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  1. Hi, Mind to share with me your confinement lady's contact no:? I need one. Thanks. Cheers, Jenny
  2. Hi, Can I have your confinement lady contact no: pls? Please email to teohjenny@hotmail.com Thanks.
  3. Dear bride to be, For those who signed up the KG package that included corsage and flower hand bouquet, please request them to give you a big flower. I had red roses for my hand bouquet and corsages. The roses are so small and they didn't bloom at all the next day. Quite disappointed with the corsages as both my dad and dad in law need to wear them. Cheers, Jenny
  4. Hi didardi, Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with last minute wedding prep. Thanks for your comments. I sewed the thick white thread and as for the pearls I glued them with UHU glue. There isn't any wording. The reason why I put pearls is because I want to cover the sewing marks. How is ur DIY getting on? Cheers, Jenny
  5. Hi BG, Thanks to you. Never thought of doing that way. I was just thinking of the hard way of doing it. LOL How is everything on your side? Cheers, Jenny
  6. Hi Ji Muis, Here is the link http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....m&album=387 More pics to come! Cheers, Jenny
  7. Hi Ji Muis, I finally finished all my DIYed stuffs and would like to share with you. My thanks also go to BG for giving me some tips on how to do the flower ribbon and Kathy for giving me ideas on sewing pattern on my veil. I will upload the pics here slowly as I don't really know how to upload. Cheers, Jenny
  8. Hi Tash, Thanks for sharing this website. I saw it on the TV in Australia a couple of months ago. I was very surprised and found it very unique and funny. In fact, it was so good that they were asked to perform again in front of the public and the bride and groom were interviewed on TV. Hmm.....I almost wanted to do something similar with this but however the ppl who are willing to do it must be brave and spotting. I am not one of them. I prefer traditional type. Hahaha. Cheers, Jenny
  9. For those who is looking for cupcakes or wedding cake, you may want to drop by or enquire this place Patisserie Rui Bakery at Mon't Kiara Meridian. I have engaged her for my wedding cake/cupcakes and cupcakes for the guests as wedding favour. I also had her cupcakes and fruit tarts for my GDL lunch! Superb and I get complement from everyone. Pricing wise is relatively good and she can even deliver to your doorstep if above RM200. Yvon: Thanks for giving your cake maker details - Audrey. I did some enquiries and apparently the pricing she gave me is far beyond the pricing you had. Also she doesn't deliver at all, asking me to collect myself on the wedding day which I find it difficult. Cheers, Jenny
  10. Hi BG, Give me some time to take some photos and email to you. Oh yeah, how do I post pics over here? I had DIYed a few stuffs and would like to share over here. Thanks! Cheers, Jenny
  11. Hi BG, Well, actually I want to do the flower ribbon like those birthday present or gift that ppl will put the flower ribbon on top. Something like that or else you got some ideas that you can share with me? I don't mind any design as long it looks like a flower using organza ribbon. Maybe I take pics of my angpow box and the organza ribbon I have to let you have a look? What is ur email add? Cheers, Jenny
  12. Hi BG, I need your help here since I know you're very talented in doing DIY stuffs. Hehehe. I have already DIY-ed my wedding angpow box but I don't know how to do the flower ribbon to put on top of the box. I tried doing the flower using organza ribbon but it fail to stand out. Can teach me? Thank you! Cheers, Jenny
  13. Hi, I have one. If interested, please PM me! Cheers, Jenny
  14. Hi, I am interested in it. Could you please email me the price and the pics as well? chirojenny@hotmail.com Thanks. Cheers, Jenny
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