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  1. For me I think that sucking is ok, especially at this age (4 mths old). I think this is just the beginning of the sucking phase... between 4-6 months my baby was sucking his fist/thumb/fingers alot.. Initially I was worried too, but then later on I find that when baby becomes more mobile, can sit and hold things, can crawl around, then the baby wont have so much free time to suck his fingers. My paed say its ok to suck fingers instead of pacifiers. Advantages of finger sucking compared to pacifiers: 1. promote motor skills (hand to mouth coordination) 2. stimulate their senses (when they suck their fingers they will be stimulating their tongue and finger senses stimultaneously) 2. help them in feeding themselves in future (they will have better hand to mouth coordination so it will help them in feeding themselves later) I heard of some ppl giving tiger balm, chilli paste, etc but I think those are too harsh on babies. I think those method (if need to, although I dont agree) might work better on older kids.
  2. You can find Desitin in Singapore too :)
  3. I only apply if there are rashes.
  4. Hi mummies if you are looking for a playgroup for babies/toddlers, you are welcomed to join a Facebook group called "Mummies Connect Everyday Here". We just had our first playgroup and it was a wonderful experience for our babies/toddlers to interact with each other and meet new friends! To join, please click "Request to Join" here: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_...748568&ap=1 and stay tuned for the next Playgroup session! :)
  5. Wow which kindermusik is this? I called the one in PJ called SIM Music, they told me is RM200 per month, each classes 45 mins. Not sure whether I heard correctly or not...
  6. I have a Cambodian maid. We started applying for maid around my 2nd trimester. Our agent have a service whereby we can actually place in a special request form and state down what skills we want in our maid. So when they find any new maid with this skill or qualification, they will show to me. It took a few months for us to get one that we liked. Our requests were: - young and single: I preferred those without husband and kids so that they have less emotional baggage when they come.. my mum also advised me to get a maid who dont have kids, coz some maid when they see my kids live so good life they will miss their kids more, or worse still, hate my kids coz their own kids so poor back home - at least 6 yrs of education: we think that if she has at least 6 yrs of education in school, she will have a slightly higher common sense than other maids (most maids are buta huruf and never go to school and dont even know how to read Cambodian).. also, since she went to school for so many years, she will know how to read Cambodian words, so its easier for me to communicate.. I just need to point to my English-Cambodian dictionary, eg point to the word "before" and she read the Cambodian translation in dictionary. This really help alot. In addition, because she knows how to write Cambodian, she will write down all the things that she hv learn so that she wont forget. If the maid buta huruf, really cannot write anything, then its harder loh... - got housekeeping experience: since we dont have much time to train her coz my baby is due soon, we hoped that our maid have a little experience in housekeeping Other stuff like maid's attitude and whether she is responsible or not, I think sometimes due to luck. Sigh so sorry to hear that your maid is giving you problems. Sometimes having a maid really can make our blood pressure rise. But at the same time we have to control our emotion because our children can pick up our negative emotions.
  7. He likes to help me hold.. He cant hold a cup by himself yet to drink.. Coz when he holds it will spill alot hehe.. So I hold for him otherwise the whole place will be messy I guess when he is older I will let him hold it himself :) He also sip slowly.. need patience too.. but only sip water. For milk, we havent tried feeding with milk. Only use bottle to feed him but recently he dont like also coz he is going through a phase of rejecting EBM sigh. Does he also drink his milk from a normal cup? Do you have to hold it for him to make sure he doesn't spill it? My baby is ok with drinking water from a normal cup but since it's only a few mouths at each time, he still has patience. I'm not sure if he'll have patience to drink his milk from a normal cup, so worried he might reach out to grab it & splash it everywhere :wacko3:
  8. Hi my 7 months old baby does not like the sippy cup too.. he likes drinking from a cup (like an adult).. so all his sippy cup just gathering dust at home heehee...
  9. Hi my 7 months old baby does not like the sippy cup too.. he likes drinking from a cup (like an adult).. so all his sippy cup just gathering dust at home heehee...
  10. Hugs to you garezma. I dont think it is wrong for kids to be attached to their parents. It is only natural. Follow your heart on this. If you feel it is against your heart's desire to leave your child at IL's house then you can stick to your decision. Ultimately this is your child and you have a right to decide. Who knows, leaving your child at another house might make your child miss you more and become more attached..
  11. Agree with meiteoh. I feed baby on one side till it's empty or he is full. Then I offer the other side.. if baby dont want anymore then I pump it out.. When you feed baby on one side first, baby will get the benefit of foremilk and hindmilk. Both are important for baby's development.
  12. BM digests easily, causing them to drink milk more often. My baby drinks very often, and the first 2 weeks as a newborn he drank every hour. Although it was tiring for me, I keep reminding myself that drinking often is a good thing, because it means that the milk is digested easily into his body. Frequent feeds for BM also means that my baby is taking in more antibodies. On the other hand FM takes longer for the body to digest so FM babies always can tahan longer between feeds. So since it takes longer to digest, many ppl think that FM is good coz baby dont need to drink often.
  13. Great to hear that reis, I love my sterilizer+dryer too :)
  14. Dont worry ya, try to read more about birth and watch videos. Better still, attend a good antenatal class so that your knowledge can eliminate fear :)
  15. Hello env1901, Yes it's still available. Can you please email to me at seinjean@yahoo.com ? I tried to PM you here but couldnt. Thanks! :)
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