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  1. Cute honey jars.

    Perfect as favours for pre weddings or wedding favours.

    To find out more information, check out our FB page OR drop us an email at

  2. Get personal with your wedding favours.

    We can customise the design of the label, colour/pattern of the fabric plus the ribbons.

    If you any suggestions in mind to fill up the jars. Fret not! Just email us and we will try our best to fit into your request.

    Email us at or visit us at

  3. Kookies in a Bottle

    An adorable gift for your dear guest to bring home. Perfect for wedding/party favours! This lil bottle includes all the dry ingredients to whip up some crunchy, buttery and chocolatey cookies! Instructions included.

    Visit our page

    Or email us at

  4. Oh! Honey, bee mine!

    100ml honey-filled glass jar, decorated with peach-tone fabric, natural jute twine and small gift tag. Contact us for a look at a wide variety of fabric, gift tag and ribbon of your choice.

    Email us at


    Visit us at

  5. In album: Wedding favours and such

    5 images in this album
    A specially hand painted gift for your bridesmaids. Fill up the bag with goodies to pamper your lovely bridesmaids.