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  1. send share with me too? kelly_siew_18@yahoo.com thanks
  2. can I be the 1st one to view your blog... kelly_siew_18@yahoo.com thanks
  3. aiya...no la...this few picture (which looks at camera) is select from out of hundred photo...agreed with you..cometime very difficult to make them both facing the camera...I always bring the camera...once they looks at me I quickly take the photo...really susah...
  4. thx koolci99 for your info....I think I better don't take any tablet....
  5. Latest photo.....POrt dICksON Zhi Ling Zhi Xuen
  6. Dear Mummy, Currently I am working and I pump my BF once in the morning (4 oz), twice during work(each 3 oz) and once in the evening (3oz). After that, Bf my babies at night. i only get 12oz perday (max) exclude at the night time direct BF. Any way to increase the milk supply because i actually have twins but my milk supply seen like not enough even one BB..Is domperidone or motilium help? which is better? My twins currently drink enfalac. should I change to enfa-pro after six months? what is the different between enfalac and enfapro?
  7. hi dear mummy....I need some advice on BF also..... currently I am working, so I will pump my breastmilk and keep in cooler bag and give to me baby when I go back....but they dont like the milk which I pump out.....but they like to suck if directly from breast....I think because of the smell....is there anyway to make them like it? currently my MIL give them to drink formula and mix some breastmilk but they still cannot finished it...and it's waste everyday my MIL trow the remaining milk....\ pls give some advice or any mummy experience this b4? thx....
  8. Hi Shyan, received your mail already...will send it to you soon...
  9. Dear Shyan, From what I saw in T&C, this voucher is not applicable for annual storage fee and the discount must be deducted from the listed published price. Do you want the voucher? you can e-mail your address to my e-mail - kelly_siew_18@yahoo.com and I will mail the voucher to you.
  10. Dear friend, I have a RM 300 discount vocher for Cryocord to give away. This is actually a gift from Baby Bump maternity Photo Contest but I didn't use it. Pls do let me know if you are interested. My e-mail is kelly_siew_18@yahoo.com
  11. Dear Juanil, can shae with me too? my e-mail is kelly_siew_18@yahoo.com thx..
  12. hi...mind to share with me? my e-mail is kelly_siew_18@yahoo.com
  13. 39th day... 我们两个像吗? 芷伶:哎呀!别挡着我的脸。。。我也要照相。。。 芷伶:很累呀!借你的肩膀给我靠一靠。。。 芷暄:喂!你的头很重啊!!! 芷伶 芷暄
  14. picture taken on today... Zhi Ling 芷伶: 等等...我還沒準備好... Zhi Xuen 我又要出去了!!! 芷暄: 這個笑容美吗?
  15. Hi ophelia, the suits is bought by my sister from kajang...it's Baby Gap...maybe u can find it at "Baby Gap"
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