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Found 13 results

  1. The 60s are BACK!! The good old days are BACK! Even better...THE WOLF IS BACK, BABY! Isn’t it great to go back to a time when things were better? And we are back to STAY with the following: 1) Enjoy your jumbo 75% - 95% discounts, and shop like there’s no tomorrow! 2) Yes, I’m back in MIECC with 193,000 square feet of GLORIOUS shopping space!! 3) Trolleys, trolleys EVERYWHERE! 4) Admission is FREE, just as it has always been! Save your kupang and dollars to buy new books instead! 5) YES, I have 3.5 million books AND a load of surprises in store! The good news doesn’t stop here...check out more details on www.bigbadwolfbooks.com! Make sure you SHARE this and TAG every person, every child, every single living creature...THE BIG BAD WOLF IS BACK!! AWOOOOOOOOO!!! ‪#‎BBWKL2015‬
  2. Where will spend your honeymoon in winter? I think most of the people prefer not to have their honeymoons in winter since it' very cold. However, a number of couples go to some similar places to spend the honeymoon, why not make some choices which are special and different from others? There are some destinations in China which are good enough to spend honeymoon: 1.Beijing. It is the capital of China, I think many people have heard it before. Beijing has a long long history, so that you can experience the culture there. In winter, all of Beijing becomes festive and full of activity, the streets, parks, and Great Wall turn into wonderlands of snow and frost with families out and about strolling and taking in the beautiful nature. During winter, it's less crowded than other seasons. You can have a good time there. 2.Sanya. If you don't like the cold weather, you can come to Sanya to enjoy the sunshine on the beach freely. The weather is good. 3.Xiling Snow Mountain. It is a national scenic resort which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Xiling Snow Mountain is an ideal destination for your winter break in south China. If you are fond of skiing, it may be a good choice for you. 4.Harbin. The most famous activity in winter there is Harbin Ice Festival, also known as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival which is listed as the top 4 ice and snow festivals in the world. It begins from January 5 to February 25 every year. You can enjoy the ice and snow world, international snow sculpture art expo, ice lantern art fair, winter swimming watching, ice hotels, dog sledding or safari-style Siberian tigers watching. Come and have fun! 5.Yunnan. It has a warm winter and brings to you the ethnic culture & custom, traditional villages, old towns, vernacular dwellings, primitive forests, the charming snow mountains and the hauntingly beautiful monasteries and temples. All is amazing in Yunnan. That's the best destinations for winter honeymoons I want to show you. If anyone has some better destinations for a winter honeymoon, please kindly show us. Thank you.
  3. I'm thinking of having a destination wedding in Bali - has anyone else had a wedding there, or are planning to have a wedding there? We have not yet started on our planning, but I would really love to have my wedding at one of the beach front villas. I'd love to get ideas or comments about the wedding setup, decorations, wedding planners that you've heard about or had experiences with! (oh, we're thinking of doing our honeymoon there too. If you have any tips on selecting honeymoon villas in Bali (preferably in the South, or in Canggu) I'd love to hear from you!)
  4. I just knot married, ready to immediately go on their honeymoon. Tangled for a long time, but finally decided to go to Thailand to play and LG, but we've less to travel, but also never been abroad, so it is a loss, do not know what to pay attention to it?
  5. I think best place for honeymoon always be a cool place so i think Switzerland is the best place of honey moon. If you visit that place you would loved this.
  6. Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & SPA, also known as Sepang Gold Coast. A luxurious 5 star water villa, perfect for a honeymoon. Normal Agoda price of RM700/room, you can get it for RM 350 including all tax and service charges! Do hop over to http://goldenpalmtreediscounts.blogspot.com/ for further details!
  7. Setia Eco Park, the land of sublime parks and spectacular gardens, is now the new destination for wedding photography. Romantic and exotic, revel in the beauty of this magnificent landscape and leave an indelible mark on the first chapter of your lives together. Newlywed couples who purchase a dream home will be entitled for the following * Honeymoon trip to Bali – 4D3N for 2 person with economy air ticket at 5 star luxury accommodation * Couple’s wedding ring – a pair of couple’s wedding ring up to RM 10,000 from Diamond & Platinum * Pre-wedding Photography – RM5,000 pre-wedding photography valid only from participating bridal boutiques. * A chilled bottle of Champagne will be served during the photography session * Setia Financing Package – Free legal fees and stamp duty on SPA, DMC & loan document, free interest until vacant possession, MOT & RM100,000 furnishing cost * Down Payment Rebate – 3% rebate on the first 10% down payment * Special Wedding Package Rate at Setia City Convention Centre Call 03 3343 2228 to capture your most precious moment @ Setia Eco Park - the Largest Private Garden in Malaysia!
  8. Hi All, My HTB and I have signed a photography package with Photo Factory Bali, a reputable photography firm in Bali and recognized in numerous international publications (i.e. Style Weddings Singapore, Brides USA, Bride to be Australia etc etc). Windee, the founder, is the only Indonesian photographer appointed to enter The Artistic Guild. However, we have decided to have our photos taken in Taiwan and will be using a local photographer in Taiwan instead. We have paid a deposit in the sum of S$ 2,300 and we are willing to let it go at a discount. We are open to negotiations too! You need not purchase the same package as us. Feel free to choose the package of your choice and top - up if necessary (i.e. like vouchers). We also qualify for a Valentine's Day promo (do pm me to find out more) You may check them out at http://photofactorybali.com/ PhotoFactory's photography is really beautiful. They also offer Videography services. Their packages are really convenient as well as it includes transport, make up artist, hair do, gowns and tuxedo. Do PM me if you're interested or email me at jazrylsim7@gmail.com. Cheers, Jaz
  9. Hi guys, Which island is the best for honeymoon? Redang or Perhentian? We're looking for quiet place and romantic beach with spa facilities.. Planning to stay for 3 or 4 days there..
  10. Hi was doing research about Guam island. But i was wondering if anyone could send me some websites that i could compare deals with it. Or it would be great if anyone can just send me some informations or tips for traveling to Guam perhaps. Thank you very much :D
  11. After wedding which placed i have to choose. I visit many of the placed but still confused towards the honeymoon trip there having lots of option like Malaysia, Switzerland, Singapore , Thailand, Paris etc so which placed needs to be choose.
  12. Dear all, If you are looking for an airlines to fly you to your honeymoon destination, don't choose Malaysia Airlines! Why? The airlines LOST MY LUGGAGE on a business trip and it's been 3 weeks and I have still no idea what happened to it! Can you imagine yourself and your beloved husband or wife on what's supposed to be the most romantic vacation to celebrate your love without any of your necessities- clothes, toiletries, cosmetics, undergarments, shoes, cherished items, gifts, cosmetics, accessories and other things you need to travel and have a good time with? I travelled with MAS from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and had to survive 3 days 2 nights with important business meetings without my necessities! MAS did not even give me any updates throughout my stay. The Lost & Found at Changi was unfriendly and unsympathetic. They told me per MAS policy, I could only purchase anything after midnight. It has been almost 3 weeks since I lost my bag. MAS absolutely refuse to compensate more than 20USD/kg of lost luggage. My bag was 9 kg and they only want to compensate USD 180! The items in my luggage cost >RM5000! In fact, initially they told me that the allowance for 3 days 2 nights in Singapore was USD 60! After fighting long and hard, they finally agreed to REIMBURSE the clothes and toiletries I HAD TO BUY BECAUSE I HAD NOTHING EXCEPT MY LAPTOP AND THE CLOTHES I WORE ON THE FLIGHT (amounting to SGD 1913.13, with ITEMIZED RECEIPTS to which I HAVE NOT ACCEPTED a single SGD cent because I DO NOT AGREE ON THE PUNY COMPENSATION TERMS) for my stay in Singapore. Reimbursement for expenses incurred because of my lost luggage during my business trip (that I would have gladly received my luggage safely and NOT SPENT!) is different from compensation! I am very upset! Their customer care sucks! It is so hard to get through to them on the helpline and they only took notice when I posted on their Facebook wall! And guess what? One of their stupid corporate heads- Head of Social Media and Innovation, accidentally CCed me in a email saying "She bash us again!" Stupid and bad grammer! He also subsequently emailed me 5 days later to "apologize" and to plead with me to remove the link! Such an insipid idiot! He is the Head of Social Media and he does not even understand the basic rules of Social Media! Why does MAS Hire such incompetant fools! I started a forum topic on Lowyat under Tavel and Living- Topic "Malaysia Airlines Sucks!" and MAS purposely spmamed it until the moderators had to close it! Such dirty tactics! Don't you know that social media will just find another forum?! The more you quash it, the more people know you have things to hide. You can go to my Facebook page where I believe the links to images of the emails from the MAS's head of Social Media that I posted on 9GAG are to see for yourselves. If not PM me, and I will gladly share it with you. If you feel I have a just cause, please help me share this story on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any other forum and share how MAS is such a JOKE OF A COMPANY! No wonder it is bleeding money out of every hole! Please help me make Malaysia Airlines a company we Malaysians can be proud of and not the national laughingstock it is now! Thank you for your time and I wish you all much happiness and love in your marriages. Sincerely, Celynn Lim
  13. Hi everyone at Malaysia Brides, Happy New Year 2012, Wishing you Good Health, Wealth and Travels for this year! Anyway, I wanted to inform you that I am running another interesting online travel contest to welcome the year of the Dragon 2012. Have you ever wanted to visit Japan? Read on; Win 4 x All Expense Paid 6 Day Trip to Japan with AirAsia X This easy and fun 'submit-an-X-pic' contest is open to everyone in Malaysia and Asia Pacific where 4 winners will be selected to visit Tokyo and Osaka, Japan for 6 days with everything paid for. How awesome is that! One of the most expensive countries in the world. By the way, I will also go with the 4 winners to Japan. Contest Date: 7th Jan - 5th Feb 2012 Link: Travel Contest 2012 - Win 4 All Expense Paid Tickets to Japan I hope most of you can join in this contest and wishing you the best of luck! Remember, the 4 most creative photo of anything resembling "X" will be selected. (No x-husband, x-bf pics) Appreciate it very much and wishing all of you a wonderful week and year ahead.
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