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  1. The reason we paid deposit is to look the price and date , unless stated in contract else is not allow to increases price
  2. hi cuddle finnaly manage to sign to ur email the link
  3. Yup..it is in china kunming , lijiang KunMing, China ma?
  4. Courtyard is still nicer environment overall compare to passion road, in term of the layout is great and the ambience is just nice drop me an message in my inbox ..will sent your our wedding link photo Not sure if you have already decided your wedding dinner place. I had mine at courytard. Let me know if you keen to know more. hey! can you share me some photos and the price range for this? i plan to have an enggement party for my immediate family members. i saw the restaurants website... but would prefer if there's some pics other than the website one. (dont know how long ago the pic. has been there right :P ). reviews too please :) :) thanks!
  5. not manage to sent u the PM on the link , maybe you have to PM me first
  6. Hi Cathea I think courtyard is a good place and cosy environemnt , compare to others there service is good as well Btw have sent you the link , let me knew again if you need more infomation will be glad to help
  7. Please put up those restaurant name for us to review , this is bad and unfair to all the consumer
  8. Hi It depend if you choose the sitdown menu or buffet , course menu if not mistaken start from 110++ to 150++ Buffet is much more cheaper on this Regards
  9. Malaysia customer service is just suck big times , is this how you respond to the customer? very very bad services and their product quality is also not that good. Puchase a bedframe from them many year ago and it is a bad quality I would suggest people not to go for this company if price wasn't an issue . Lorenzo give better service compare to them Anyway for your case can it be refund ? because when we sign the invoice it already stated in the term ..good sold cannot be refund etc ....
  10. why not move your parent to KL and stay with you , all the sibling can sponsor and buy a house in here so easier to take care of them. For you to quit your job and go back i don't think so is a long term solution
  11. Is on the left , when you go for ROM that time the registrar will tell you that
  12. Can post more detail on this guys company information & also your email with him... That is very bad way of doing bussiness hope everyone in here can get the info and avoid such people
  13. Hi MeBride For me courtyard is nice place and the restaurant manager Azman is a great guys to deal with try PM you the detial but your inbox is disable maybe you need to turn it on in your setting Hi HoiLok, Could you also share some pictures with me? Thx MeBride
  14. If singapore, why not look into this place http://www.facebook.com/LijiangVisionMalaysia took our wedding picture there unforgetable
  15. Is already a pass why need to hang on it ? you alreayd have a loving husband and baby to take care of , channel all your energy to them. There will be your future don't look back already
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