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Found 2 results

  1. Wants to achieve financial freedom and learn how to earn passive income? Proven opportunity to operate free retail business; Farmasi, organic shop, health and beauty outlet. We provide trainings and guides to all mentees to become successful entrepreneurs worldwide. A journey for a thousand miles begins with a single steps. PM me now!
  2. item(s): Lamor2 collagen drink (100% effective)-Formulated in korea - made by all natural ingredients Package includes: 15 sachets /box Price: RM175 Warranty: 3 years Dealing method: Delivery after payment Location of seller: Perak Contact method/details: SMS/Call 016-5936277 Age of item: 3 years from manufacturing date (expiry date 10/2015) --- Item(s) conditions: Brand new excellent pack in the box Picture: Refer below Reason for sale: Seller HOT SELLING COLLAGEN (FORMULATED IN KOREA) Reasonable price with effective significant results within 7-14 days!( AMAZING & Miraculous results) Are you tired of finding a product for health/ beauty(2in1) products in the market? But you didn't found a suitable one? Or worry to try up, scare of side effects? Here, Intro you the highly natural ingredients lamor which contains a very high hyaluronic acids which is much more benefit you can get! LAMOR- contains high hyaluronic acid which you can find better than the products you got ourside the market. Hyaluronic acid helps your joint health in a variety of ways. The acid coats each cartilage cell in your body. The acid helps lessen osteoarthritis symptoms. It can help keep your joints properly lubricated and resilient, according to the National Institutes of Health. This helps your joints have more mobility, viscosity and flexibility. Eye Health Hyaluronic acid helps keep your eye tissues lubricated and operating properly, according to the National Institutes of Health. Using hyaluronic acid may help your night vision, decrease your dry eyes and improve your overall eye health. Collagen Repair Hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen repair, according to the National Institutes of Health. As you age, your body's ability to produce hyaluronic acid, a stimulator of collagen production, decreases. Collagen keeps your skin elastic and supple. Apply hyaluronic acid topically to help support your collagen synthesis. Since your body produces hyaluronic acid, it can be safely absorbed into your skin. Anti-Wrinkle Agent Hyaluronic acid is found in a vitamin A component known as retinol. Retinol, according to the Mayo Clinic, is one of the first antioxidant ingredients used in anti-aging creams. The antioxidant helps to neutralize unstable oxygen molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals break down your skin cells and cause wrinkles. Retinol helps diminish the appearance of your skin's aging by filling in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Retinol also keeps your skin hydrated, thereby diminishing development of wrinkles and fine lines. Wound Healing Hyaluronic acid also helps your overall skin appearance by playing a major role in wound healing, according to the National Institutes of Health. As part of the antioxidant vitamin C, the acid stimulates skin regeneration. Otherwise known as ascorbic acid, this nutrient is the major source of skin regeneration. The acid is essential for treating effects of tissue degeneration, imparting structural support and tissue hydration, according to the National Promoting Healthy Skin In 2003, the FDA approved hyaluronic acid injections for filling soft tissue defects such as facial wrinkles. HA and collagen are both vital components of skin tissue. However, there is a progressive reduction in the number of hyaluronic acid granules in human skin, deteriorating to a complete absence in individuals over 60. It is believed these variations account for the decreased turgidity, wrinkled appearance, and altered elasticity of skin tissue.11 The regulation of major skin cells known as fibroblasts is central to both healing and scarring processes. Laboratory studies show that supplementing fibroblasts with HA causes a significant increase in their ability to renew skin tissue, resulting in increased proliferation within the collagen matrix Managing Ocular Health Another important body system where HA distribution declines dramatically with aging is in human eye tissue.Researchers have speculated that this decline may play a role in age-related ocular disorders. UV light is the most common cause of radiation injury to the eye. While the cornea absorbs most UVB light to protect the inner eye, exceeded threshold levels induce corneal inflammation (photokeratitis). LAMOR 2 is South Korea product, made of all natural ingredients, no side effect and halal. Suitable to be taken for both male and female from age 7 and above except pregnant and breast feeding mother. INGREDIENTS Lamor 2 is hyaluronic acid and also a combination of caviar collagen, vitamin C, silk amino acids, calcium carbonate powder as well as three berries (blackberry powder, cranberry powder and elderberry fruit powder). Therefore the effect will be faster and better than normal collagen sell in the market. BENEFITS Lamor 2 main benefits are anti aging, skin whitening, reduce dark circle, lighten black spot of the skin, repair/reduce pimples and other scars on face/body, increase skin elasticity, improve skin moisturizing, firming, natural shaping. DIRECTION Every morning before breakfast mix with 180ml water and drink it. It is in powder type, taste like ribena and blueberry. For best result is drink daily for 1 month, after that change to 2 days 1 time Lamor 2 is a Collagen drink that can achieve significant results within 7 to 14 days without the any injection about equal absorb 500 times as much water It contains a Hyaluronic acid can be taken internally as a nutritional supplement for joint health or topically as a skin moisturizer. In topical applications, hyaluronic acid supports smooth, elastic skin, and it is used in many cosmetics such as make-up and moisturizing creams Lamor 2’s formula with Hyaluronic acid taken orally is also known as beautifying without injection. Lamor2 collagen is a class above compared with those in the market as it shows better and faster results. Without injection, you can enjoy hyaluronic acid with the following functions: • Efficient wrinkles • Natural shaping • facial depressions filled • Improve skin tight nephew elastic • maintain the skin supple and shiny • sedative and overcome pressure • improve physical fitness and promote immunity • ability to fight cancer • antidiabetic capacity • cytokine production capacity • promote hair growth INTRODUCTION Hyaluronic acid - can be described as the world's most popular and healthy skin care ingredients, hyaluronic acid is the most powerful product against wrinkle. A lot of artists treated hyaluronic acid as skin care secret. There are variety hyaluronic acid product, the most common is the injection of hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid in take. Lamor 2 S formula is the latest technology from South Korea, ingredients consists high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and also a combination of caviar collagen, vitamin C, silk amino acids, calcium carbonate powder as well as three berries (blackberry powder, cranberry powder and elderberry fruit powder), nutrition oduct, the most common is the injection of hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid in take. Lamor 2 can replace collagen, placenta, and Clostridium botulinum and other products of a single trend. The hyaluronic acid is not required injection and it can be absorbed by the body by drinking, it is absolute very safe. INTERESTED PLS CONTACT (SMS/CALL) 016-5936277 FOR MORE DETAILS -POSTAGE SERVICE IS AVAILABLE WITHIN MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE - GET DISCOUNT BY PURCHASES 2 BOXES AND ABOVE -RM170/box and RM330 for 2 boxes -within malaysia other than sabah & sarawak-FREE postage -For sabah and sarawak- Buy 1 box rm5 postage, buy 2 boxes rm8.. buy 2 boxes and above free postage Please refers to this link for more info (images-customer's testimonial &some info) http://www.facebook....46046737&type=3 original price RM180/box Get 10boxes (free extra 3 boxes)- Pay rm1800 for 13 boxes instead of RM2340! Setiap wanita Malaysiamementingkan kecantikan mempunyai produk penjagaan dan yang semakin menarikperhatian orang ramai adalah Lamor2 asid hyaluronik yang memainkan peranandalam pemangkasan rambut, sebagai Phytosome yang berkesan,mengisi lekuk dimuka, menggalakkan pertumbuhan rambut -Mengembalikan Kulit Muda dan Licin - Tona Kulit Lebih Cerah & Rata - Mencerahkan Tompok Hitam & Kekusaman Kulit -Mengurangkan Kedutan Kulit -Mengembalikan Ketegangan dan Kelembutan Kulit - Berkesan Dalam Menegangkan Bahagian Payudara -Menghilangkan Noda Pada Kulit -Mengurangkan bintik-bintik hitam -mengurangkan jerawat dan parut jerawat Kenapa memilih lamor? -produk ini mengunakan formula korea -Isi pembuatan produk ini menggunakan bahan bahan semula jadi (anda tidak perlu risau akan kesan sampingan) -Produk ini diluluskan oleh kementerian kesihatan malaysia -produk ini mempunyai pelbagai kebaikan dan ia sedap diminum( rasa ribena) - Produk ini boleh diminum oleh semua orang( wanita/ lelaki) berusia 7 tahun keatas Kecuali wanita mengandung/ pesakit kanser. -mempunyai pelbagai kebaikan yang tidak dapat dalam produk lain di pasaran dan harga yang berpatutan -Pemulihan yang cepat pada kulit (dapat lihat dalam masa 7-14 hari)
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