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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all, We are pleased to inform that We've Moved our workshop in Subang to PJ SS2. In conjunction with this Grand Opening, we have offer various type of photo shoot packages that suit your needs. Two of our Promotion Packages that you NEVER want to Miss Out are: 1) Pre-wedding package starts at RM1xxx only!!! 2) Combo of Pre-wed + Actual Wed Shooting below market price!!! Offer Package for limited time only! Check out our Facebook Page: Anson Choi Photography https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anson-Choi-Photography/116090868474696 Thank you & Hope to See You Soon.
  2. I have recently signed up and paid full amount for pre-wedding photography at this bridal shop in ss2. I have to tell you, i totally regret my decision. I have limited time as my wedding date is near , so I just randomly chose one of the many bridal shops in SS2. First of all, their gown is limited and old fashion. I didn't have a choice as they did not allow me to view the studio when i first went there. They insists that i paid rm 2000 deposit. Thinking that i have limited time, so i paid. Still, they didnt allow me to view the studio but instead, took me upstairs to select gowns. So, the real day arrived where i finally had the chance to view the studio. My first impression was.....OMG, This is it? it is as small as a masterbed room. There were limited props. Next, the outdoor photoshoot. They were very unprofessional and take every shot in a hurry. As described, you can imagine how those photos turned up. I have collected my album recently and guess what, my friends think that my photos are outdated and not impressive at all for the amount of money i have paid. Every time when i visit the shop for further payment, they would insists that i pay extra. For example, artificial hand bouquets, photobook and etc. I think it is ridiculous as what comes out from their mouth is "PAY EXTRA" if you want this. I thought i didn't want to waste time searching for make up artist, so i selected their make up artist instead. they charged me RM 1600 for 3 make ups. 2 dinners and the actual day make up. When I ask if they will change my hairstyle each time i change gown, they told me, "PAY EXTRA RM 200" if you want. I was like, HUH? Didn't the amount they charge is included? Not only that, the make up artist keep complaining that my actual day ceremony is early and she has to wake up early. So now, how professional is this place. You can PM me if you would like to know which bridal shop is this in SS2. They claimed they don't participate in bridal fairs and they have almost 11 years experience. P/S: 1) 11 years experience and still does not improve 2) the so called special price they offered for photobooth , RM 1500 (which i can get lower elsewhere) 3) those "pay extra" if you want that really angers me 4) constant complain bout the time she has to arrive my house during the actual day make up 5) very unfriendly staffs 6) expensive and low quality products The total amount paid: RM 6500 Make up: RM 1600
  3. Ansonchoi Photography providing professional photography service for Pre-Wedding as well as Actual Wedding Photography. Apart from photography service, I do have shooting packages that fit individual needs. ROM, Portrait & Family, Pregnancy & New Born, Products & Events shooting are part of my profession too. Kindly email me your inquiry at: info@ansonchoiphotography.com ans8680@gmail.com Visit my portfolios at: FB page: Anson Choi Photography Call/Watsapp/SMS : +6012-6926 984 Anson Studio: SS2, Petaling Jaya.
  4. Hi BTBs, First of all, congratulations to you on starting on this new chapter of life. As like all of you, months ago, I was indecisive on which bridal shop to choose. I visited more than 10 shops in SS2 and Jalan Ipoh areas to choose this one in SS2 - Lasposa Bridal Shop. I read many reviews on this forum and I decided to contribute back by writing this review. I had a budget of not more than RM 4000 and was deciding between Precious and Lasposa. My FH is a professional photographer and knows when the photographer from the bridal shop has good photography skills while I, like many other BTBs, focus on the gowns the shops have. GTC in Jalan Ipoh has many bridal gowns. In fact, I think they own the most gowns! But none of them appealed to me because they were yellowish and looked old-fashion. The photography at Tom Collection in SS2 attracted my FH's. They also had one gown which had a very long train put on a manequin right in front in the store to attract BTBs. What put me off was the pushy sales assistant there. Now for me, I like to have the power of being able to choose. As a customer, I want to be able to also go to other shops and do my research. But this sales assistant was very pushy from the start and mentioned that I would not get the price she offered if I booked it on another day. She also didn't allow me upstairs to view the gowns they had but let me look at their collection through the iPad which I felt was very suspicious because I don't know if they are just pictures of gowns online! The sales assistant at Precious was also equally pushy and making me sign up their package on that day. But the gowns they had were quite nice. Until I met Daphne from Lasposa. Her marketing strategy was different from everyone else. Instead of asking me to sit down and discuss the price package they had, Daphne invited me upstairs to where they had their gowns. There was one gown which caught my attention and Daphne asked if I liked to try it on. Now, I know that is a good tactic because if someone tries on the gown and falls in love with it, there is no turning back! So I declined the very tempting offer. After looking at the gowns they had, she invited me to discuss the package they had and showed me the photo album samples. Well, the gowns attracted me and the photography skills attracted my FH. We sat there for a couple of hours negotiating the package. It was slightly more expensive than Precious but still within my budget. We tried very hard negotating for the best discounts and freebies and I was very impressed that Daphne told me to go home and think about it! The price will not change if I came back the next couple of days. So at home, we discussed and came back the next day to decide on selecting Lasposa. Even on that day, we could still negotiate the package. I have just taken my pre-wedding pictures and I love the pictures a lot. We chose Kwong as our photographer (apparently he's the best photographer and my FH loves his skills). The only problem we had was that it wasn't a particular sunny good day on the day we took our pictures in Putrajaya but my FH appreciates that every sky, blue or grey, has a story to tell. For my MUA, I had Eve. I initially wanted Candy because I read in this forum that Candy is the best MUA. Unfortunately, Candy was busy on my day. But I in fact I actually love Eve! It's not sour grapes that I didn't get Candy but during the time that Eve made up for me, Candy was making up for another bride next to me and I noticed that Candy wasn't friendly to her client at all. I think perhaps because she was more senior and experienced that she dared to talk back very sarcastically to the client. On the other hand, Eve and I had the best relationship ever the whole day. My FH also felt that Eve's skills matched equally to Candy's. He said that he didn't think that there is something that Candy could do that Eve couldn't. I am now waiting for my pictures to be photoshopped, graphically designed and printed. I have selected my gowns for the actual day in December. But so far, I have no problems with Lasposa at all. I will update my post again after my wedding to give a final verdict. I hope this helps you and thanks for reading!
  5. Hi all, would like to collect some opinion on BS pacakges. There is one big one coming up in Penang in April, Bripex i think... and most of the BS will be participating too. Will like to know if it would be good to wait till then to get a package or directly walk in. Bridal fairs are normally given at a flat rate, and will give you lots and lots of freebies. But walk in wise, was normally able to reuest more stuffs, especially first time walk in. Any opinions?
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