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  1. Hello,
    My name is Roman and I am a Mat-salleh from France.
    I currently live in New Zealand with my wife but next year (around June) we will back to Malaysia and start a photography business and we are looking for business partner.(see below)
    If you are looking for FREE advertisement please email us at:
    Do you own a Business and looking for FREE advertisement? We are the one that you are looking for...
    We are looking for Business partner related to Wedding at the moment (See below)

    - Bride & Groom (dress & Suit)
                 - Malay Wedding
                 - Indian Wedding

    - Professional DJ
    - Professional Videographer
    - Jewelry for rings, watch, necklace.
    - Wedding Cake
    - Floral
    - Rent a car
    - Catering
    - Make up artist
    - Hotels & Venues for the wedding

    and much more..


  2. Hello kawan-kawan,
    Ping me/PM me ... if interested to explore an easy to do part-time business opportunity.

    Low Start up Capital:
    > only RM 90

    Job Description:
    > Sales Referral and earn good commission.

    More Information:
    >Product: Will let you know the details if you reply to this with interest and give summary intro on your background.

    >But I can give you a sample analogy of how it works:
    If I am a car salesman and I sold you a car, I get commission on the car I sold to you. $YAY!$
    However In this business; what if I also sold you the petrol for your car and I can also make commission for life$double YAY!$ - think about it !

    This business is:
    . Legal
    . Easy to do and duplicate
    . Everyday can use product by all Malaysian, all ages as long as above 12
    . Good Commission
    . We don’t even have to meet up (maybe once to pass you the stuff)
    . Open to Legal Foreigners with Passport
    . Non-MLM
    . Unlimited income, our top sales guy is earning RM300K/month, still growing ...

    Let me know, lets grow together... TQ.


  3. Wants to achieve financial freedom and learn how to earn passive income?
    Proven opportunity to operate free retail business; Farmasi, organic shop, health and beauty outlet.
    We provide trainings and guides to all mentees to become successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

    A journey for a thousand miles begins with a single steps. PM me now!

  4. Shopping is the biggest thing in our daily life but now we have time constrain so Today many businessman spend their money on online business because online business is globalize their market so that merchant can think on the online market also. Many of the person does not have time to purchase the gift to the family so that time it's good idea to choose jewelry from the online template showroom and select the best one and its very easy and time saving so that many time its the best way to introduce your business online. And We made our shopping online in an effective way.
  5. Wanna to know the secret of Longevity?

    Wynlife RF3 (Reishi Fraction 3) is founded by the Acadamia Sinica, Taiwan by extraction a single fraction from Reishi so called RF3, the High Molecular Weight Fucose Containing Reishi Glycoproteins and Polysaccharides. This product has gained 6 US patent in anti tumor and modulating immune. Besides, it is a product for both health, beauty and longevity. With 7 steps of quality checks starting from raw materials to finished goods, this product does not carry any side effects to our body and it is SAFE to consume.

    If you wanna know more about it, please do not hesitate to contact me.