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  1. You probably have the wedding gown; now it’s time to find their dresses — the ones your bridesmaids will wear. Your bridesmaids not just as your nearest friends but take an important role in your wedding. Bridesmaid dresses should complement your wedding color scheme and look in fashion! 
    ELEVENTH Gown Studio has been helping brides since Feb 2013. ELEVENTH is a brand wholly owned by Eleventh Collection (002204222-K) in Malaysia. This online gown studio providing competitive prices on assorted colors and styles of bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns. You shall found the perfect pieces here among their huge varieties and lovely bridesmaid dress colors for your dream wedding! 
    Official Website:
    Facebook Page:
    Check topic of Top 10 Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses to choose the suitable dresses for your girls!  
    Number 1. Mint
    This pale green shade is so hot right now on all ready-to-wear runways, and we think it’s a gorgeous choice for a wedding. Great teamed with gold and white this color doesn’t have to stop at the dresses.

    Number 2. Coral
    A fabulous color at beach weddings and its been seen all over red carpet venues this year making it a popular choice that translates perfectly down the aisle. A great shade for both summer and autumn wedding venues.

    Number 3. Emerald
    Pantone’s color of the year, and we couldn’t agree with them more. We love this flattering shade of green and will really stand out on your big day and most importantly on the photographs. Plus we think most maids would be rather happy having to sport this color.

    Number 4. Bright Purple
    A wedding color staple, purple is just as popular as ever, but we love this almost-neon shade, which helps spice things up a little. A great color in the height of summer.

     Number 5. Blush
    The palest of pinks makes a flattering and feminine bridesmaid dress color, which translates well at any wedding venue.

    Number 6. Dark Blue
    Remember Kate Middleton’s engagement dress? Well dress designers were clearly inspired by the dark blue hues, since this color has been seen everywhere in the last few years. We love its preppy style, which is flattering on so many skin tones, which works well for both casual and formal weddings.

    Number 7. White
    Yes, your bridesmaids can wear white! Once considered taboo, we predict that white bridesmaid dresses will remain popular throughout 2013 and into the following year. And don’t worry that your bridesmaids will be confused with the bride – as long as the bride styles her dress a little different, for example with a veil and long train, then there’s no worries about a mistaken bride.

    Number 8. Black
    There’s nothing chic than an LBD (Little Black Bridesmaid Dress). Not only does black look great on most skin tones, it’s also a wardrobe staple that your bridesmaids will wear again and again. To add a touch of femininity to an edgy black dress, look for dresses that incorporate another hot bridesmaid trend – lace.

    Number 9. Grey
    Many brides are incorporating grey in their color schemes – it has a lighter, less dramatic feel to black, and can match and blend with most color schemes. A great color for any season.

    Number 10. Beige 
    Pale neutrals are all the rage – we love the pairing of nude bridesmaid dresses with all-white bouquets. Just make sure all your maids are happy in this color to avoid unhappy maids.

    Get your Bridesmaid Dress, Evening Gowns and Wedding Accessories Online via ELEVENTH Gown Studio Malaysia at 
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  3. Looking for the perfect outfit for your bridesmaids/groomsmen, or a wedding favour for your guests? We're here to make your wedding planning process easier without breaking your bank!

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  4. Shoes are one of many women's weaknesses. And I would be lying if it wasn't one of mines as well. The urge to buy a new pair of cute heels on sale can be so irresistible for most woman and financially dangerous for their men. So for this week's tips, I've decided to share the fun side of saving up and giving those worn out shoes of yours a makeover. This can be another tip for brides on a budget and still achieve fantastic looks for themselves or their bridesmaid.

    Now here is all you need:-

    A pair of wearable heels of your choice
    Adhesive glue with glue gun / Fabric glue
    1/2 meter of plain colored stretchable lace of your choice / old brooches / fabric flower / buttons or any beads and colored stones.

    For this project I will be making a pair of bridesmaid shoes using a pair of my old high heels from Nose in fuchsia with plain black stretchable lace and a bottle of fabric glue. We start with cleaning the surface of the shoes with a damp cloth to make sure no dirt sticks to it. Then decide on how much to cover up the surface of the shoes with the lace. Since my shoes has seen its days, I will be covering up the entire shoes with the lace.

    As hot glue can be quite a mess and we would be working with a lot of fabric, I'll be using fabric glue instead as it is easy to work with and cleaning up any messes. Go ahead and glue bits by bits of the back part of the lace and align it slowly on the surface of the shoe before the glue dries up.

    All of the materials only cost me not more then RM30.00. and now I added a new look to my shoes, save money and space on new ones. Have a go with it and save up ladies.

    Email -
    Instagram - intimateaffairsevents
  5. Our dream is to offer you fairy-tale worthy yet affordable bridal gown/evening gown and also bridesmaid dress.

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  7. In album: DIY Wedding Deco

    18 images in this album
    portrait with our maids of honour and best man
    • Choose bridesmaids who are organized, dependable and, if possible, punctual.
    • Does your friend/sister/cousin try to steal the spotlight every time you go dancing? Avoid choosing her as a bridesmaid.
    • Remember that your wedding is not the all-consuming event for your bridesmaids as it is for you. Try to plan a monthly night out with the wedding party where the upcoming event is not discussed at all.

    • Do not complain, moan, or otherwise whine if the bridesmaid dress is not to your liking. No one will be looking at you.
    • Show up on time for showers, stagettes, and above all, the big day itself. The bride is nervous enough at the thought of yoking herself to another person for the rest of her life. Do not add stress to that.
    • If other bridesmaids are causing strife, deal with it amongst the group and keep the bride out of it.

    source : the, by Kate Allen
  9. Bridesmaid Dresses Size : S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Price : RM 79 - RM 109 Please visit for details or to place order.

  10. DIY Wedding Hanger for Bride and Groom (RM30 total)

    Elbow Length Wedding Veil (RM20)

    Cathedral Length Wedding Veil (RM50)
    - Comes with hair comb
    - 3m length, 1.5m wide, 2 layers

    Purple Bridesmaid Dress (RM60 each)
    - Have size S, S, M, L available

    Beige Bridesmaid Dress (RM60)
    - Only have 1x L size

    Elbow Length Wedding Veil (RM20)

    Cathedral Length Wedding Veil (RM50)
    - Comes with hair comb
    - 3m length, 1.5m wide, 2 layers

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