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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a make up artist + hair for a wedding in Penang and am not sure who to engage. I've actually emailed quite a few but not everyone replies. I will be coming from KL, so I'm thought of hiring one from KL (like Remy Ngan or Angie Ng or any other suggestions?) as it will be easier to do trials beforehand. However, some have VERY high outstation surcharge so I'm also trying to find someone locally in Penang. I don't live in KL at the moment so unfortunately won't be able to go for trials before booking and will have to depend on recommendations, so any input is much appreciated - I am looking for not-stiff looking hair and natural make up. Thanks! :)
  2. Hi i'm Misie, a freelance MUA, if anyone looking for budgeted or freelance MUA, kindly contact me @‌ 010-7668065. Available within Klang Valley. Thanks.
  3. As i was browsing through a list of mua, one in particular, caught my eye We began communicating and even from the very beginning she wasn't friendly. I look pass beyond that because i look for professionalism from my mua as my wedding will be outside of klang valley, i agreed to the fact that she marked up her price from 1k++ to 2k++ per make up next is on her accommodation and plane tickets. The costs of course will be taken care by the client. she requested for her to bill me on her accommodation and flight tickets and of course i couldn't agree to the term. For all i know she could stay at a 5 star hotel and flying on a first class flight. So i gave her 2 options: either i purchase them for her or i'd give her my budget. She chose the first option at that point of time, i promised to pay her deposit comes the weekdays, but i went on to purchase her flight tickets (inclusive of 20kg free baggage) first as i thought we have a mutual understanding. Upon her receiving the itinerary of her flight, thats when the trouble comes in i guess shes not happy that im putting her on coach flights. She started on requesting for at least X star hotel or a budget: she will top up herself if its more than my budget. i was planning to give her the x star hotel without her even asking. Little did she know that i actually paid for her hotel room already, but out of good will, i gave her my budget. I told her my event will be a 2-day affair and i am willing to pay accommodation for 3 days 2 nights stay she went on and said doesnt matter when my event will be that she requested for me to cover her 4 days 3 nights accommodation. Again, i agreed to her terms and increase my budget accordingly she was still not happy and requested for me to increase my budget to a wholesome of rm200 from what im willing to pay. I said its ok, and meet in between of the budget she requested and i agreed to increase just another rm100 that's when she told me off and ask me to find another mua that can fit my budget. Real rude and very unappreciative. What i would describe her is definitely what we call 'sombong' or bitchy for that matter. Then i said it nicely to her to forget the whole deal the way she handles the situation really made her a very not professional person. I actually cried the entire night thinking of how rude she treated me and that she made me feel so low that as if i can't afford to have a good mua for my reception. I was stupid enough to try and accommodate her even though it should be otherwise i was thinking and analyzing what were mine and her mistakes while we negotiate on the terms or her service: 1. She did not mention her budget for accommodation and flight tickets. If she is such a diva, then please state in her quotation that she will only fly on MAS or stay at a 5-star hotel for an example. If she would have done so, i would immediately know that she is out of my range. That is her biggest mistake. 2. Very bad attitude. She didn't even say thank you when i purchased her the tickets. She didn't even say sorry when things didnt work out. She have zero courtesy and im guessing that she will not be an easy person to deal with if say, in the future i were to tell her to change the makeup she put on or something along the way. People have feelings, if you dont have a customer, you wont even get any income. Is that how you treat a customer? 3. In my defense as a customer, i would say you are freaking working. It is not a holiday. why should you demand to stay at a nice place and an expensive plane ticket? Im not downgrading her or being sticky coz even for myself i would fly cheap and stay at a cheap place. What i would give her is much better than how i would treat my ownself. I dont think that is called sticky. No ordinary company would let their employee fly expensive flights and stay at 5 star hotel unless an MNC for which i am not. Wouldnt you agree?like i said should have mentioned that in her initital quotation i hope this serves an example to all. Please don't ever hire or even think about using this mua. You don't have to go through my experience of feeling so low about yourself. You don't deserve to be treated by someone like that. Someone you are paying a much more than a dime for. If you were to say i'm sticky, mind you that, the total cost spent if i were to use her would be a whooping of rm6k++, which is definitely over priced. Don't ever hire this mua: instagram: nvdism nvdism = nadi ismail email address: nvdism86@gmail.com i would gladly show her emails to anyone who request for it. on the other hand i am super thankful that this happened in the beginning of my selection process..i wouldnt want to pay a mua like that and that they are other mua who can do a much better job
  4. Hi, I'm looking for budget MUA: Location: Subang Jaya / USJ area Date: 10 oct 2015 Bridal: 2 sessions (hair and makeup) Mother and sister: 1 session only (hair and makeup or just makeup) As I am under budget (especially for the bridal one), please let me know the best price (with your website/facebook if possible). Thanks.
  5. I am a freelance professional make up artist specialising in make up for pre-wedding, bridal actual day (day/night), bridesmaids, events, and special occasions. Trials can be organised as well,PM me for pricing #Joey 011-26360362
  6. I'm Asindis, a professional makeup artist for wedding specialized in bride grooming, providing natural and elegant make up & hair styling for actual wedding day, pre-wedding photo shoots, registration of marriage, bridesmaids, dinner and events. We do provide our service in Klang and KL based, however we do provide the services for outstation too. Do contact me for further information. You can reach me at : 016-255 7117 or wechat: asindis1123 Thank you.
  7. I'm Asindis, a professional makeup artist for wedding specialized in bride grooming, providing natural and elegant make up & hair styling for actual wedding day, pre-wedding photo shoots, registration of marriage, bridesmaids, dinner and events. We do provide our service in Klang and KL based, however we do provide the services for outstation too. Do contact me for further information. You can reach me at : 016-255 7117 or wechat: asindis1123 Thank you.
  8. I'm Asindis, a professional makeup artist for wedding specialized in bride grooming, providing natural and elegant make up & hair styling for actual wedding day, pre-wedding photo shoots, registration of marriage, bridesmaids, dinner and events. We do provide our service in Klang and KL based, however we do provide the services for outstation too. Do contact me for further information. You can reach me at : 016-255 7117 or wechat: asindis1123 Thank you.
  9. I was just thinking of a MORE attractive headline to get everyone's attention. Ladies & Gentleman, I have my bridal make up by Henson , he is the BEST, you can get his FB contact ( I've uploaded the image for everyone's reference) It's hard to find a make up artist like this, who has so much talent and he is very quick as well, so if you have 3 styles for dinner, you can put your trust in him. He can help you change and achieve the look and get everyone looking at you! Henson can do Highlight and Contouring which I find a lot of make up artist still hasn't apply that type of look. No regret, seriously , get him!! Thanks!!!!
  10. Hi, We are local based bridal make up studio and our Chief make up artist - KF Bong is a well known professional make up artist in Malaysia. With a witty sense and sensational touch combine with exquisite taste no qualm denotes KF BONG first impression to all.Since the art work of "Millenium Women" that help to gain him Championship in 2007/2008 Shu Uemura Make-up Competition.KF Bong never cease to wow the crowd with his inborn talents, intuitive towards the trend and proficient make up skills. As a regular backstage figure in Fashion, Beauty and TV industry, Kf bong has vastly nourished though work from mainstream brands, publication and media. Although, he had rooted in the profession but he still get anxious trying to strive better, for the earnestly believes "sky is the limit and beyond boundary is meant to be break". With his profession in beauty industry for more than 10 years, he is working closely with several well known beauty brands such as : Dior Chanel Givenchy Shiseido NARS M.A.C Shu Uemura Bobbi Brown Estée Lauder and etc. Furthermore, KF Bong also working with major local and international magazines such as : EH! GLAM GLAM Lelaki August Man JMEN Jessica NUYOU Esquire Style Marie Claire Harpers' Bazaar Citta Bella Cosmopolitan Female Newtide Men's Health Herworld Intrend Lisa Travel Conde Nast China and etc. Last but not least, KF Bong was horned to be one of the beauty award judges for Herworld, 女人我最大, Queen, Mina & Vivi magazines. Contact us now to get our professional advises and attractive package to fit with your fantastic bridal make-up. email : bridalmakeoverstudio@hotmail.com facebook : https://www.facebook...lmakeoverstudio website : http://bridalmakeoverstud.wix.com/bridalmakeoverstudio
  11. There's a new bridal studio in town! Details as of below. Location: Scott Garden (by appointment only - please call before you come) Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/Treasurous (pictures will upload at fb account very soon) contact number: 012-368 3330 (Meng Yin) Product & Services: - wedding gown/ dress - evening dress - custom make dresses - bridal makeup - pre-wedding & actual day photography and videography - wedding planning - and wedding props
  12. Hi,i provide many types of makeup with affordable price.. Makeup & Hair Do Service For : Personal Makeup Course Image Styling Course (Brand New You & Train The Trainer) Bridal, Bridesmaid & Bride's Family Registration of Marriage (ROM) & Engagement Personal Makeup & Hair Do Dinner, Prom, Party, Graduation, Photoshoot, & etc For inquiry, kindly leave your message here, email, sms or call me, i will reply you as soon as possible! thank you! FB page: www.fashionpalettes.com email: fashionpalettes@gmail.com Tel: 011-11880900 Thanks :) Shan
  13. Hi,i provide many types of makeup with affordable price.. For more details,please pm me ya..Thanks.. please visit my fb page... Thanks https://www.facebook.com/jennywmakeup
  14. Hi Dears, Due to some personal reason,i'm letting go my MUA package. She is a popular MUA and she creat a natural look. Somehow she is hardly book.Anyone who interested can let me know and reserve your date with her ASAP. The package includeds ~1 morning session ~1 dinner session ~1 FOC normal make up (for sister/family or anyone) Free ampoulse ,false eye lashes,hair accesories Since im letting go the package,the Price is negotiable. Anyone who interested can text me or email me at ylden6@gmail.com.1st come 1st serve basic. Thanks :)
  15. Hi, has anyone tried Chui Ling from dressup image gallery as MUA? Any feedback?
  16. Hi, I'm looking for a MUA in Melaka. Wedding will be held next. Anyone with contacts / portfolio, can you kindly email bu_wai82@yahoo.com
  17. sharon chia

    bridal makeup

    From the album: bridal makeup

    Korea style to look more beautiful and elegant with a simple makeup style... Korean makeup style is natural white and clean,no exception hair styling and make up. pls login http://sharonchiamakeup.weebly.com
  18. From the album: bridal makeup

    Korea style to look more beautiful and elegant with a simple makeup style... Korean makeup style is natural white and clean,no exception hair styling and make up. pls login http://sharonchiamakeup.weebly.com
  19. Hi everyone.. I am a student from Universiti Malaya doing research on Makeup Artists marketing using Facebook for my degree.. Need urgent help to fill in my questionnaire please.. Only 5 minutes, can do it from your laptop, tablet or smart phones. English Version please click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BIF0tPpMGz...4F_AT4/viewform Malay Version please click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EIhD2k3Jrw...DcaOgs/viewform I need all the makeup artists in Malaysia to fill in. If you are not a makeup artist, but know someone who is, please extend the links to them. I really appreciate it! Thank you very much!! Pip
  20. First of all, a BIG thank you to Carmen who make me a gorgeous bride on my wedding day. She help me to make up for 3 of my reception dinner and of course wedding actual day. A lot of my guests ask for her contact from me.. In the first wedding reception, she make me a more natural look make up and western style hairdo. i love the braid hairstyle, simple yet elegant. All my friends from local or oversea guai lou love my make up and hairdo. On my actual day, we start make up at 4.30am. and she is so punctual, she reach my house at 4.25am, before i am ready. my skin was in a very bad condition that day due to not enough sleep, tired as all the brides do.. my skin is dull, and my dark cycle is pretty serious. at first i was very worried, but after 2 hours Ta~ Da~ no more sleepy bride and i am a fresh, and beautiful after her make up. :p i love the nude make up base, brighten up my skin perfectly! She also help to touch up again before i step in my hubby's house. i can always notice a girl check me from far, touch up my lipstick, tidy up my hair, my veil, and my gown.. she is a very sweet and kind MUA. In the evening, i told her i want to be a princess (hahaha). she put a wig on top to make my face slimmer, with big romantic curl at the side and a princess tiara.. it match my dream gown (princess can-can gown) perfectly.. she also borrow me a very long lace veil, she make me truly like a princess that night! at the make up side, she make my eye bigger in the evening, smoky eye but clean and fresh.. i march in with full of confident and it was so sweet to be a once a life time princess.. haha.. She took about 20 minutes to change my hairstyle and make up for second march in which i think its pretty fast. a low bun with red roses with red color lipstick to match with my red and black cheongsum. She gave me a lot of advices on hair style and make up to match my chubby face. She is very professional, patience and kind. I am so glad to have her as my MUA with professional service and reasonable price. =) Thank you Carmen! check out her profile http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carmen-Bridal-Makeup/158880314177028?ref=ts&fref=ts http://www.carmenmakeup.com
  21. Hi All, Thanks for the information by everyone in the forum, I have been reading and learning a lot from the forum in the past few months and am an excited bride to be with AD on 19th January 2013 I have finalised most of the major stuff for my wedding and will be providing reviews on each of them once I have completed my wedding in January, sharing my first hand, and overall experience on the service and products received. I am now looking for Make-up & Hair-do for 19th January (Half day), and 20th (Dinner), if you are an experience MUA or have contact for a really good Make up Artist, would appreciate if you can share the details with me Thanks a million Confirmed Vendors: Wedding Banquet: Saujana Subang Live Band: Kaho Music Bridal Shop: Anovia Bridal Penang Wedding Dinner Photography: Jim Liaw Photography Make-up & Hair-do: Looking for good provider AD Photography: Looking for good provider
  22. Hi, anyone engaged with Aimakeup by Yen before? I like her styles, just want to seeks others comments before confirm her. Thanks. P/S: as I know there are a few MUA name Yen... This is neither Chew Yen nor Yen makeup.
  23. I am writing to give my highest recommendation to Suki Ng, who I engaged to do my hair and makeup for my wedding recently. She is a wonderful MUA, excelling in both areas of makeup and hair. For the morning session, she gave me a natural look, innocent rounded eyes and a big elegant up do with a realistic fake bun. Real large faced orchids were pinned into the hair. She pinned my 3 tier veil into the back of the bun so securely that even when it was caught in the door and pulled at, it held extremely well. For the evening session she gave me a truly glamorous look, sexy eyes and teased the top of my hair into a grand voluminous puff with the back hair let down. She placed a crystal head band on top of it. She did fabulous contouring of my face to enhance my features. This shows that she is able to be diverse, and able to use props/accessories she is not familiar with (I chose to use my own crystal head piece, eyelashes for evening, and orchids but she has beautiful accessories, and she saw my veil during trial but we chose not to pin it the same way as in the trial). I really, really hope that she is happy with the work she did for me and that it added to her portfolio. She is punctual, dedicated to her work and caring to the client. The majority of woman feels insecure about one or two features on her face, and I am no different. She listened carefully to my comments and applied makeup to reduce or add to those features, especially in the evening where the lighting allows you to wear heavier makeup. I was extremely delighted at the end result. I got a lot of praises from various guests (no, they weren’t just being polite)- some who do a lot of entertainment in their business – so they would have seen a lot of makeup work! She had a seat amongst my friends – no, not just an empty chair, that table had 11 people. Please go to her website www.suki-makeup.com or add her on Facebook to look at her work and email her for her package. I had a trial (reclaimable when you book her for actual day) and AD 1 morning and 1 evening session. For all her talent, I say that she’s cheap at twice the price. RATING: 10/10 full marks with bonus prizes! Congratulations on your marriage and all the best in your wedding, Chew Yee Su Chuen
  24. Hi, I am looking for MUA for my wedding dinner in PJ on 3Nov2012. Any good recommendation?
  25. --business solicitation is not allowed in the forum, please contact webmaster@malaysiabrides.com for more information --
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