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  1. Hi Yoyo , Thanks for the info . Do you mind share with me usually who is supposed to pay what and what . Cuz I am afraid that I will hurt my partner feeling or either of us . For facial , pedi and medi , you think how many days in advance we should do ? Where do you get the info , any website for the DIY things that you do ?
  2. Hi , I have my wedding date fix in Jan 2013, I have done part of it and right now I think I stuck because I dont know what to do. I just need some advise what else should I prepare and any other things that I need to do before the day . Anything that I have missed out ? Any list that you guys have that can share with me on what to do ? What I have done - Booked the venue - Booked the Bridal for pre wedding, , 4 months before the actual date only need to go for the photo shooting - Name list almost done , only 4 months before only they will ask for the list the hotel need our name list . - Bought ring already What's in my mind and confused What I must do 1 day before the pre wedding picture ? What I must I do 1 day before the actual day ? Have not discuss the expenses with partner, any idea usually who is paying what ? The dowry for now what is the standard rate ? Any recommended place to get nice wedding heels ? Thanks for helping me ...
  3. I have a package to let go if anyone interested please let me know ....
  4. If i want to do outdoor shooting Nearby SS2 there got any nice outdoor place for shooting or not ? Cuz I dont want too far also . Scared of tired . Can I know those who went there for shooting , what about their selection of gown ? Many choices or not , or all old old 1 ...
  5. Hey guys Can help me on this , is this a good buy ? Lazare diamond with 18 k white gold , 0.36c / I / VS1 at Rm 6k
  6. So what should I do right now ? Should I just give me sometime to think about it or should I just make the first move to call it off .... how should I say this to him in the first place ?
  7. We dont use the ring after few months also , because for him , he's rough so he dont want to scratch the ring . But we do use it at special occasion . I told him to get a ring , which we can use it for daily , but until now he also never buy . Forget about it then . I talked to my MIL she did ask me what is pour problem . then I told her la ... then she said if can then just solve it , cuz its actualy small problem . She said that FIL is about the same attitude with my HB , she also tahan him for 30 over years already . She dare not ask the son anything also , because she said its our problem , and moreover she dont really know the whole story from begining , he never talk to her also about this .SO i think maybe its not fair for her to judge who is wrong and who is right . MY HB dont really talk to his mom , so the mom dont really know whats going on between us . Most of the time he talk to his dad , but his dad never tell the mom , so anything also the mom dont know until I tell her yesterday cuz I call to wish her Happy Mothers day . I have a feeling that his dad also side him , because his dad also a men , he will think that girls are all ridiculous just like the mom . His dad already have the perception that women are all the same . I think his dad also tell him , if me and him cannot togahter then just call it off . His mom & dad are also not in good condition , so my HB said he dont want to see himself like his parents . I think his dad influence him also . But MIL did mention , if really cannot then we will ask our family to sit down and talk about it . The other day one of his relative wedding , I know this earlier before we have problem , but he never ask me go also . Then his grandmother ask him about me , he did not mention that we are going saperate way , he just tell the grand mom that I am busy then I cannot attend . This is what I heard from his mom . I do not want her to really interfere because I afraid she might say the wrong thing and my HB will get mad and hate me more because I complain about him to his mom .
  8. Saying it its easy , but doing it its really hard . I am very confused right now . Sometimes I feel I want to put a fullstop and sometime I feel its been 8 years , whatever problem we try to solve it . We dont need to go to the dead end with a divorce ... I will need to wait till his last decision then I can judge , if he willing to come back to me , I need to make a deal with him , we both need to change and really need to talk about it . If he decide not to talk or not to come back then no point for me to cont with him ...
  9. Yes , really everyone of you all here really help me alot . I been reading thru and trying to absorb everything in . During this time when I am alone , I have learn alot mostly are from you guys . I have actaully talked to his mom about it , she dont even know what happen to us . Can the mother actually interfere in our relationship ? What are the things that a mom should tell the son if this happen ?
  10. I think I really sound stupid now , I do not know why I am doing all this stupid things for him and yet he dont appreciate it . I dont know I why I do this , I really dont understand my self . Like what one of you said , never give when you have not try . So I am trying my best to save this marriage and yet , still waiting for his reply . I think maybe this is the time of me to think all over again . Maybe before he tell me I will tell him . If I have made up my mind . Its true that I am sad here and he is enjoying out there > what ever he have now its just temporary , girls and friends around him .
  11. Bad news , today it's really not my day been crying from day till night . My grandma just passes away , I called my hb and he come meet me at my working place, he do nothing n talk nothing to me . Just see me crying n crying , after that we go for dinner , when I sat in his car I saw an eyelashes , I pretand that I don't see it . I am so pissed of . I am so sad yet I see things that I don't want to , we had dinner togahter but no talking . He told me he is going outstation tomorrow and I wanted to follow him ,but he keep on saying no and he even tell me that no one is going with him .he is alone , so I just tell him stupid reason thati need to go there no matter what to buy something , so he got no choice andge said that he will text me tonight .so I suspect that he is going with someone n need to call it off with that person . I did try to talk to him .I askedhi who is he mixing with recently and he said why should I bother , I told him that I am his wife I have the right to know . So if tomorrow I am going with him it's going to b a ffew hoours trip what should I do in the car ,? Definately he will not talk to me , what topic should we touch on so that won't make it worst ???
  12. Future you really cannot predict , maybe he will made it and maybe he wont If he made it and you still with him it will be a credit , but wht is he cant made it and he willb e suffering or maye you will need to support the family and it will be worst and when your husband are not earning better then you do , they will feel they are useless and we girls also deep in the heart we will compare as well .Such as why my friend can go travel , can go restaurant and I cant . As for me , my HB before I married him , he is very hardworking even he come from a poor family . That is why I marry him , I know 1 day he will become better and we will live in a better life . This is why I married him , after married he got his own business and everything went good until 1 day , things happend and the company went bankurp and I need to go everywhere to find money for him to pay back the debts . What can you predict anything in future ? If I dont marry him then I wont be in so much trouble , right ? But right now its too late . So who ever you married its already fated . Move on with what you really want in your heart , dont care about he will be good or he will be bad in future . Think for your self right now .
  13. Ok guys , I talked to him just now , I do not know why I have this guts to go to him today , cuz I cannot tahan seeinng myself crying everyday and every minute . If youask me to act in a sad movie I think I will get the award , I can cry in seconds and anywhere and anytime . I do not know why I drove directly to his work place with out realizing and I supposed to go there other way to my working place . When I am on my way to his work place I was shivering , so I walked in and he was busy doing something and I talk to him nicely can we talk . He said he is busy as usual he want to avoid it , and he talked it end up ugly like one of u guys mentioned , he throw things and raising up his voice and he dont want to talk about it and ask me to leave . I asked him do you still love me , he said NO . I dont know why I tak boleh tahan then I cried and then hug him , cry and cry and cry non stop until I cant even talk . After when I stop crying then I talk to him nicely what I want and what we should we if you want to continue this relationship . And this time when I ask him do you love me , he said yes , no matter what happened to us , even if we are getting a divorce he will always love me . So guys which should I believe in ? The earlier one when we had argument , he a said NO , dont love me or now YES he still love me . He did cried also when I cry , he still doesnt want to get back togather as he said he cant give what I want , like a luxury wedding , travel and some other things that he promised . He asked me to move on and get a better guy . I tell him that if we are getting back and we must change and do something about it , it will not be the same as the previous anymore . He have to change and to same goes to me . He said he need some to think about it , so after we talked , then he ask me to go back firsthe will let me know , so after the talk n the crying and everything I went to toilet to put back my make up , then I just leave without saying anything , I dnt think he even know tht I left . I neve say bye to him or talk to him either . Do you think this is the right way ? I wounldnt want to push him and make the decision right away. So now , whats next ? Should I wait for him to call me back or should I just call him ? When is the best time to ask him ?
  14. LAst time before ROm I found out that he have girl outside , last time I work in other state , even midnight we quarrel he will drive all the way 2-3 hours and waited for me outside my rented house . H will try to talk to me and aplogized . And now I am back to our hometown , my house and his are just 5 min away , he dont bother to come to my house and wait for me or want to make thigns better . I caught him many times he got other girls outsidee , last time he will cried and said sorry to me and he even knee down and say he will never do it again . But till now its the same , I sometimes think is it all guys are the same ? Should I just let him do it becasue its a nature ? As long as he loves me and care for me , I dont care , but things are not that simple and he dont even treat me right . If he really love me very mush I will think of closing my eyes and dont bother what he do outside . Iam human and have feeling and I have limits too . This kind of things keep on repeat , I dont know when he will stop this , even he said theres nothing , as he work late in clubs , he can pick up girl very easy . he lied to me I wont know also . When we quarrel he will always ask me to go find a better guy since he do so many mistake . Yes , even right now if I cry or what ever I do he dont bother already , men are very ego , he always act as he is right , when we try to talk he will always try to run , he will say ok i got to go now , he will alwasy stand and want to leave the room when I still not finish my conversation with him . Right now he have the fame , when ever he walk into the club is like he is the taiko , everyone will greet him and respect him . This is what he wanted , I dont blame him for tht , everyone wish to have this also , people respect u and greet u , everyone know who u are . But still when you go home u have to put it away , you cant expect me to do tht becasue he wasnt like this before .Unless he was like this when I first know him then its different . Right now he have alot people around him especailly the boss , he pray the BOSs like GOD ,that is why he feel that I am very troublesome and want to get rid of me , and he think that he can get younger girls , more prettier then me , but he never think taht those girls stick to him right now its becasue of his status in the club . Those girls will never understand him like I do , but for him he willthink that those girls understand him better then me , girls outside are always better then the wife becasue they dont stay togthater and do not have problems . .I wanted a home a family and I think its time because we been togahter for so long and I think he isnt ready becasue he still enjoying the night life . How long can he work there ? When he grow older can his body still stay up late ? One day IF the club close down or what ever might happen , can he still be this proud ? He told me he work there are for us , becasue he can earn better there , but I thoguht it supposed to make us better instead of getting us apart . He dnt need to work there actaully , the road its in his hand . He still have a proper job instead of working in the nightlife and complicatted job , his business failed once , but it doesnt mean that it will fail forever , and right now I am the one followng up his business and I am doing well , we just need to work things out togahter and I am sure it will do better then what he is doing right now . People there are mostly single parents , divorce and have complicated family background , those people are really influence him . But he like it . He just want fame , popularity thats what I can see now .
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