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Found 5 results

  1. PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home is a unique place where we treat mommies and babies from the heart, follow by the healthy logical traditions. It is a solely designed place, where mommies will have their 28 days rejuvenating postnatal cares from a group of qualified professionals. As we named it, PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home will focus in giving guidance and supports for mommies about breastfeeding. We aim to provide comfort and privacy environment for recovering mommies. We hope mommies will make themselves at home during their stay in PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home. PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home – home, away from home Our founder is a doctor, yet a breastfeeding mommy too! And this has made our PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home become a unique. A mixture of scientific medical theories and Chinese traditions about the importance of cares during the confinement period (a period beginning immediately after the birth of a child). We truly understand, postnatal period is not only important for the mommy, as well as it is important for the baby with the presence of the husband. In here, mommies will be giving knowledge regarding postnatal cares, breastfeeding, baby cares (development milestones, baby’s behavior, vaccination, infant massage, jaundice etc.) by our qualified professionals. The last but not least, we also provide healthy and delicious meals for mommies. PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home strikes to serve the postnatal mommies better. Every drops of breast milk, is the GOLD for the baby. Breastfeeding may not seem the Right Choice for Every Parent, It is the Best Choice for Every Baby. The moment when mommy is holding her baby in arm, from skin-to-skin until breastfeeding the baby, miracle will happens (mommy will experience it themselves with indescribable). We not only want to help mommies recover, we also want to strengthen the bond between mommy and the baby by encouraging baby rooming in with mommy, tailored just for mommies. We believe, there is nothing stronger than the mother’s love towards their baby. Every new life, is the precious gift from GOD. They come to us and they changed our life. PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home helps mommies to have peaceful mind by not to worry about their baby during the stay in our breastfeeding home. We provide in house jaundice checking (if necessary) and phototherapy (if necessary) for babies ethically. Hence, mommies can enjoy their postnatal period, pamper herself and daddies able to concentrate in their career without any disturbances. But, that’s not all! A lovely and harmony family bonding, will make a healthier life. Daddies are the backbone in preserve and strengthen this subtle relationship. PostnataLee Breastfeeding Home is encourage and will provides daddies to room in with mommies and babies as well. We, as a wife might take it for granted. However this caring and lovely action helps daddies to understand what is postnatal period, its importance to mommies and babies as well as getting to know mommies and babies deeper and be lovelier. Founders Environment Rooms Baby's Area Features Contact Us
  2. Baby & Kidz Fair akan datang ke Kelantan Trade Centre, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (KTC) pada 16-18 Februari 2017 ini. Kemasukan adalah percuma dan terdapat 8000 goodies beg yang akan diberikan secara percuma. Anda hanya perlu mendaftar di Kaunter Pendaftaran bersama I/C anda. Terdapat 33 aktiviti pentas yang menarik bakal diadakan untuk anak anda dan hadiah dijamin kepada setiap peserta!! Jangan lepaskan peluang ini dan kunjungi kami di Baby & Kidz Fair Kelantan pada 16-18 Februari 2017. = Pelbagai barang keperluan bayi dan kanak-kanak dengan harga yang rendah = Hadiah Cabutan Bertuah yang menarik = 33 aktiviti yang boleh disertai dan hadiah dijamin Jumpa anda disana!!
  3. · Datanglah ke Baby & Kidz Fair di di Wisma Belia Kuantan, Pahang pada 14-16 October 2016 ini. Kemasukan adalah Percuma| 8000 goodies beg yang akan diberikan secara Percuma| Daftarkan diri anda bersama I/C anda di Kaunter Pendaftaran. Aktiviti pentas yang menarik juga disediakan oleh Baby & Kidz Fair. Anda boleh mendaftarkan anak-anak anda di Kaunter Pendaftaran Pentas dan Aktiviti bersama Mykid/IC. Tiada yuran penyertaan. Hadiah dijamin kepada setiap peserta. Tidak lupa juga, sertai "Cabutan Bertuah" kami. Berbelanja lah di Baby & Kidz Fair (minimum RM100 & resit boleh digabungkan) dan anda layak untuk menyertai Cabutan Bertuah kami. Terdapat lebih 150 Hadiah dan 12 Kereta Sorong Bayi untuk dimenangi. Jumpa anda disana. Venue: Wisma Belia Kuantan, Pahang Date: 14-16 Oktober 2016 Time: 10am – 10am
  4. Baby and Kidz Fair are coming back to SPICE Arena Penang on 7-9 October 2016!! Mark your calendars and make plan on joining us!! Invite your families and friends too. You can find all kind of baby, kids and maternity products here from diaper, milk powder to toys with special offers and discounts. We are also hosting a full day of activities for visitors to join with their babies and children. Free admission| Free 12000 Goodies Bag Giveaway| 5 sessions of lucky draw per day, 15 strollers and more than 300 hampers to be won!| Stand a chance to win attractive prizes with minimum purchase of RM100 (single receipt or multiple receipts) | 33 fun-filled and awesome stage activities with guaranteed prizes and NO Participation FEEs are required. For more information, please contact 012-302 8080 and Stay updated about all the upcoming news and promotions! See you there! Venue: SPICE ARENA, Bayan Lepas, Penang. Date: 7-9 October 2016 Time: 11am-9pm
  5. To all pretty mummies and young ladies, we are an online shop that sell mask , lotions etc etc. All products imported from Korea. 100% authentic. Please visit our fb page : http://www.facebook.com/kmarketshopaholicc or instagram : kmarketshopaholicc
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