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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome To Neoromantic Bridal "Why not make your own wedding gown?" This is the question that we have been asking a lot of our customers. Neoromantic Bridal is a professional wedding and dinner gown maker. We provide superior quality and reliability wedding gowns with very reasonable price. Our price ranges starting from RM900.00 and above depending on the fabric and designs. Everyone can now custom made the gown you've always dream of! We welcome brides to walk in to try on gowns that we have in our showroom and have a look at the quality of our gowns. Showroom Address: No.145A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya. Contact No.: 03-7877 1763 (Office) 012-666 1945 (Erin) E-mail Address: erin@neoweddinggown.com Company Website: http://www.neoweddinggown.com Company Blog: http://neoweddinggown.blogspot.com Business Hours: Every Tuesday - Saturday (10.00am till 7.00pm); *We are closed on every Sunday and Monday, if you want to walk in on sunday and monday, can call 012-6661945 for appointment **If you would like to visit our showroom after office hour, please call in advance to make an appointment Please click page #9 to view our new evening gowns designs~ Dear all, we would like to introduce you our latest "Dilorie Collection"! Please visit page 10for more catalog photos! Felisa Collection 2010 Felisa S001 Customake Price: RM 1,300-00 A classic design made of Duchess Satin with silver embroideries and beadworks. The gown is in mermaid cut with a layer of organza at the bottom. Front View Felisa S002 Customake Price: RM 1,600-00 This one shoulder gown is made of Taffeta pleatings on the top. The bottom part of the gown are made of a few layers of Tulle nettings to give it a modern look. There are Corded Laces and Swarovski Crystals on the pleats to give it some romantic and bling bling feel. Front View Felisa S003 Customake Price: RM 1,700-00 This trumpet cut mandarin collar gown is made of Duchess satin with a layer of beautiful Corded Lace on top. Front View Felisa S004 Customake Price: RM 1,200-00 This is a princess cut gown with pick up skirts. The top is heavily beaded with silver beads. The train is embroidered with silver thread to give it an ekegant feel. Front View Felisa S005 Customake Price: RM 1,800-00 This beautiful gown is made of Duchess satin with a layer of gorgeous Corded Lace on top. The most special part of this gown is the double lace edgings at the bottom. Front View The price is exclusive of the Satin edge veil. The veil can be purchase at RM50-00 per piece. Felisa S006 Price: RM 1,100-00 This gown is made of Taffeta and A layer of Duchess satin underneath. The straps and neckline are heavily beaded with silver beads and sequins Front View The lace veil is sold separately at RM 250-00 per piece. Felisa S007 Price: RM 1,500-00 This grand looking gown is made of Duchess satin and a few layers of Tulle. The top of the pleated Duchess satin and tulle are decorated with Corded lace to add to the grand feel. Front View Felisa S008 Price: RM 1,300-00 If you are into a romantic princess feel kinda wedding, this gown is the right choice for you. The top are patched with Corded Laces and the skirts are layered with Organza layers that give it a soft dreamy feel. Side View Felisa S009 Customake Price: RM 1,400-00 This bouncy gown is made of Taffeta, Tulle ad Duchess. One of the thing I like about this gown is the Silver Lace used on it. Side View Felisa S010 Customake Price: RM1,500-00 If you are looking for something which is sexy but at the same time not too revealing, this is a perfect gown for you. Made of Ivory Corded Lace and Duchess satin, this gown has a special V-neck front and a beautifully designed low back. Side View
  2. Normally, wedding gowns are made in four different sizes, the first size is small size, second is medium, third is large, and fourth is extra large. While making with the above combination, the dress factory would be making the dresses as much as possible in the above four different sizes, in case, the workers are crossing the targeted amount of dresses, the company introduces, the cheap wedding ball gowns. So, the above opportunity is rarely available for the sellers to provide the cheap wedding ball gowns. At the same time, a girl dreaming about her wedding dress would be happy to see the announcement of the company, she is calling her boyfriend and informing about this, the boyfriend is buying a few pieces, and informing the bride to preserve the dresses as long as possible, because the boyfriend is yet find a job, once the job is confirmed the marriage proposal would be ending. On the other cases, it is hard to find the mermaid wedding dresses; the reason is shape of the dress should match the bride absolutely. In this condition, the girl appearance would be visible as a fish, or mermaid, the girl would be looking more beauty with the above dress, she would be feeling proud after wearing the above dresses. The reason is the perfect matched dress only exhibit the beauty of the girl, other dresses would be making her to think fat, making her to think very lean appearance. The right dress would be appealing to the bride; therefore, the wise girls are before selecting the boyfriend would be interested to buy the mermaid wedding dresses. Why more importance is given for the wedding dress is interesting to learn. After the wedding, naturally, the girl gets her pregnancy, after forty weeks, she delivers the baby, after that, her body condition is different, she is not looking as on the wedding day, she is now fat, she is unable to wear her previous dresses including the wedding gown, in this connection, she could only preserve the dress carefully for long years or for very long years. The child after the growth, is watching the wedding album, the child is surprised to the wedding gown is safe with mother for many years. Same time, when the wedding gown is highly impresses the girl, the girl is not increasing her weight, she is postponing her pregnancy she is using the wedding gown for all the best occasions in the family, she is happy to wear the wedding gown for the right occasions as prayer meeting, spiritual programs, many more days to add in the list, she wants to use all her wedding dress forever, she is planning her body condition as she wants to have her body structure. She is always thanking the company which sold the wedding dress to her, because she remains with the same beauty and she is loved by all elderly people and parents. however, the dress sense is with all the girls, unfortunately they are becoming fat after the delivery.
  3. Once a bride has settled on , she must also consider all of the stylistic variations. Each different type of mermaid wedding dresses offers its own benefits and will flatter different brides’ body shapes. There are lots of mermaid wedding dresses for every bride’s tastes and sensibilities. Brides should first consider where their mermaid wedding dresses begin to flare out. Brides who want to accentuate or create the illusion of an hourglass body shape will want to choose a dress that begins to flare just at the hips. This height will also hide problem thighs and looks the most like a typical A-line wedding dress. Brides that want to show off more of their body, including their backside, should choose a dress that is tight further down and begins to flare mid-thigh or lower. Finally, brides that want more traditional “mermaid wedding dresses” should choose a flare that begins at the knee and has the effect of looking like a mermaid’s tail. This flare height gives the flare the most bounce and will make any bride’s walk down the aisle look elegant. The width of the flare can also vary greatly between styles of this mermaid wedding dresses. A slim flare will only widen a little more than an A-line skirt, and it will have a very subtle effect on the bride’s shape. Wide flares give the bride a dramatic silhouette, but they can also appear unbalanced on a bride who does not also have a striking veil, hair, or makeup. Most wider flares are achieved by layering tulle either under the mermaid wedding dresses fabric or alone, and so most tailors can reduce the volume of a skirt by removing some layers. A fuller flare, especially one that starts around the knee, will give a bride an edgy wedding look that will stand out. Whether it is called mermaid wedding dresses, a trumpet, or a fit and flare dress, this style is flattering and fun. Because the style mermaid wedding dresses itself has so many possible variations in the silhouette, this is one style that will look good on any body type and that can be endlessly customized.
  4. Wherever the wedding ceremony is held, the solemn and consecrate sense will never be changed. To tie the knot stands for a brand-new origin in the life. And to seem unique and appealing on the big day is definitely a dream expected by every girl. Believe it or not, there will be a wedding dress that exists only for each bride-to-be. It completely unnecessary to be a blind trend follower while being on the market for the bridal gown. Nor do you have to spend a small fortune to meet your aspiration for style or elegance. The great convenience created by thousands miles of cables has been put into good use nowadays. In most cases, you do not need to go out or shop around for your really desirable bridal dress. Just make sure you have gotten a clear sketch for what you plan to wear on your special date first of all. Like it or not, we live in a society where people around you will more respect you if you seem stylish or at least decent. Undoubtedly, you will be noticed while marching down the aisle. After all, it your nuptial and you are the star throughout the day. But in order to make sure you will be applauded by people present on your wedding, a chic semblance with your glamour fully accentuated becomes crucial. Among all items appearing on your big day and contributing to enhance your allure, your wedding dress must be the most important one. Then, which bridal gown should you buy? First, let detect 2014 trends on bridal dresses. Of course, this is not difficult. So many bridal magazines, fashion clothing shows and kinds of online news reveal the latest sense on wedding gowns. To flatter a rich fashion taste, designer bridal wears are always considered to be prior choices. To add irresistibly graceful & sexy touches to the appearance, empire waist, mermaid and princess wedding gowns have never been neglected. To make the entire look more dolce and elegant, neckline styles such as sweetheart, off-the-shoulder and halter are prevailing all the time. It true lots of fresh design themes hit the arena of fashion bridal gowns. Trends are updated in a much faster pace. But in spite of this, some styles stand the time test and pop out in the rich collection of charming silhouettes. Mermaid wedding dresses are exactly some of them. It seems like eternal appeal is carried by mermaid bridal gowns, which can be also called as trumpet wedding dresses. It easy to make a rough sketch for a mermaid bridal dress, right? The body shape is extremely flattered within such a dress. Thus, you will not be recommended to wear a mermaid dress for your big day unless you feel so confident with your slender figure. When the dress flares out around the knees, its attraction also spreads out. Floor-length patterns seem rather formal, wonderfully fitting the magnificent atmosphere on the ceremony. In modern era, exquisiteness is always well applied on dresses for brides. When it comes to mermaid wedding gowns, understated yet overwhelmed appeal definitely draws most attention. These styles help girls ideally emphasize their grace! So If you want to buy the most fashionable Dress, SimonDress Can Afford it!
  5. Mermaid cut dresses for wedding gowns are potentially considered by ladies who like to flaunt out their curves and humps. Usually, this is because of the plain fact that wedding dresses like these silhouettes the curves of the body from bottom to top. A real mermaid gown which is also recognized as the trumpet wedding gown, usually starts in conformed covering from the shoulder to slightly below or above the knee which points at flair out fuller skirt. The dramatic appeal is for brides to exude poise and confidence. Additionally, it makes you sexier on your very special day. Even if you must have a lean body to dress in this kind of cut, even those with fuller body may look perfect with this dress provided that they seek for additional features that can be added in this style. When you have slender figures then you must show off that shape in your mermaid cut dresses which is an amazing way in making a more striking and sexier presentation. However, you need to be careful if youe not that confident in wearing this. Mermaid cuts for gowns are definitely made for confident brides. So, whether you got that fuller figures or just one in slender side, the undergarments for mermaid wedding dresses are totally imperative. Since the style is close and hugs the skin, ill fitted undergarments may turn that sexy and awesome gown in epic disaster. Just be sure that when you wear mermaid cut dresses for weddings you must support it with underwear that goes well and does not pinch or bind. Slip is totally needed with this design, as it must not show panty lines which can flaunt through. If youe full figured lady and like to wear mermaid cut dresses for weddings, to show your curves, you must have all-in undergarment. In case you have heavier tops, then be sure that the mermaids cut wedding style of dress have few straps and sleeves. It will offer an added support in bust line part. As a result, you must stick with a thing that holds up that part. In addition to that, in case you have smaller bust lines, yet you have larger hips, you must try using strapless bodice, just be sure that youe got great foundational garments that fits under the gown. Maybe the most essential thing that you need to consider if you choose mermaid cut dresses as wedding gowns, you must take goodundergarment available before buying. Through this, if you try to dress, you would know precisely how you look for that special event of your life. Would it be so nice to be the apple of the eye of the audience, though you really should be the most striking lady in that day since it your wedding.
  6. Are you getting married soon? If so, then congratulations!!You have a lot of work to do now to get ready for your special day. You will need to find the perfect dress for you. One place to shop is angelweddingdress.com. There are so many choices you have there and the prices can help you stay in your budget. The angelweddingdress.com will give you a wide selection all in one location. You will be able to find the right dress. Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming but when you shop at the angelweddingdress.com you will be relieved from all the stress of doing it yourself. They offer all kinds of information and advice to help you choose the right dress, accessories, and create a wedding that you want. You want to take your brides’ maids and matron of honor when you go to the angelweddingdress.com. You will need their opinion as you try on the wedding dresses. They can help you select the right length, color, and style that fits you the best. You can do some research online to find the right wedding dress before you even go to the angelweddingdress.com. You can find a dress based on your search results. You can choose the length of the dress, the material it’s made of, the length of the train, the neckline, the sleeve length, and more. Each detail will help you create the perfect look on your wedding day. Once you set your wedding day you will be able to decide on all the small details of your gown. The season, where you are going to have your wedding, and your preference has a lot to do with the wedding dress you decide on. When you begin your search you will have a lot to rule out but once you do narrow down your choices you will find that it is less stressful. The angelweddingdress.com is the perfect place to get all your wedding supplies. You can plan and decide on every detail before you leave the site. You want them to highlight and not overwhelm. At the angelweddingdress.com your day can be as special as you want it to be. Relax, unwind, shop with friends, and enjoy a nice day out with everyone that will be a part of your special day.
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