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Found 4 results

  1. More and more brides are opting to have a planner help them sort out the little details and programming for their wedding these days. Every bride seek to have a very personalized and unique wedding. And because of that, many are turning to 'professional' planner to help them plan their dream wedding...thinking that these planners will have more experienced and expertise. I just had my wedding 2 weeks ago...and had changed 2 planners in the course of the planning. Of course no one is perfect or can read your mind and do exactly as how you'd imagined your wedding to be, but if they can't even cover the basics properly, then i'd say fire the planner. Please DO NOT hire services from these two companies as they've been a complete letdown for me, with no signs of them wanting to improve their services: - Marry Factory (Sylvia and Louise) - The Wedding Project (Laverne) The first planner, which was Marry Factory, boasts about her portfolio and all the 'amazing' wedding she had planned but when it comes down to it, they were extremely inexperienced (even my caterer gives more input and advice!) and were at loss of what to do. Yes, they're organized and detailed but they lack ideas, input and vision. Also, the thing which really pissed me off about them is, they always have the vendors' interest at heart, not so much the bride( who's actually paying the fee!)! And their suggested vendors are more expensive than the ones i found on my own. Instead of them sharing contacts with me (because they were lazy to source and had no initiative, they took my contacts instead). We hired them for semi-planning thinking we've got our concepts and we needed help in realizing those, but in the end, I felt like I was the planner and she was the bride....because i'm always updating her on my plans and what i'm gonna do. Also, after hearing horror stories from another friend who hired them, I'm convinced i need to let them go. Apparently, they lost my friend's wedding album. Also, another thing that put me off, was that Sylvia was not honest with me, when i signed with them, i didn't know she was also planning her wedding (which was about 3 weeks apart from my wedding-- how is she gonna focus if she's got her OWN wedding to plan?!) How very unprofessional! The second planner, seemed more professional, but again, I was deceived. I signed with them because they promised extra services and convinced me that they've done wedding planning as a husband & wife team for many many years. Again, they seemed very organized and detailed, but one can only know how effective they are when it comes time for them to execute and carry out the work. Turns out, the 'hubs' weren't even in the industry, he's just a 'helper', so most of the time he's clueless and waiting for instructions from the wife. The 'wife' had signs of being a good planner, but what i felt so disappointed was she was extremely calculative with us. She kept reminding us what she can do, and what she won't do. I thought the whole point of being a planner is to help the bride and her family smoothen out the process and make everything as hassle-free as possible, not her. On the day of the wedding, the vendors still come to me for clarification and briefing. SHe complained to all my friends and family about her scope of work, saying she's not supposed to do this, or that, so i had to relieve her of some of her 'duties' thinking she' could focus more on other parts and do a better job. Yet she screwed up. She complained there's too much to do, and not enough people, so i got my friends and relatives to help out, the only thing she needs to do is to brief them, yet she screwed up. On the day of the wedding, she got an 'extra' helper to help, but turned out, the extra person is pregnant and clueless and unwilling to do much. And what was so ironic was, their service description and mission statement said "why let our friends and relatives do the planning for us, because they may not be experience and they should enjoy the wedding instead,...should hire professionals to ensure everything run smoothly during the wedding day..." But i felt so thankful i had my friends and relatives to save the day! I could go on and on....but you get my gist. So here are some tips: 1- Be careful who you choose. Usually you can't really tell from just one meeting with them. These initial meetings are where they'll do everything to impress you, but at the end of the day, it's what they can really do and how they do it. Their 'portfolios' usually don't mean much because they can easily 'steal' and claim others' credit as their work. 2- Look for problem solvers and planners who have great initiative (don't always wait for you to tell them what you want) Alot of times, these lousy planners will look at you and shrug their shoulders whenever there's problems. And they'll sneakily ask you what YOU want to do (so they can be free of any responsibility). Always asked them for solution/ alternatives and what they think-- that's what you're paying them for right? Their expertise and advice? 3- Don't pay everything upfront. Some will insist you pay the full amount just before your wedding. Check your contract and ask them to revise to what you're comfortable with. 4- Before you sign their agreement, add a few of your own so that it's fair. Usually vendor's contract are very lopsided, and only protects their own interests, not yours. 5- check their vibes, if they don't even give you good vibes to begin with, don't hire them. Work with someone you feel comfortable and can be yourself with. Don't forget, this person will have to know you to be able to plan your dream wedding for you. 6- Lastly, a good planner will always have your best interests at heart....and not trying to 'push' a certain vendor so they can earn commission. Make sure you're cc-ed in all emails. Hope all these helps in your planning. You can definitely cut these two companies out of your selection. Happy planning and wish you all the best in your marriage!
  2. Can someone please explain to me how to do a single status application while in South Africa, and not close to the Malaysian Embassy? Is there an online way to apply if a Malaysian is overseas? Or Is it possible for a close relative in Malaysia to apply on behalf of the Malaysian who is unable to come back to Malaysia to apply?
  3. I need help.. I actually deposit 50% at france and taipei for a 2999 package for 30poses its a not bad offer... but... just that their dress provided is not the type that I want.. i want a dress that look elegant, sweet and princess type with beads/floral and lace... france and taipei they have vip designer dress for rent from 400-1000++ its just a so so dress.. but if from RM1200-1600 their gown is quite nice.. its so expensive just rent only.. issit really that expensive?? Or im cheated?? I look through internet to buy a dress it only cost 150-250 us dollar its like super nice one.. convert to MYR its like RM450-RM750... and the dress will be mine... At first and when I look through france and taipei their picture attach outside the gown are just fine and quite nice.. however after I placed my deposit few weeks later then only I went to try thier gown.. I feel dissapointed becoz mostly their gown beads are gone and not really in good condition some are grey already maybe their gown are often being use.. :( im so sad.. issit all the bridal like this or? I really need advise.. which place has nice dress for rent and the price are affordable? And what shud I do to france and taipei? Or?? Im confused and sad.. I shudnt be too rush.. my wedding is still far far away next year end... I was too excited that day.. :( im sad now.. please help me..
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