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Found 4 results

  1. Wedding Decoration Package as low as RM888 ONLY!!!! - Backdrop for Photobooth - Decorated Candy Bar - Stage Decor - Decorated Registration Counter - Decorated red carpet - Decorated Entrance and so on... Wedding gift is as low as RM0.70 (with chocolate & candy)!!! Call/Whatapps/LINE us now!!! 017-5530971(Yong) Facebook: S&S Wedding Decor & Design
  2. Please visit www.bk-gallery.com Our wedding photography services start from RM599!!!
  3. BK Photography is having a promotion for wedding day photography. The package start from RM599 [limited quota]!! plz visit : http://www.bk-gallery.com any inquiry plz email to : bkgallery@mail.com
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a BTB in May 2014. I'd just like to share my experience with an Ipoh bridal studio as I noticed that there are not many current reviews on bridal studios in Ipoh. Anyways, the bridal studio I chose is I Do Bridal Collection. Actually, before booking this studio, I've never heard anything about this place before. There are no reviews online on any forum or anyone's blogs. However, as the package seems to be the most reasonable among the 4 bridal studios that I surveyed at a small bridal fair in Ipoh Parade and their portfolio looks interesting, I took their package. My Package My package was less than 3k and includes (roughly as I remember) 2 days shooting: 1 day in Ipoh inclusive of indoor and 2 outdoor locations and 1 day out of Ipoh (I chose Cameron Highlands), a MV, 2 albums (exact specifications I can't remember - just that the large album has a unique design), 1 large framed photograph, 2 unframed tabletop photographs, a MV, all soft copies returned in high resolution, 4 dresses for the shoot (2 designer and 2 VIP), and an AD EG (designer). Gown Selection I selected my gowns on Jan 4. My experience that day was a bit disappointing as I could not find the gowns that I like. Their selection was not to my taste and the SA could not give me recommendations that I like. I also felt the impatience of one of the staff which adversely affected my mood to choose dresses. In the end, I managed to select 4 gowns after trying on 14 gowns, 3 from the VIP range and 1 designer. However, during the photoshoot, I think the gowns look quite nice after all, so all is forgiven. (plus point: I changed my mind on one of the dresses and managed to get it changed a day after selecting the dresses and they were accommodating). Photoshoot Day I had my photoshoot on the 16 and 17 of Jan, 16 in Cameron Highlands and 17 in Ipoh. I was apprehensive about the makeup and the hairdo as I've heard horror stories (and seen horrible pictures) about them: how they apply the makeup like paint on the face and do weird unnatural hairdos etc. However my fears were proven unfounded. I communicated my fears with the makeup artist and how I want it to be as natural as possible (I even saved lots of pics for her to see my preferred style). She understood and made me up very very nicely. Greatly surpassed my expectations. Everyone was very impressed with my natural makeup and lovely hairdo. In fact I like her style so much that I chose her to be my actual day makeup artist. On the photoshoot day itself, the schedule was changed to Cameron Highlands and 1 Ipoh location on the 16th and indoor and the other Ipoh location on the 17th due to Thaipusam. It was ok with us, although we were afraid that it may leave not much time for us to take photos in Cameron. Oh well, that can't be helped. Then came the time to change into the gown. To my horror, the gown was altered too small for me. Fortunately that could be remedied immediately, and they stitched me up in the gown. Unfortunately though, the fit was still a bit off and I had to adjust and readjust the gown the whole day. Still, that could be due to the gown itself as it was a tube top mermaid. They also did not have the coat the size to fit my FH (who wears size 32 - the smallest they had was size 34). The vests they provided were an ok fit though. We then left for our photoshoot with 3 staff - 1 photographer, 1 videographer and 1 assistant (the person who holds the flash, helps adjust the train and veil etc). Photoshooting was memorable - the photographer was able to locate places to take (hopefully) nice pictures and direct the poses. However, we found some poses to be too challenging and he was nice enough to accommodate our request. Generally the team which followed us were very nice people, easy to talk to, patient and comfortable enough to be with. This is taking into consideration that both FH and me are very kaku people who can't pose to save our lives, haha. However the photographer seem to take only a few shots, at the most 2 shots per pose. Either we pose really well, or in the end our poses don't really matter. Everyone was really surprised too that our shoots ended pretty quickly. Lunch was provided for the Ipoh shoot and it was pretty good. Chicken rice, dessert and drink. Yummy. Overall I found the service at I Do to be quite good, and am looking forward to the photo selection next week, fingers crossed. Till then. :)
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