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  1. Dear All, My prewed pics can b view @ http://www.mywedding.com/stevenssuee/galleries.html For those ji muis tat interested to sign up with very taipei can do me a favour? can put my name as introducer so i can get some of my prewed photos back? my name is 思仪。 really appreciate your help n hapi wedding to all TQVM
  2. any1 know any wholesales street in ho chin minh? thanks
  3. hi kellytomato, xiaokee, j.modeling, yujue & ggrace82, juz pm u guys.. hope not 2 late..haha
  4. Dear pinkyy, barliak, bbs, haiyu, minshome and snooze, just manage to pm u guys. sorry keep u guys waiting.
  5. Dear Sharon Ng, Lee Eunice, LLkhoo and SI33py, Sorry for late reply. I just back 2 work after confinenment. hope u guys enjoy the website.
  6. hi yifen & manmann, juz pm u both... :)
  7. For those who requested to view my website, i had juz finish pm all of u.. hav a happy day ahead.
  8. Dear chinhuat1741, jacqjacq, rachel930, jesyws, we178, desperado & lin_010, sorry for the late fedback. Juz pm u guys.... :)
  9. Dear tina, jacqjacq, 831012 & vinnii, i had juz pm u ppl.. hope do enjoy my website.. cheers
  10. Hi Venisa, I would like to see your lovely photo too....could you share it with me? My email is icecream.seng@gmail.com Thanks! Btw, I noticed you and your hubby are from different hometown. Same as mine. Is there any difficulty when holding the wedding ceremony on both sides? My AD on 23 May 10 (nu jia) and 29 May 10 (nan jia). Do you also have your AD at nu jia first? hi, there were not much difficulties holding wedding on both side..my side my parents kau tim 4 me. i juz pass them my guest list n they arranged everything 4 me. me n my hb juz need 2 fly back n b the bride n groom. kl side le more tiring cos we 2 r the doing person doing all the stuff..however, everything is over. so try 2 enjoy the process of preparing. btw, i m having reception at my side 1st. actual wedding day is in kl wic is ard 1 week later.
  11. Dear charlie09, shiawasekay & csmelle, juz pm u guys..
  12. hi sweetie_kua&limly82, u hav got pm. This weekend verytaipei having fair in KLCC. My SA is Ms Angela and my name is 思仪。 Angela promise me tat my fren will hav special pacakage. so do find her and mention my name. :)
  13. Dear Sehn, Fishie123, pinkie_piggy, blue apple & soechen83, Just PM u guys. Any enquires hope i can be of assistant. :)
  14. Can any1 intro any trusted nanny o nursery 4 newborn babies near counnaught/ Taynton o segar area in cheras?
  15. Dear princessmei, fky, vicqurl, oliver08, chaileen, minx and mimid3vils, juz pm u guys... hope u guys do enjoy the website
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