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  1. Miche, I was equally overwhelmed about the wedding costs like you when my bf (now fiance) proposed to me 3 months ago. I earn slightly more than 2k per month. And my family is in East M'sia. After minus-ing all the expenses, you can imagine how discouraged I am about saving up for nice nice wedding. But my fiance always encourages me. He told me: "Don't despair, must enjoy this process leading up to marriage". I really liked that. Even though both of us earn peanuts, we can still get married! Marriage is not exclusively for the rich, right? =) I didn't buy any new clothes since his proposal! Scared I overspent. But God is so good to me. I received 15 pieces of new clothes out of the blue from my cousin from China last month! She bought all these branded clothes (e.g. tommy hilfiger) from a factory in China. Wanted to sell. But because she bought them for about RM80 cost price. Hard to sell, so she wanted to just give to charity. Before giving it away, she let me have a look at them. Some very nice piece are there, so I tried them on. It turned out almost all fit me perfectly! Really like a miracle. Super happy. Fiance and I are currently working on a budget of RM30k++ for our wedding. Here's a rough breakdown for you to refer: 1. Morning ceremony (Cocktail reception after ceremony for 200 guests - RM40 per head = RM9k 2. Wedding dinner at hotel (15 tables, around RM1000++ each = 18k) 3. Decorations - RM500 4. Freelance photographer (RM1k -- PM me if you want his contacts) 5. Ang pows for friends who helps out - RM1k 6. Gowns and suit - (Cousin to help find tailor in China RM1000) 7. Shoes - RM500 8. Wedding ring (pair) - RM2k 9. Videographer - free (fiance's best friend) 10. MUA and Hair stylist - free (my mum was a hairdresser + mua) 11. Bridal car - free (borrow from fiance's boss, only need to decorate) I think this is a very VERY rough cost breakdown. Fiance already have RM10k in HSBC Easigrow (not the best savings, but still better than nothing), so just need another RM20k++, we'll each save RM10k+. Bear in mind, when the AD comes, people will give ang pow, so, we'll get back a bit of the $$ we spent. Your friends and family will be there to help you too. So, don't worry. Hope what I've written helps! Btw, my AD will be next year, May. =)
  2. Oh my goodness. I haven't logged in for a long time. How do I report PM from Vendor? Just like espritwhite, day one I joined MB, I've received a PM from a vendor. Please teach me how to report to admin! I kept the messages from that particular vendor. So, got proof. =) Anyway, just to add my 2 cents worth, I would not choose to use the vendors whom I find to be dishonest or taking the 'backdoor' to getting businesses (even if their portfolio looks good). In fact, I believe if a vendor's service is good, and is credible, other MB members / users of their services would definitely give good testimonies.
  3. Hi Connie, Glad to hear you've got a good photographer. I've also sent my PG's contact to Datina. So, no more confusion. =)
  4. Datina, Sent to you dy. Check email.
  5. Hi Spring Frost, My wedding is also gonna be next year, so I'm doing the same preparations like you. I just went to see Equatorial KL yesterday , it's within you budget. But personally I won't take them because it's a bit old... Besides that, Concorde, Park Royal, Holiday Villa Subang and Hotel Istana are within your budget too. (PM me if you need their quote) I'm on a super tight wedding budget. So, I've opted for freelance photography (James Chew). He charges around RM900 - RM1,200 for full day. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameschew Other reasons why I don't want to go for BS packages are because it's hard to find one that has the gowns I like and has wonderful reliable photographer. If they are good, they are expensive. Besides that, their photography is slightly more 'staged', I'm sure you know what I mean. Haha. Anyway, for my wedding and evening gowns, I plan to have them tailored. So that will solve my problem of renting them for PW and AD photo shoots. All 'da best! And DON'T PANIC! You have all the support from the B2Bs and newlyweds here! =)
  6. Wow, Diana, don't panic. Try James Chew (sorry I only know/trust one... if not will give you more options). PM me if you want to view his portfolio and contact details. (I realised my posts always get deleted if I put his flickr page up! Argh!!!) He charges around RM900-RM1200. So, quite affordable.
  7. Hi hi. The place is really really new. And their deco quite nice. Those are their ONLY plus points. My friend had her wedding there last month. The food was quite bad. And the sound system! For the first half of the night, cannot put music because of some technical problem (don't know if the person inexperienced with the equipment or what lah). Anyway, hope that info helps. =)
  8. Connie, have a look at this http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameschew/col...57603942123225/ =) Four of my friends have used him before, they're in the website. And I plan to get him to take my PW end of the year (AD next year). If you want his contacts, PM me lah.
  9. Oh... I never knew week days are cheaper! Haha... Sorry, I'm really new at this. Just got engaged last month. So, now at early planning stage. Banker's Club has no rooms o. If I have it at a hotel. After the dinner, our parents can just stay at the hotel itself. No need to travel lor. I've checked Equatorial. They are within my budget. Any one has any comments on their food? Any complaints or things I should know about them? I'll go see their ballroom this weekend. Thanks everyone for your input!
  10. Hey Sweet Candy, one recommendation. You can have a look at his portfolio at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameschew/col...57603942123225/ I recommended him to take my friends' weddings also. Turned out very nice. Quite affordable too. Coz photography is his hobby. PM me if you need his contacts. My friend's wedding pix I mentioned about previously are up dy - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameschew/set...57604268550589/ Her 'chut mun' was in Melaka and AD was in KL, Was there in Melaka for 'chut mun'. But couldn't make it for the KL one... =( But still very happy for them.
  11. Hey B2Bs or G2Bs, I haven't set a date yet (just got engaged last month. Hehe), but my FH and I are already having headache trying to find a hotel that will accept less than 20 tables! We want to have it in a hotel, not a restaurant because we plan to have our wedding ceremony in the evening, then straight away proceed to dinner. Plus, our parents are not from KL/PJ, so we need to book hotel rooms for them. Hopefully can negotiate a wedding package that will give extra rooms. Sigh... We have a very tight budget to work with. Coz we are about to renovate the house soon! MONEY GOING OUT in two directions! The maximum we can afford is around RM1,100nett per table. Argh!!! (Pulling my hair out...) Help. Any suggestion is welcomed. THANKS A MILLION~
  12. I've recommended this photographer to few of my friends already. Photos turned out really nice. Price is good too. One of my friend's wedding was in Melaka. So, he does outstation also. Go check out his portfolio first. See if you like his style. =) http ://www.flickr.com/photos/jameschew/col...7603942123225/ Hope this helps! PM me if you need his contacts. My wedding is next year May, in KL, Penang and Sabah! Sourcing for hotels and stuff. So, if you ladies have any recommendations, do PM to let me know!
  13. Hey Sweet Candy, one recommendation. You can have a look at his portfolio at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameschew/col...57603942123225/ I recommended him to take my friends' weddings also. Turned out very nice. Quite affordable too. Coz photography is his hobby. PM me if you need his contacts.
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