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  1. When I tried to pm u it prompts an error. The member junibabe can not use the messaging system Please pm me ASAP..I'm interested on moby wrap.cause I'm also eyeing on the other one offered by another mummy..
  2. I'm looking for one in wawasan puchong.. pls pm me
  3. I wonder if anyone would like to let go babyplus as second hand price? Please pm me..
  4. Perhaps u can try to talk to her only breastfeed her at night before sleep? You tell her she is big enough and only need to bf once if she is a good girl that day. Otherwise u can cut from 3 times (for example) to 2 times a day.. then slowly reduce to once. Like myself.. it is easier for me to wean off in day, cause my bb being taken care by nanny in day time. yes, he likes my milk very much.. or should i say like to latch on very much.. i only bf him at night.. (yes, i still have a bit supply) or once before his nap time on weekend and once at night. he is happy enough. when i ask him to oi oi.. he straight lie down and turn to my boobs. :)
  5. My boy is 17 months old now. He started to say mama and papa quite early, but whether he understand the words or just babble i was not sure.. till recently i found he can really address mama and papa well.. when i leave him from the room with his dad.. he was too nervous and he will call mama.. to ask me come back.. i always address myself as 'mami' instead of 'I', i address him as his name instead of 'you' perhaps it helps a lot.. mami, papa and Dylan are the common words I talk mostly everyday. why he call me mama instead of mami.. maybe mi is a bit hard to pronounce.. but I'm happy enough. This morning I heard he said 'wear shoe' I'm very happy! it is his first time said wear shoe.. so clear. he speak slow and soft.. i think he is afraid he said it wrong. i gave him a big smile and said yes dear.. wear shoes.. good boy! he was happy of his new word. If others hear my conversation with my boy would think it's very boring.. haha.. i also try to dig out more things to talk to him.. i would say it's not easy to teach him a simple word. you have to repeat it many times a day.. and don't stop repeating it! In the morning, when i reach his nanny house. I will stop the car, then wear him shoes.. everytime when i do something i will tell him what im doing.. what im going to do... and i not only say it once.. usually i will repeat again and again. for eg. i will say.. mami help u to wear shoes now.. next time when u grow up u must wear shoes by urself. do u know how to wear shoes? after finish the sentence if im still wearing him.. i will repeat again.. mami help u to wear shoes now.. i have been repeating this for few months.. I agree with Mei.. I once saw the tips from baby center. I always listen to my boy when he is babbling. although i do not understand what he say.. but i always use my imagination to answer him back.. once he stop his sentence i will say like 'oh, is it? really? show mami.. tell me more about it..oh.. how big it is tell mami...' some ppl might feel i look funny and stupid.. but i think it helps to encourage to speak more.. he likes to babble to me.. and with serious emotion as if he is telling me something very serious.. :) Fluene, Absolutely agree with u.. I have someone ask me when he was just 1 year old.. i asked him back do u think 1 year old can speak? he is just one year old! he replied, yes my grand daughter talk when he was 11 months.. in my heart i was saying oh yea.. correct.. show me..
  6. Thanks Mei, now I understand what kind of fabric u were saying. I also like this kind of fabric, cause it is smoother and nice to touch. The 'My Pal Violet' quite nice also, can put own mp3
  7. Mei, Can show me a photo of the toy u mentioned? "They are all made from fabric - either suede-like or chenille" ya.. that's the thing now I would like to introduce some soft toy to my boy to comfort him at night.. cause his bed is empty since born.. I think now he is big enough that I can put something in his cot.. a pillow and soft toy.. i put him on his pillow, but end up he will sleep at somewhere else.. :)
  8. My hubby always said no when I want to buy a soft toy for my son. He said the fur collecting dust and it is not good when my son put it into his mouth. I always heard that, it is good to let them hug a soft toy to sleep, and they will feel more secure when sleep at night. Another reason my hubby said later my son will become sissy after grow up.. =.= which I dont really agree with that. My son is super active and too rough.. he sometimes pull my hair, beat my face, pull my clothes.. throw his toys.. i think he is too rough, maybe introduce soft toy to him will mutulize a bit.. (i hope so) what do you think? Do you give your baby soft toys?
  9. My hubby did capture video of me and show him on 2nd week.. every night.
  10. sumsum, 1 year and 4 mths (shown below my msg) babysiew, I did not have chance to do that.. because of different time zone. When I work he awake and at nanny's house.. when I have time after work he sleep.
  11. Thanks Garezma, he behave normal in day, but not at night.. i think after he sleep is when he express himself which really come from his heart.. I once heard my friend said, she always observe her child sleeping pattern since born till now 14 years old. Whatever they do/feel in day will reveal after they sleep. I believe this is true after i see my son.. Ally, Thanks for the tips.. but initially he was not clingy at all.. me and my husband working together to change him back to normal.. can see he slowly change.. for eg, distract him with toys when I am upstair doing something.. but what worried me more is the night time.. it's like psychology thing.. i hope he will be fine from his inner heart.. i try my best to comfort him that i will not leave him to business trip anymore
  12. I'm very confuse of my boy's behaviour lately. Although I have being told by my friend before I went for 2 weeks business trip that my baby will change his behaviour after I back. I thought he will be more cranky only. While I'm not around, he is taken care by my hubby and parents in law. They said he looks very cheerful, just the first day when I gone, he cried a bit that's all. He behave normal, energetic, playing non stop and walk up and down. Just the first day he refuse to drink milk, later on he was fine. During my absence, my hubby show him my video, he keep saying ma ma.. When first day I arrive home, he looks a bit like not recognise me, but after I carry him, he smile. He smile the next 2 days happily regardless when, where and what he is doing. He looks totally fine and happy all day long. When come to night time, he wake up more often. First 2 nights, he woke up every half to one hour cry angrily. His cry is different from last time, I can feel he is angry. Last night was 4th nights, he cried 2 times at night. He knocked his own head to the floor. He kept wanting to go down from the bed, I thought he want to do something or go somewhere.. but he knocked his head to the floor! He refuse to see me, he looks high on the ceiling. I completely helpless, I cried with him, I felt so sad to see him like this.. I should have reject the trip. I kept telling him sorry, I will not leave him alone anymore, I will bring him along anywhere I go. He is more clingy than before, he even follow me to toilet. In the past, he was very independent, can play alone, carry by strangers and all.. now totally opposite. At night he only want me, although he angry of me, when my hubby tried to carry him, he push away my hubby and come to me. When he awake and cry, he sometimes beat me, sometimes push me away. When my hubby try to comfort him he comes back to me again.. and continue cry and beat me. Anyone has experience of it? I'm very worried of him, I hope he will get back to normal soon. It's painful to see him hurt himself.
  13. thanks Mabel and Sharon.. too much of mould.. i see also feel geli so i threw it away. maybe i use the normal container, next time will try ziplock bag or tupperware.
  14. thanks Sharon for sharing this. I bought an imported cheese before.. forgot the brand.. but very expensive.. about 19 per pack.. The size is same size as this. How do you keep your cheese? I just keep it in a container in the fridge. About a month later it grows fungus. Mm.. as of what i remember the normal cheddar cheese can last for few months in the fridge.. why this isn't?
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