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  1. stephloh added a post in a topic Nu Skin TRA - Guarantee Your LAST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM   

    With the RIGHT PRODUCTS (Natural and Clinically Proven to be SAFE & EFFECTIVE), the RIGHT FOOD (Simple, Easy to Follow, No Starving & Enjoy your Food) and the RIGHT EXERCISE (No heavy strenuous Exercise needed, infact too much can be a negative impact to weight loss).

    Have you every thought about this before? Well, as you see, if you want to lose 1kg of FAT; which is equal to 7700 kCal, you will need to run 35 HOURS!

    Exercise is good for joints, blood circulation, general well being, however, to exercise to lose weight, it is highly inefficient, unless you combine it with a VERY disciplined diet. Typically after a good exercise, most will reward themselves with super or a meal; which negates the exercise in the 1st place!!!

    By slowly adjusting your fat storage, carbo craving, sugar and fat metabolism, glucose regulations and stress control, this multi-faceted approach with the right nutrition (good food habits) and exercise (moderate), you will lose between 6-12kg in 90days!
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  2. stephloh added a post in a topic Nu Skin TRA - Guarantee Your LAST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM   

    This is an important slide to understand. We gain weight and find it hard to keep it off, because of these 6 key factors.
    1) Our foods we eat have too much FAT (Trans Fat)

    2) Our body's Glucose Metabolism is too low, so it triggers our mind to want to eat sweet, cakes etc. So it is NOT your fault that you can't control yourself. We can change that!

    3) We live in a stressful society. Stress releases cortisol. Cortisol converts to sugars (to be usesd for energy to releive the stress; which we don't use). Unused Sugars become Fat and is stored in our body.

    4) Unhealthy diets that cause both fat and muscle to be depleted. When muscle is low, it can't burn calories, therefore we gain even more fat! Thus creating yo-yo effects.

    5) If we are fat, we already have too much fat and too little muscle. So no muscle to burn fat & calories.

    6) As we age, our body metabolism is lower, however, as we continue to eat the same diet, we start to gain more fat (since our body can't process it like it did when you were in your 20's).
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  3. stephloh added a topic in Beauty and Health   

    Nu Skin TRA - Guarantee Your LAST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM
    Item(s):Nu Skin TRA (The Right Approach) Weight Loss Program -Guarantee Your LAST with NO REBOUND!

    The right approach to weight loss in Malaysia from Nu Skin offers a holistic approach.  It covers on all areas of weight loss ensuring healthy weight loss and great body toning.  The right approach is based on current scientific research on weight loss.

    The research on obesity issues and the causes of obesity has confirmed the path that we should take to ensure permanent weight loss.  The following are the key ingredients of a weight loss program that follows the right approach from science:

    1. Stress Control
    2. Sugar Craving Control
    3. Visceral Fat Burner
    4. Empathetic Support Group
    5. Lifestyle Change

    Accordingly, TRA (The Right Approach) from NuSkin was created and it provides supplements and systems that safely, and effectively, enable long term weight control.  All based on the 5 guiding principles listed above.

    Nu Skin’s TRA is patented and can be viewed at the US Patent Office for the full science that is inside this system.

    TRA is a:
    1. Personal Coaching program to instil a life long habit (8 weeks of the 12 weeks program)
    2. A multi-faceted balanced approach to weight management without going Hungry, Excessive Exercise or Stimulants
    3. A re-education of balanced nutrition through practical daily foods (home cook or outside foods).
    4. Systematic and Scientific approach to Body Fat Reduction, Muscle Building (Men >33% and Woman >28%) for sustained weight management
    5. A focus towards Resetting the Body’s health condition (e.g. Cholesterol reduction, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure, Hyper Tension, Joint Paint etc.)
    6. The only program in the market that can reduce 30% of internal dangerous fat (Visceral Fat) that causes Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and High Blood Pressure.
    7. Certified by the Singapore Health Science Authority to be completely safe
    8. More importantly, with proper focus on body composition and habit forming, the results are sustained with no rebound.
    9. TRA is the fastest FAT loss program in the market (we focus on helping a person lose 10% of their weight and 50-70% of that is FAT in 12 weeks.)
    10. Amazingly, all students actually consume more nutritious food during the program than before the program, while consistently lose fat (!)

    Essentially, TRA controls manages the lifestyle transformation, reduces stress, reduces carbohydrate cravings, reduces fat intake and burns fat with a fat burner.

    US Patented. NYSE Listed.  Clinically Proven.  Safe.  Over 45,000 Successful Cases.  No Rebound.

    The right approach is to lose weight is to burn Fat, while getting physically active, through the right nutrition, the right quantity, the right exercise and the right consistent actions.
    Remember, the key for long term weight management is not just in reducing Fat %, it is also in increasing Muscle % and understanding how important it is to be educated on good food eating habits.

    PM me if interested!

    Nu Skin TRA
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  4. stephloh added a topic in Beauty and Health   

    Weight Loss Supplement…..Alpha Lipid SD2- Reduce weight 2-4kgs a week!
    Introducing New Image’s 3rd generation weight management product- Alpha Lipid SDII for rapid and safe weight loss! Enhanced with Alpha Lipid formulation and Green Tea fat-burning extract. Lose 2-4 kilos of weight after just 1 week! 1000 tins sold out on the day of launching (12/5/2012) within 1 hour!!! Message me for more info…

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  5. stephloh added a topic in Health Care or Health Related Matters   

    Why You Should Take Colostrum Everyday?
    If you wish to have a healthy body, then there is no better, nor more natural supplement for you than colostrum.

    Colostrum is the best natural source of antibodies to destroy or neutralise the pathogens that cause illness.

    Colostrum contains the best natural source of growth factor to heal and protect the gut wall.

    Colostrum is a natural source of other valuable immune factors.

    Colostrum works symbiotically with other products to boost your immune system and give greater health.

    Among the colostrum that is available in the market, ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE is the best among the best.
    Proven to have help many people with illnesses to improve their condition.
    If ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE does magic/wonders with the people with illnesses, it should work better with the healthy people like us!!!!
    Don't procrastinate until it's too late.
    Prevention is better than cure.
    Prevention with ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE is definitely the wisest choice.
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  6. stephloh added a post in a topic Confinement Lady (Pui Yuet)   

  7. stephloh added a post in a topic Confinement Lady (Pui Yuet)   

  8. stephloh added a post in a topic Confinement Lady (Pui Yuet)   

  9. stephloh added a topic in Parenting General Discussion   

    Organize Baby Clothes & Necessities

    Can anyone of you share how do you keep your baby stuffs well organized please? I'm looking for nice storage bin to keep for my newborn items; like clothes, diapers, hanky, etc.
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  10. stephloh added a post in a topic Babysitter or Maid?   

    Thanks for all the sharing! Actually I am headache too. Our 1st maid went back her hometown to heal her fibroid & came back recently. Initially, she said that she won't be coming back to work. So we have hired another maid. We are landed with 2 maids now. Actually both maids are ok. The 1st maid is smart and very spontaneous. The 2nd one is gentle & soft spoken. Our parents intention is to keep both maids so that one of them can help to take care of the baby. They trusted the 1st maid a lot as she has worked for them for abt 5-6 yrs. The problem is we have a cockers spaniel at home & this 1st maid likes to let her wonder around the house. This bitch has kutu and she pees and boos as she likes. I'm very particularly with hygiene and tidiness, especially if baby is around. Their immune system is weak and we worry that our baby can't cope with it. Who knows how clean is she right? Am headache now. There is pro and cons to keep the baby with the maid. Sigh.....
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  11. stephloh added a topic in Parenting General Discussion   

    Babysitter or Maid?
    Hey Mummies,

    If you are a working mum & it is often that ur family members are not at home, will you leave ur baby with maid or you rather send ur baby to babysitter?
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  12. stephloh added a post in a topic Confinement Lady (Pui Yuet)   

    Hi sisters,

    May I check if u all do set duty roster for ur CL please? My MIL's fren passed her a list of task to do for the CL. I almost fainted when she told me this! For me, as long as the CL does her job and help to take gd care of my baby, who cares right?
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  13. stephloh added a post in a topic Malacca Brides   

    Hi eunice,

    You may try Ambridge Cottage at Melaka Raya. They provides church deco. It is situated just before Standard Charted Bank (or opposite Felix Inn).

    stephVisit My Wedding's Blog
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  14. stephloh added a post in a topic DIY wedding stuff (favours, ceremony, etc.)   

    Hi Ceetee & Beautifulgown,

    Yalor, what to do now? Actually my SIL & FIL did help to search for me during their recent trip to Suzhou too. However, the shop assist. told them that it will be good if the bride can come personally. :(
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  15. stephloh added a post in a topic DIY wedding stuff (favours, ceremony, etc.)   

    Hi beautifulgown,

    Me too. I like traditional stuffs too. So I also thought of wearing a kua during my wedding dinner. I supposed to get it during my holiday in Suzhou but too bad that I didn't have the time to do so. Hence, I gotta get from bridal shop. Where did u get urs? How about the price? ;)
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