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Found 11 results

  1. I am letting go my Keep Gallery Studio Wedding Package (Kuching Branch) worth RM3999 as our initial intention is to go abroad to take photoshoot but due to the current covid situation, we are unable to go abroad thus we would like to let go our package. We have paid RM2750 as deposit and as for the remaining amount RM1249, interested couple can make the balance payment at Keep Gallery (Kuching Branch). We are looking to let go our deposit of RM2750 for just RM2400 (saving of RM350). Interested couple can contact me here so we can arrange to drop by Keep Gallery (Kuching Branch) together to make the transfer of name. For your information, interested couple can discuss directly with Keep Gallery on your requirement. Note that this wedding package is for those interested in Keep Gallery Kuching Photoshoot.
  2. Hello BTB Malaysia, My wedding reception just over last week. Wish to let go some of the items. For those who stay at Kuching and Samarahan, Sarawak, meet up can be arranged to see items. Those gowns and accessories was carefully selected and they look much gorgeous in real. Sorry for poor quality of the photo, as they are raw and unedited. Those interested, no matter you are from eat or west Malaysia, feel free to contact me at yeosiewchin@yahoo.com. I seldom log in to this forum so better to PM me. Oh yea... I am 165cm tall and weight 55kg to fit them well. There are rooms for alteration for all the dresses. The white gown with heavy bead works at front and upper half at the back. Mermaid cutting at floor length. Comfortable when wearing it. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5284-white-gown-close-view/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5283-white-gown-back-view/ This garden white gown suitable for shooting and also as bridesmaid dress. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5286-garden-white-garden-full-view/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5285-garden-white-gown/ My red sexy dinner wear. I bought it at HK. With short trail and split at front. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5287-dinner-gown-close-view/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5289-dinner-gown-close-view/ Jewelley Set. You hardly can find at other places. So gross that can whoo the guests. White for morning ceremony and red for reception dinner. Enclosed the photos to show the effect of the costume jewellery for reference. Again, photos are raw and unedited at all. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5290-costume-jewellery-set-white/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5291-costume-jewellery-set-red/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5293-full-set-with-jel-white/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5292-full-set-with-jel-red/ There are few items left like veils, deco etc. Feel free to PM me yea. Thank you very much. Regards,
  3. Hello everyone! I'm from Kuching and currently looking for an outdoor wedding venue for my ROM/ reception in Kuching. My wedding will be next year (2016). I'd truly appreciate if you could suggest any suitable wedding venues (outdoor), e.g. by the pool, garden, field, garden hotel/ restaurant for around 25 tables. Hope someone would reply to this post. Thanks in advanceee!
  4. Hi all, this is my first post after lurking in here for so long, but I have been very angry with KTS Garden Kuching. So for anyone who is planning a wedding in Kuching, please do take note of the following. What happened was that we had indicated interest to KTS Garden since December, and each correspondence to them took them one week to either reply with an email or phonecall. On our end, we have to admit that we didn't rush them too much as well, as the discussion indicated that we would pretty much be able to get the venue. On Monday, 7 January, we received the email from their coordinator indicating that she would be happy to meet us to discuss the finer details of our package (garden ROM and the dinner banquet). On Tuesday 8 January, we received an abrupt email saying that the date that we want has been booked by someone else and they would be happy to give us a "special package" if we change our date. No phonecall at all to tell us that "hey, someone else is interested, please put down a deposit." Just those 5-6 lines in the email. So my fiance gave the coordinator a call, only to find out that another couple had approached the Datin (basically the lady boss) directly, who then bypassed the coordinator (her daughter) to place the booking and deposit. Granted that we had not paid a deposit, but the least that they could have done would have been to give us a courtesy phonecall. Nada. ZILCH. Plus they had not even once asked us to secure the blocking of the date with a deposit. Naturally I shot them an angry email recounting our disappointment that we did not even have the chance to talk through the package, was rudely shoved away, and asked to change the wedding date. There is no reason why we should change our plans because of their internal inefficiency and zero professionalism. We had personal connections too but chose not to do that because we respected the new establishment for their official channels. The coordinator then followed up to try to persuade us to take up their venue for morning ROM and wedding lunch, promising to give us things such as tentage and "time until 2-3pm". Which again, to me, is utter crap. To expect us to do our ROM under the noon sun - the tentage would only be the basic of the basics that should be provided. And half of our guests are flying into Kuching for the wedding - we are not going to subject them to a hurried wedding luncheon. That would be their only impression of Kuching. I know it is not the coordinator's fault but in any case, this is caused by their own internal inefficiency that does not seem to be subsiding anytime soon. Right now, we are left with no wedding banquet venue (we are not changing the date because the family took a lot of pains to get the date for us) and are scrambling. Granted, we should have blocked the date at other places but we did not because we were about to confirm everything with KTS Garden. In short, this incident has shown me (and I have conveyed the exact same thing in my email to them) that for future dealings with KTS Garden, the official channel is not the way to go. You can go through proper channels but if someone else with connections is given the go ahead to bypass you, they will do so, and will expect you to compromise. And yes, I'd greatly appreciate any suggestion for a dinner banquet venue in Kuching. Right now we are only left with Grand Margherita and Damai Puri Resort. The former I am not keen on because for the very superficial reason that it does not look that good; the latter my future in-laws are not keen on cos it might be difficult for the elderly folk to reach there. I am really not a bride-zilla (like, seriously, my wedding is 9 months away and my dress is still being sketched, I am not doing pre-wedding pictures and gawd I don't even want to do the whole dress-changing thing during the banquet) - but my fiance and I were looking forward to organising a relaxed, fun-filled weekend for our guests. For me, it is a rude sampler as to what Kuching life is going to be like, as I am moving there after growing up in Peninsular Malaysia and having lived in Singapore for 11 years. I shouldn't be generalising, but really, all it would have taken would be that ONE PHONECALL.
  5. Hi All, My FI and I live in NZ, and we are looking to have our wedding reception in both Penang and Kuching next year. Just looking for tips on where to start - venue, pre wedding photography, make up, etc. Can anyone help with a checklist of what we have to consider and recommendation from your experience? Thank you!
  6. Hi there.. who want transfer France and Taipei in kuching package its a RM2999 package.. I deposited rm1500 already if u want I can transfer to u.. u just pay to me rm1100. I personally discount RM400 to anyone who is interested pm me mlky9290@gmail.com Thanks. Which mean ur package only cost 2599 its a 7gowns (3wedding gown&2dinner wear)+2 traditional costume got japanese, korean, chinese and lot more. Include 30poses photo. The SA promise me if dowan 2 traditional costume can change into 1 dinner gown and 1traditional costume :) Which means 3 wedding gown 3 dinner gown and 1 traditional costume. Package include 2 Outdoor U can go to F&T to take a look at their dress if u find suitable one then u pm me thanks! :))
  7. Hi there.. who want transfer France and Taipei in kuching package its a RM2999 package.. I deposited rm1500 already if u want I can transfer to u.. u just pay to me rm1000. I personally discount RM400 to anyone who is interested pm me mlky9290@gmail.com Thanks. Which mean ur package only cost 2599 its a 7gowns (3wedding gown&2dinner wear)+2 traditional costume got japanese, korean, chinese and lot more. Include 30poses photo. 2outdoor U can go to F&T to take a look at their dress if u find suitable one then u pm me thanks! :))
  8. I need help.. I actually deposit 50% at france and taipei for a 2999 package for 30poses its a not bad offer... but... just that their dress provided is not the type that I want.. i want a dress that look elegant, sweet and princess type with beads/floral and lace... france and taipei they have vip designer dress for rent from 400-1000++ its just a so so dress.. but if from RM1200-1600 their gown is quite nice.. its so expensive just rent only.. issit really that expensive?? Or im cheated?? I look through internet to buy a dress it only cost 150-250 us dollar its like super nice one.. convert to MYR its like RM450-RM750... and the dress will be mine... At first and when I look through france and taipei their picture attach outside the gown are just fine and quite nice.. however after I placed my deposit few weeks later then only I went to try thier gown.. I feel dissapointed becoz mostly their gown beads are gone and not really in good condition some are grey already maybe their gown are often being use.. :( im so sad.. issit all the bridal like this or? I really need advise.. which place has nice dress for rent and the price are affordable? And what shud I do to france and taipei? Or?? Im confused and sad.. I shudnt be too rush.. my wedding is still far far away next year end... I was too excited that day.. :( im sad now.. please help me..
  9. We are Kuching's 1st Dedicated Groupbuying eCommerce site. We source the best deal in Kuching at 50% to 90% discount! Visit www.kuchingdeals.com and "Like" us at https://www.facebook.com/Kuching.Deals for discussions and the latest updates. Businesses /Merchants: We are looking for Partner Merchants in Kuching. Merchants interested to feature their Products and Services on Kuching Deals, please contact us at customerservice@kossle.com Customers: Visit www.kuchingdeals.com and "Like" us Kuching Deals at https://www.facebook.com/Kuching.Deals for discussions and the latest updates. Kuching Deals www.kuchingdeals.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kuching.Deals Email: customerservice@kossle.com
  10. Hello, my partner and I will be having our wedding banquet in May this year. A lot to plan in such a short time.
  11. Hi guys, Is there any recommendation for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Kuching? Me and my partner is always away from Kuching but we are thinking of going back to do our pre-wedding photoshoot. As a matter of fact, we have no ideas which studios would be best. Which studio has the most flattering gowns and to choose, hehe? (*^o^*) Any advices are welcome. Thanks so much!
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