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Found 5 results

  1. Hi , We are ZCOVA a Diamond and Gemstones company that provides only the best selection of Diamonds and Gemstones. Buying diamonds tend to be an intimidating process for some, but the truth is buying diamonds is an easy process with the right guidance. Are you skeptical on purchasing loose diamonds online ? Are you confused on what type of diamonds to buy ? How each quality is different to the others, and most of all how to get a good deal out of it. We at ZCOVA provides you free consultation on your diamond selection. We will help you understand diamonds more, and most of all we will guide you through your selections and provide you the best quality combination that is within your budget and how to get the best out of it. VISIT US AT http://www.zcova.com. SIGN UP with ZCOVA to receive USD$ 50 discount credit for your first purchase.
  2. We will update monthly promotion on selected GIA diamond, visit our store www.eumaycojewellery.com for more products and ring designs. Whats app +6012-7139366 for product availability and appointment to visit our private showroom at PJ. OCTOBER PROMOTION!! 1. Product code: DS-0202 0.30ct / F / VS2/ 3Ex / None / price @ RM2,550 2. Product code: DS-0580 0.40ct / F / VS 2/ 3Ex / None / price @ RM3,580 3. Product code: DS-0988 0.50ct / F / VS2/ 3Ex / None / price @ RM6,800 GOOD DEAL!! *0.30ct / H / SI1/ 3Ex / None / price @ RM2,220 *0.50ct / H / VS2 / 2Ex / None / price @ RM5,900 *1.01ct / G / SI1 /3Ex / None / price @ RM26,000 You can custom designed your wedding bands, matches the engagement ring or any ideas. EUMAYCO JEWELLERY can make your wedding rings in variety of design. Don't ever think that custom made pay premium!!
  3. Hi, We are group of jewellery designer specialize in custom made jewellery. We do provide diamond ring and wedding ring designs @ www.eumayco.com 18k white gold - RM 3,600/- 18k white gold - RM 4,200/- Diamond ring (GIA cert), price depends on the diamond size & quality reference: 0.33ct (F color, VS1 clarity , Ex cut, Ex sym, Ex polish) - RM 3,400 0.30ct (H color, VS2 clarity, Vg cut, Gd sym, Ex polish) - RM 2,800
  4. Hi ppl, My name is Charlie and I'm a new member here and its about time well more of it feels like its the right time for me to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years, the love of my life. I need some advise because I don't know anything about buying a ring and I've done some research and I'm still a bit lost and there's a lot of jewelry shop here in Malaysia. My budget is about roughly RM10,000 so my question is from where can I get the best bang out of the money that I'm going to spend? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a a good day.
  5. I just need to rant. Am very disappointed and frustrated with a so-called reputable Jewelry company but in actual fact all the employees e.g. sales person & management are all crooks. I bought a diamond stone from Habib Jewels and got my setting fixed in De Gem. Here is what happen: 1st Dec 2011 - Bought a diamond stone from Habib and went to have it set at De Gem 15th Dec 2011 - Collected it. Happy with the ring and the workmanship 29th Dec 2011 - Proposed to my GF. Ring size couldn't fit so need to resize. 30th Dec 2011 - The very next day, sent it back to De Gem to resize the ring. 5th Jan 2012 - Went and collect the ring. GF was there and it fit her perfectly. While trying it on, suddenly saw 2 obvious cloudy patches at the side of the ring. Complained and ask them to clarify. 2 salesperson were there. 1 said it might be inclusion and another said it might actually crack. Because need to check with the factory, tell us they will call us back. 6th Jan 2012 - Called me back and confirmed it's inclusion. In the meantime, I went and asked around and even do research on inclusion and found out that inclusion cannot be seen with one's naked eyes. So, when the salesperson said this, I knew he was lying. I argued with him that the stone was in perfect condition even before I brought it over. He kept on arguing with me using jargons to manipulate his stories. Cut the story short - There was a lot of ding dong-ing going here and there & me arguing with them and in the end, I got really fed-up, took back the ring and bring it over to Habib 11th Jan 2012 - Brought over to Habib, and the technician and salesperson were there. They were stunned to look at the stone. Amazed it's more of an accurate word choice that a so-called "reputable" company like De Gem could deliver such a lousy workmanship and servicing skills. Found out that the cloudy part was due to their workmanship when they re-size the ring. Apparently, when expanding or shrinking down the size, the stone needs to go through a procedure where it uses hot/cold water. Either instruction wasn't followed or the staff made a mistake resulted the cloudy area in the ring. When I got to know about this was really angry, couldn't believe De Gem could do such thing. It's a huge lesson learnt for me. I do not want you guys out there to fall into the same trap when your time comes especially first timer out there. Next step for me? I'm bringing them to tribunal court. I will make sure they replace and even compensate for the anguish they have caused me and of course my time wasted talking to these f***ers. They can go screw themselves. p/s: Any journalists out there who would want to cover this story? I'll be more than happy to spare my time in assisting you. Thank you for reading!
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