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    to anyone who bought kamdar/nagoya curtains - how is the tailoring quality.. is it good?
  2. May I know where is CIMALITE as well? Thank you The address is at the bottom. went to cimalite PJ -- lots of choices and good price but I was thinking of going to its Hq one in balakong.. they said it's bigger... more choices havent found the dream living room lighting -- want sumthing modern not really chandelier type
  3. does anyone here have any experience with aluminium based kitchen Two companies is doing it - I am not sure of others http://www.modernaluminiumkitchen.com/Products.aspx http://www.honglee.com.my they are vouching it as cheap, termite resistent water resistant alternative.. I am quite partial to it now since they come with a 5 year warranty
  4. Sorry my krabi r/v is late but it is up now on my blog Finally, after weeks of delaying, I am debuting my honeymoon pics on my blog. Firstly I hesitate to put my pics because -- I looked so fat and ugly in it. :-P Got down with a bad case of conjunctivitis the moment we touch down. Yeah, instead of H1N1 -- me ended up with conjunctivitis. 2nd day in Krabi - snorkel without contact lenses because it hurt so much. Luckily - I did not infect my hubby. Flight: Air Asia. The whole 4 days and 3 nights package is only for Rm1.1 K for both of us inclusive of air plane and hotel stay. So only RM 550 per person. Cheap so cheap. And I only had praises for the hotel. We stayed at The Small. Initially I was worried that the hotel won't be as good as it shown on the website. I cannot find any good testimonial for it as it is very new. It is a sister hotel of Krabi La Playa - thus shared the same management. For Krabi La Playa - there are a lot of good reviews so I hoped that the good services would also apply to its sister company. The hotel picked us up from the airport - you need to pay extra though as it is not included in the package. If you get some tour packages - try to include airport transfer into your package. You can always get a taxi or get a ride on their public bus or van for a much cheaper rate. As for me - I prefer convenience. From what I observe - the taxi rates ranges around 700 to 800 baht from airport to the Aonang Beach. Luckily - for my airport transfer - the hotel only charged 500 baht for a couple per trip. The first day - we only laze around our room at the hotel. I LURVE THE ROOM... It was spacious. With a huge flat screen TV with iPOD connectivity so hubby can connect it to his iPOD. Because of that, we managed to marathon Amazing Race through out our honeymoon stay instead of watching some old movies on HBO. Cool, huh. We got a pool access room which is situated on the secluded side of the pool. Plus, we had our own jacuzzi which me and hubby enjoyed very very much. ^-^;;; Sorry - forgot to take pics of the jacuzzi but you can see the pool from the pic. The jacuzzi is just outside the sliding door from our room next to the platform. We had a table and garden chairs on our platform cm sort of balcony so technically we can actually have breakfast by the pool (but we didn't though.. :-D ) The sliding doors across if for the other rooms. View from just outside of our room. Yup - boleh buka sliding door and straight jump into the pool. Best kan... That first night - we makan at this place called Wanna's Place. Swiss & Thai cuisine but we had thai food for dinner. I mean you are in Thailandyou should eat Thai food right. Food in Krabi is very cheap - comparable to KL. But what i really luv is this. THAI PANCAKE!!! It's just like roti canai - but lighter. You can order with so many choices of filling - my favourite is of course banana chocolate. you can also ask for peanut butter, strawberry jam, plain chocolate, plain banana, cheese, mango, honey etc. If you come here - please do try this. You won't regret it. I'll put up more stuff later - to be continued.
  5. hi everyone trip was really lovely. The hotel was lovely. Went to Hong Island tour and Phi Phi. Haven't uploaded all the pics yet. Work has been hectic. Food is cheap. All and all -- managed to keep our spendings under RM 1K which is just fabulous. Very surprised when we get back from Thailand H1N1 seemed to spread much worst. Glad we came back healthy and safely. Detailed review much later
  6. hi everyone.. going to krabi today.. hope all goes well.. pics and r/v later
  7. I am going to floristika tomorrow for my wedding flowers on saturday. hopefully have nice ones tomorrow...
  8. actually - fake flowers that is nice costs more than real flowers. I like artificial flowers like the ones in SSF but the price -- killer... it is actually cheaper to buy flowers in bulk from wholesaler and then DIY arrangement. But if you cannot DIY then artificial flowers is a good option artificial flowers are also good options for hall decors, arch deco etc as it looks better and won't wilt during event
  9. brides - has anyone went to floristika.. how much are they selling their roses? I don't want to go all the way to KL to get fresh flowers from petaling street (they say it is very cheap) the florist I knew in Taman Tun DI Market is selling her roses Rm 2-3 per rose flower. my mum said that there are cheap roses you can buy at Sg way market but I don't know how to get there.. HELP!!!! any cheap wholesaler florist that you know in petaling jaya. My wedding is next saturday!! I need it urgently. Any info drop it to my email eidrogue at yahoo dot com
  10. anyone who is going to Krabi soon - do update the situation there. I am very worried.. hopefully they do not close the airport or anything. My trip is in mid june but still I am already very worried. Prays that it'll be ok
  11. crazygurl - thanks for ur r/v.. really help. anymore krabi tips to share? best cheap food perhaps?
  12. i am going on the 19th june weekn... i emailed 1 tour operator -- they said in june certain islands like phi phi is unaccessible due to storm but usually the ones nearby like hong and 4 islands which is 30 minutes from aonang still OK if you want to go snorkelling or island hopping... I plan spend 1 day snorkelling..island hopping... one day just relax around the hotel...
  13. kelly -- me n future hubby will go in june too.. now prays for good weather
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