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Found 369 results

  1. You probably have the wedding gown; now it’s time to find their dresses — the ones your bridesmaids will wear. Your bridesmaids not just as your nearest friends but take an important role in your wedding. Bridesmaid dresses should complement your wedding color scheme and look in fashion! ELEVENTH Gown Studio has been helping brides since Feb 2013. ELEVENTH is a brand wholly owned by Eleventh Collection (002204222-K) in Malaysia. This online gown studio providing competitive prices on assorted colors and styles of bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns. You shall found the perfect pieces here among their huge varieties and lovely bridesmaid dress colors for your dream wedding! Official Website: www.eleventh.com.my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EleventhGownStudio Instagram: www.instagram.com/eleventh_gown_studio Check topic of Top 10 Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses to choose the suitable dresses for your girls! Number 1. Mint This pale green shade is so hot right now on all ready-to-wear runways, and we think it’s a gorgeous choice for a wedding. Great teamed with gold and white this color doesn’t have to stop at the dresses. Number 2. Coral A fabulous color at beach weddings and its been seen all over red carpet venues this year making it a popular choice that translates perfectly down the aisle. A great shade for both summer and autumn wedding venues. Number 3. Emerald Pantone’s color of the year, and we couldn’t agree with them more. We love this flattering shade of green and will really stand out on your big day and most importantly on the photographs. Plus we think most maids would be rather happy having to sport this color. Number 4. Bright Purple A wedding color staple, purple is just as popular as ever, but we love this almost-neon shade, which helps spice things up a little. A great color in the height of summer. Number 5. Blush The palest of pinks makes a flattering and feminine bridesmaid dress color, which translates well at any wedding venue. Number 6. Dark Blue Remember Kate Middleton’s engagement dress? Well dress designers were clearly inspired by the dark blue hues, since this color has been seen everywhere in the last few years. We love its preppy style, which is flattering on so many skin tones, which works well for both casual and formal weddings. Number 7. White Yes, your bridesmaids can wear white! Once considered taboo, we predict that white bridesmaid dresses will remain popular throughout 2013 and into the following year. And don’t worry that your bridesmaids will be confused with the bride – as long as the bride styles her dress a little different, for example with a veil and long train, then there’s no worries about a mistaken bride. Number 8. Black There’s nothing chic than an LBD (Little Black Bridesmaid Dress). Not only does black look great on most skin tones, it’s also a wardrobe staple that your bridesmaids will wear again and again. To add a touch of femininity to an edgy black dress, look for dresses that incorporate another hot bridesmaid trend – lace. Number 9. Grey Many brides are incorporating grey in their color schemes – it has a lighter, less dramatic feel to black, and can match and blend with most color schemes. A great color for any season. Number 10. Beige Pale neutrals are all the rage – we love the pairing of nude bridesmaid dresses with all-white bouquets. Just make sure all your maids are happy in this color to avoid unhappy maids. Get your Bridesmaid Dress, Evening Gowns and Wedding Accessories Online via ELEVENTH Gown Studio Malaysia at eleventh.com.my.
  2. Hi all you shopperholics!! We just started an online boutique www.facebook.com/JustFabulous80 and would like feedback from everyone. What types of dresses / clothes / fashion would you buy online? What kind of pricing do you expect? How often do you shop? daily,weekly,monthly or only when you need something? Which time of the month do you shop? begining or end month? What time of the day do you normally shop? Morning, lunch, afternoon or at night? With all these feedback, hopefully we will be able to find the most suitable types of clothes for everyone. Do take a look at our page and comment if any. Thanks and really appreciate it gals!!
  3. Classy and simple strapless off-white wedding gown with train and hand embroidery that starts off in clusters at the bodice and spreads out towards the train. Very comfortable, my favourite feature is the lace-up back which makes the fit very forgiving. I am 157 cm at 50-51 kg, and no alteration was needed. You can cover up with a scarf as shown for conservative church weddings. Price: RM 500, I will include the waist length veil for free. PM me for appointment for fittings if you wish. ------------------------------------------------------------- Next is an elegant evening gown with high collar in the colour of the ocean. Black hand embroidery at the neckline and hemline, with emphasis on the train. Comfortable and well designed for free movement, note how it stays in place without risk of overexposure even when leaning forward. Price: RM 300, sorry no additional freebies PM me for appointment for fitting (I would recommend it since the fit for this is far less forgiving than for the wedding dress).
  4. Customized your own design on the keychain Types of Keychain: Challenge Coins Embroidery Keychain Malaysia -Custom Size- Remove Before Flight Keychain Embroidered Keychains Mobile Keychain Woven Keychain Remove Before Flight Fabric Keychain – Sublimation Custom Lapel Pins Enamel Lapel Pin Fridge Magnet Magnetic Bookmark Floating Keychain Reflective Keychain Acrylic Keychain Custom PVC Luggage Tag Enamel Pins Custom Seatbelt Keychain Bottle Opener Personalized Embroidery Patch/ Badges Custom PVC Keychain Remove Before Flight Key Ring Embroidery Tag Customize Silicone Wristband Keychain Polyester Keychain Carabiner Key Ring Custom Logo
  5. Can anyone tell me where to make a website for my wedding. I want to make a website easier for my guests. After the wedding I want to have a gallery where I can upload photos and create a gallery? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, would just like to share my experience with you all regarding KG & Amanda's band! I had my wedding on the 21 September 2013 and it was in short: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. A brief background to how I met KG - I was looking for live bands to play at my wedding dinner and I came across Empire Entertainment. And what caught my eye at first was the string quartet (since my husband wanted some soothing music) and that it was invited to play at the MPO. So I contacted Empire Entertainment and I met up with KG one fine day. We spoke briefly about what we wanted, the audience involved, and he suggested that for a wedding, to make things livelier (since people get bored easily), we take the KG & Amanda Band instead of the string quartet. And with his wit and charm, got us to agree for him to emcee for our event, also since we have not had the opportunity to find someone to play that role. Months came and went and it was finally d-day. I must tell you, I was a bit nervous since I had only met KG once, we had no clue if he remembered what we told him that day, and there was no pre-set song list. But as you all would soon find out, a bride also has tonnes of other pressing matters to be attended to. The night was a blur since everything ended so fast. But I tell you, EVERYONE loved the band. My dad loved the band. My dad who is so serious that when something is funny he would force himself NOT to laugh. He came up to us after the event and told us it was great. His friends loved the band. They enjoyed tremendously the songs that were played. They were singing along (cause we requested oldies) and applauded after every song. My parents in law danced to the cha-cha. Aunties and uncles formed a train and danced around the ballroom. Our friends and colleagues filled the stage and the dance floor. And I was told, KG said "this is the last song ok!" 6 times. Of course I joined in the dance after a while. My husband who was busy saying his goodbyes to the guests, saw some of the videos of the dancing on stage after the event, and he was like "mannnn, i had to do all the work and you guys were having so much FUN????" Now to specific comments. KG - amazing emcee. He remembered everything we told him! from the people who were travelling, to the language we spoke, to the kind of audience that were there. This they may not know, but when I returned to work after my long-deserved break, my colleagues were asking me where I got this guy from, cause he was hilarious! And they wanted to recommend him for our next annual dinner event. :) Good coordination, and he gave very practical and good tips for the entire event. Amanda - talented. So very. My friends were telling me (because I was so busy I hadn't noticed) that she would be changing instruments every other song and they were so impressed that they couldn't guess what other instruments she would pick up next! Her voice was amazing. Suffice to say, they make a great team. When our guests tell us that they have enjoyed themselves, with multiple compliments to the band, we know it was all worthwhile. It was definitely a night to remember and I would not hesitate to recommend KG and his band (whatever combination of band it might be) for any occasion, especially if you are looking to have a fun night for not just you, but the people around you as well.
  7. I would have a summer rustic wedding in June, 2014. What color of bridesmaid dresses is appropriate for my wedding? How about light blue? Any advice appreciated!
  8. I have been searching for my wedding photographer for so long! Like really. I spent a lot of time & efforts going here and there but couldn't found the one that I like! Was really pissed off and about to give up. Not until I met Sandiego Photography! They have everything I need! Perfect photography with its own Villa that is worth RM100,000 ! They even have an antique car, boat ,carriage for pre-we dding shoots! What else you want? They have it all! I'm so falling over with this! Call them now! I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! <3 http://goo.gl/4OjbXm
  9. Hi Everyone, if you need local photographer in Bali with affordable price please look a while to balitwinsphoto.com and thebaliphotographer.net intagram@twinsphotographybali
  10. After attending weddings these past years, I found a lot of bridal makeup quite matte for my liking. I've always admire a radiant and glowy makeup look over a powdery one. Any recommendations for makeup artists that are good at achieving that dewy, hydrated look?
  11. Letting go studio wonkyu wedding gown package at rm1,900 which includes 3 gowns and 1 tuxedo due to personal reasons. The whole package is priced at rm3,800, however I have only paid the 50% deposit. I have managed to negotiate with the shop to waive off the additional rm1,000 top up for the premium collections. Feel free to PM me for further details.
  12. Hello Everyone, Mat-salleh Photography at www.mat-salleh.com Are you getting married next year? Are you looking for a Photographer? Mat-salleh photography offer you 1000 Ringgit discount on the original price if you book now... Visit our page at: https://www.mat-salleh.com/single-post/2015/2/25/This-is-the-title-of-your-first-image-post and contact us at: photoevent@mat-salleh.com Terima Kasih Roman
  13. Mat-salleh Photography Photo taken in New Zealand in Hanmer springs For more information about wedding please visit our website at www.mat-salleh.com RM1000 discount if you book now for next year !!! Roman

    © Mat-salleh photography

  14. Hello, My name is Roman and I am a Mat-salleh from France. I currently live in New Zealand with my wife but next year (around June) we will back to Malaysia and start a photography business and we are looking for business partner.(see below) If you are looking for FREE advertisement please email us at: photoevent@mat-salleh.com Do you own a Business and looking for FREE advertisement? We are the one that you are looking for... We are looking for Business partner related to Wedding at the moment (See below) - Bride & Groom (dress & Suit) - Malay Wedding - Indian Wedding - Professional DJ - Professional Videographer - Jewelry for rings, watch, necklace. - Wedding Cake - Floral - Rent a car - Catering - Make up artist - Hotels & Venues for the wedding and much more.. photoevent@mat-salleh.com WEBSITE: www.mat-salleh.com
  15. I'll be having a simple ROM outdoor this year, thinking to go for a very flowy yet still bridal dress. Since its an outdoor location, I cannot imagine wearing anything too heavy and OTT. Which is a good bridal shop stocking simple wedding dresses?
  16. Good day all I do have a wedding package to offer due to change of plans. Only genuine enquiries Hong Kong Full Package@My Dream Wedding (HK) Studio 2 Deluxe Wedding Gown For photo Shooting + 1 Additional Swaroski Gown (Additional (+1) Swaroski Gown for HK photoshoot) 1 Deluxe Evening Gown for photo shooting 2 Tuxedo for photo shooting 1 Hand Bouquet flowers for photo shooting Bridal make up with 4 hairdo Actual Day 1 Wedding Gown (Platinum range) + 2 Evening Gown (bride) + 2 Coats for groom Eyelashes 1set/hairdo for shooting Car decoration Photo shooting service - 10hrs Photo album A selection of 50 poses from 150 shots, included 50 digital files Wedding album 12x15 – 50 poses soft diamond (album comes with design, photo effect/UV coating) Korea Set Album 19poses 20x24 – 1photo with frame 24x24 – 1 canvas (6 in 1) 10x12 – 2 pcs table top with frame Selling real cheap RM4888 Whatsapp- +60163933163 (Price does not inclusive of airtickets to HK) However does not need to pay photographer airticket/accomodation Bottom of Form
  17. Sorry but I think I better post this as a separate thread to warn other potential ring buyers when buying from Le Lumiere: Had a very bad experience with Le Lumiere Gardens. Their resize job was terrible. Just look at the pics below. First picture shows the egg shaped ring after resizing. Second picture below is a collage of the original (bottom pic), resize (middle pic), and fix attempt (top pic) of the resize. Middle pic shows the milgrain pattern virtually polished off, while the top pic shows their clumsy attempt of trying to recreate the milgrain but is is still obviously not uniform. Now they are telling me that I need to pay extra if need to remake with new stones if the stones are higher carat. When asked why cannot reuse the existing botched ring's stones, the salesperson even had the gall to say might scratch the stones...WTH...are the diamonds fake? Their operations head by the name of Mr Teh called me to say that the most is they are willing to offer a full refund. I told him explicitly and even the Gardens branch salesperson (Tedd) before this that I need the ring for my pre-wedding photoshoot by the end of July. I was told they are willing to let me use the ring for the photoshoot first. But today I got another call from Mr Teh saying that the ring has been sent back to their factory overseas (which is likely a fake story as they can't be that efficient) and that they are unable to let me use the ring! Mr Teh still had the gall to repeat the offer of making a new custom ring at new rates should the stones be bigger. Told him that is none of my concern as the mistake is by their company and the customer should not be made to pay for their mistake. So the only other thing that he can offer is a full refund. I also reminded him that technically the damaged ring is our property as it fully paid and who the hell gave them permission to send it back to their factory out of the country without informing us? :ranting: Straightaway the same evening drove to Gardens to scream at the branch people for mishandling this case and had them call Mr Teh there and then. Seems like they are still adamant with only offering the full refund. Guys, please spread this far and wide (make it viral on your facebook pages etc) and warn others not to buy from Le Lumiere if your ring requires a resize. You will regret it if you do! Bad customer service like this should not be taken lightly. I was wiling to give them a chance to resolve the issue when it first happen (the egg shaped ring) but they made it worse and worse.
  18. Looking for affordable bridal car decoration set up? Contact us via email add liansze88@gmail.com
  19. Hi, anyone know where can I find a good tailor for my wedding dress alteration in Kuching? I ordered my dress online and I try to find an experience dressmaker to do some alteration. Tried to ask Hafiz Dressmaker but he dont do alteration.
  20. Marriage is a wonderful blessing where it is filled with endless happiness and joy. It is something that girls dream of when they watch their favourite fairytale movie and it needs to be planned according to the correct and proper preparations. Wedding Emcee Malaysia Extraordinaire - Aaron d’Almeida Not Another Ordinary Wedding Reception, by Born2Talk Corporate & Wedding Events Emcee. Only if you want a well choreographed event, an interactive joyful celebration and overwhelming gratitude wishes from your guests - Email us at weddings@born2talk.com, hotline number: +65.6573.5440/ +6012.978.5911 Book your Perfect Wedding MC Malaysia - Aaron d'Almeida now! Watch Aaron Live here : https://youtu.be/mG1rz1JiVkA Clients Review: https://youtu.be/lKkljOliaCI www.born2talk.com | www.wedding-emcee.com | www.singapore-emcee.com #weddingemcee #weddings #aarondalmeida #malaysiaweddingemcee #malaysiaemcee #malaysiamc #malaywedding #chinesewedding #indianwedding #malayweddingmc #chineseweddingmc #indianweddingmc #born2talk #weddinghostmalaysia #malaysiaweddinghost
  21. Hi lovely couple, are you looking for the best photobooth to make your event fun? 3PLEPIX PHOTOBOOTH is now offering the affordable photobooth packages and high quality photos to capture your moments ANYWHERE & ANY TIME. With photobooth you just need to stand and show your BEAUTIFUL SMILE and POSE like a PRO with A WHOLE LOTS OF PROPS . CALL US NOW TO GET A PROMO PACKAGE. 0193997891 OR IG:@3plepix OR FB :@3plepix Have a look at our new website. We provide photobooth rental service for your wedding event, bachelor party, private party, baby shower and many more. Feel free to send us message . We look forward to hearing from you CALL US NOW TO GET A PROMO PACKAGE. 0193997891 OR IG:@3plepix OR FB :@3plepix , http://www.3plepix.com.my
  22. "I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes." Photography I The Ace Experience Talk to us >Hoong Ee - 012 2087172 Email us >Experience@theace-x.com Check out our website at www.theace-x.com. See more on our photos here >>> https://www.facebook.com/pg/aceartworksgallerie/photos/?tab=album&album_id=731533757011811
  23. Who is Jacque? Jacque hails from the renowned Malaysian shoemaking industry who designed and produced for international celebrities, royalties, expatriates and luxury labels including Zang Toi-New York, Bernard Chandran - London Paris , Jonathan Liang-Paris and Jimmy Choo Couture*- London ( *for evening clutch bags only). For more collection please visit www.jacquelee.com or visit the showroom located at 17, Jalan Sin Chew Kee, 50150 Kuala Lumpur
  24. Anyone went for designer shoes for their wedding day? I'm looking for heels about 4" that are reasonably comfortable. Would love to hear your recommendations. Considering Valentino, Sophia Webster and Jimmy Choo. Sophia Webster, so gorgeous for a garden/outdoor wedding! Valentino, is it too much to go with a lace wedding dress? Jimmy Choo, is it too OTT?? So gorgeous though!!!
  25. Would like to know your opinion. How much angpau/blessings would you give for a wedding buffet lunch in a hotel?
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