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  1. Hi brides and grooms to be, as I was helping my friend search for her ideal wedding venue, I discovered what a tedious and long process it was. It's really difficult to find a wedding banquet venue and obtain the accurate price quotes for her wedding. For example, if I want to find a pet friendly venue, the only way I can find out is to ask around forums, friends, or call up the venue! To find out the quality of food and service of the venue is also really tedious, we had to ask around and search through forums online. 
    Does anyone else feel the same?
    What were the all the problems and troubles you experienced when searching for your wedding venue?
    What were the questions you had or information you wanted of a wedding venue/package that you couldn't find online, and had to call up the venue or ask around? (so troublesome!)
    Were there any tips or hacks to make this process of finding the perfect wedding venue easier? 
    Please share!!! Thank you heaps!
  2. Hello Brides ,

    I am interested to get some feedback / review about the food & services of Royal Chulan Hotel, Damansara. I am thinking of having my chinese wedding dinner there.

    Thank you .
  3. Hi,

    I'm new here. Anyone planning for wedding in 2013? Any idea if price in 2013 differs much from current price as I see price list mostly for 2012.

    I have still not decided whether to go for restaurants or hotels. Don't know really want to stretch out the budget for hotel, or just settle with a nice looking restaurant.

  4. Which is better hilton KL in Stesen Central or doubletree by hilton in Jln Ampang.
    Am looking at which hotel provides good facilities and services.

  5. Hi was doing research about Guam island. But i was wondering if anyone could send me
    some websites that i could compare deals with it.

    Or it would be great if anyone can just send me some informations or tips for
    traveling to Guam perhaps.

    Thank you very much :D