes she doesn't. Headache.... Sometimes when she doesn't let me brush then I will use the hanky to rub when she's bathing but even so, at times she won't open her mouth! Keep closing her eye and turning her head indicating no!
  6. It's very true that with other children, they learn things really quickly coz they like to copy!Either that or it's just my daughter... btw I have a cousin who didn't speak till he was around 6 or 7 yrs old. He had 2 elder brothers but don't have any idea why he coudln't speak proper words and sentences.. it was all babble. I think it's really what you say daily to your baby/toddler that helps with their speech. I think my mom has been saying 'wah' a bit too much that my daughter picked it up.. so now she goes pointing at lights and other thinsg saying 'wah' or sometimes 'wow'
  7. so true! makes us reflect back and wonder the kind of 'hell' we gave our parents yes very true indeed! I was just telling my HB if I'm going back to work then he will have to put in more effort in helping out with everything coz I won't be able to handle cooking, cleaning, washing, baby, and work all in a day! And when I said it I really meant it.. not giving myself an excuse to not go back to work and he took it the wrong way and said then don't go back to work! Then I said if we have a second one then I wont' work anymore coz my children needs me coz I've got no one to help me here and I can only teach them what's right and what's wrong, to also guide them and look after them. Then he said then just have 1 kid. So am I being the only parent here who's thinking for my child and future children?
  8. My daughter has 4 teeth and 2 on the way out. I let her hold her cheese today and she just directed it to her mouth and started chewing then moved her hand when she feels her mouth is filled enough with cheese then slowly chews whatever that is in her mouth. Mabel, Do you give the egg with porridge? Or have u only given her in a form of an omelette? Wonder how it'll taste or feel like lol..
  9. Hmm not sure if she'll like it..just afraid she'll cry if she finds out it's not milk lol but I'll give it a try Ling, Actually before I went back to KL Chloe used to sleep by 6.30pm lol then wake up at around 11 ish for a feed then go back to sleep and wake up around 4am for a feed then sleep until 6am. Then went back to KL sleep at 8.30-9pm and wake up at 11ish for feed and another one at around 3am then finally wake up at around 5.30am....sigh.. no need to sleep!! and summore in between she will turn here turn there BUT now I am back in Melb.. surprisingly the first night she lept at around 8.30 pm then woke up around 10 ish for a feed and then slept till 7am!! So good!!! And even her afternoon naps are longer! Today's the 3rd day already.. hope she will sleep through as well... but i won't really know coz she is sleeping with my parents lol.. i can finally get some sleep! qarezma, I was also thinking if I don't give her a midnite feed then I'll be depriving her of her feed. But I read somewhere that they won't be deprived it's just that they're used to it that's why. And plus now she's alreayd on solids so I guess not giving her a midnite feed will be fine...hopefully Ally'sMom, So far everything's according to schedule and she has enough milk and solids. As for daytime naps, well it normally depends on herself.. sometimes she sleeps for an hour per nap and other times it's just 20 mins. Hi! yeah... weaning baby from night feed is tough. my peads suggested i try the delay method of delaying each feed later and later... initially my baby would wake up at 3am for her feed. so when she wakes up, i would carry her and sing to her and try to put her back to sleep without feed. initially she was screaming at the top of her lungs but i try to calm her and tell her that it's not time for milk milk yet. go back to sleep. i will try to distract her for as long as possible before giving her a bottle. when i do give her the bottle, i will tell her that it's 4 o'clock now. time for milk milk and this continues on until she gets the message. eventually, she stops waking up at 3am but 4am. sometimes she does wake up at 3am and i would tell her not time yet and she would go back to sleep. once that stabilises, i start the whole process to push to 5am then 6am and 7am or when she wakes up. all in all, it took me abt 1.5-2 months to do that and once everytime we travel outstation, everything screws up and i have to start all over again. but i am happy to share that as of abt 2-3 wks ago, my 1 yo baby has slept thru the night without a single feed and i only give her a bottle when she wakes up. my sister actually suggested that i wake her at abt midnight to feed her (she did that for her son and daughter and it worked) and that should be sufficient to keep her full until the next morning but unfortunately for me, when i tried that, it did not work but my daughter ended up wanting an extra feed at midnight which she previously did not want. :( every baby is different so u need to try out a few methods until u find one that works for you. hope this helps :) good luck! kmching, Hmm ok will try this method if she's still waking up in the middle of the nite. Thanks! BG, Lol.. Chloe also don't like sleepign in her cot!! My cot go to waste=P.. She also sleeps next to me.. we don't even sleep in the same bed as her dad ahaha.. anyway..now my parents are back here with me so she is sleeping with them. I also wanna try to let her sleep on her own but then....I'm like so afraid that she will wake up and crawl out of her room lol.. we removed the single bed that was in her room and bought new mattress to put on the carpet so she won't fall..
  10. Hey moms, Just wondering how do you wean your baby? I'd prefer not to use the cry-it-out method. Are there any other self taught ones?? It's getting really tiring that Chloe's not sleeping through the night. Does it work if I add less FM to the same amount of water and gradually decrease it? SHe falls asleep while drinking.
  11. BaoB, No my baby swim ahahah she don't crawl on all 4's that's why we call her a worm heheheh..
  12. Hmm don't know if I started walking late but I don't have any problems walking now lol
  13. Hi-5 uniquesoul!! Lol.. was just at my aunt's house and my aunt was saying how diff my daughter and me crawl. I am also the butt dragging type haha she said ppl said it's coz I don't like to be dirty so only my butt is dirty hahaha that's why crawl like that but i don't have the lump that u mention though
  14. cool... he does turn over more often these days, even during bedtime he'd insist on making a few turnovers to show off, i hope his legs get into action soon too. Sanju is such a cry-baby, a little hit on my face or anywhere, he starts crying as if it was so hard...! :wacko3: Same with Chloe hahaha but not as much as banging on the head la coz when she sayang us also she bang her forehead on our face or head. But for me if it's not a very hard surface I'll just say it's ok no blood no need to cry.. then ignore her then she'll stop. But if hard surface like the table then I'll carry her coz she will cry until no voice come out and whole face red.
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