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Found 23 results

  1. Just wanna say thanks to Amanda and KG for being available to play at my wedding... you two were great! Our wedding was in December last year, and we couldn't get a band + MC that could speak proper English with only 2 months to go....(some MCs can, but were no longer available). Besides that, we were quite strict with the selection of songs to be played... it had to be English songs only... So, posted a request here in this forum, and Amanda came to my rescue... did my homework and a week later, I decided they were suitable for us. KG and Amanda told us not to worry about the song selection, they work by choosing their songs according to the feedback from the guests. The day came, they drove all the way Penang and did their thing. I was glad that they were not only good English speakers, but in Hokkien and many other languages as well! Both of them were able to keep the entire wedding hall fun and have everyone, young and old, very much entertained the entire night. With KG taking on the role of MC for the night, we didn't have to worry as he's very well versed with this role, as his quick wit and appropriate jokes were great at making my guests feel welcomed and relaxed.... My cousin and many other relatives went on to dance and sing on stage with KG and Amanda..... Believe it or not, at the end of the dinner, my parents and I were already at the door waiting to thank everyone for coming, but NO ONE came out.... guess why? 'cause KG and Amanda were not done with their song yet! Their instrumental pieces were great, so were their voices!! All the guests were really entertained and many of them commented that it was a great dinner and asked about the band after the wedding.... really worth every ringgit :) The stunning Amanda amazed everyone with her skills and beauty. Once again, we are thankful KG and Amanda were available for us on our wedding date. Both of them are skilled in playing MANY instruments.....
  2. Baby and Kidz Fair are coming back to SPICE Arena Penang on 7-9 October 2016!! Mark your calendars and make plan on joining us!! Invite your families and friends too. You can find all kind of baby, kids and maternity products here from diaper, milk powder to toys with special offers and discounts. We are also hosting a full day of activities for visitors to join with their babies and children. Free admission| Free 12000 Goodies Bag Giveaway| 5 sessions of lucky draw per day, 15 strollers and more than 300 hampers to be won!| Stand a chance to win attractive prizes with minimum purchase of RM100 (single receipt or multiple receipts) | 33 fun-filled and awesome stage activities with guaranteed prizes and NO Participation FEEs are required. For more information, please contact 012-302 8080 and Stay updated about all the upcoming news and promotions! See you there! Venue: SPICE ARENA, Bayan Lepas, Penang. Date: 7-9 October 2016 Time: 11am-9pm
  3. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a make up artist + hair for a wedding in Penang and am not sure who to engage. I've actually emailed quite a few but not everyone replies. I will be coming from KL, so I'm thought of hiring one from KL (like Remy Ngan or Angie Ng or any other suggestions?) as it will be easier to do trials beforehand. However, some have VERY high outstation surcharge so I'm also trying to find someone locally in Penang. I don't live in KL at the moment so unfortunately won't be able to go for trials before booking and will have to depend on recommendations, so any input is much appreciated - I am looking for not-stiff looking hair and natural make up. Thanks! :)
  4. Hi, my name is Ivan Lim. I used to be a casual photographer who shoot almost everything from landscape, street, event, portraiture, performing arts, concert etc. I love shooting landscape the most, especially nightscape. I created many beautiful landscape photos and they have been published before in a few magazines in Malaysia and also Europe. My first DSLR was an APSC Nikon but when I go serious into photography professionally, I have been using Fullframe Nikon and also a prime lens shooter. I have never tried joining the international wedding community yet as I do not have the budget for it at the moment. I know that becoming a member of such community can bring up your branding and able to charge more but my approach is different, I always see my own work and decide myself how much my work would cost. With this, I can provide a much more competitive and affordable price to my clients, and most important thing is they like my work and I am able to deliver my best work to them. In year 2015, I found a few partners and after some discussion, we think can work together as a team and My Love Momentz was given birth. My work can be seen at my website www.mylovemomentz.com and also my facebook page. Nice to meet all of you here in this forum! Hope that we can exchange ideas and even help each other in the future!
  5. Capture romance & special moment sweet memories. your love is come true...... Professionally capture your actual wedding day & dinner. Our company start form 2002,have very good experience on wedding shooting Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification. Tel: +6012-5508737 Email: makdigital@gmail.com

    © Mak Digital

  6. www.bwstudio.com.my We have more the 9 years’ experience in this industry.Our ultimate goal is to create a movie that not only tells a story, but also becomes a tangible reminder of the feelings and chemistry shared between a bride and groom.True wedding day Cinematography is all about capturing life the way your heart sees it. When you shoot from your heart, your work will always be your own; something no one else can copy. Capture the inner beauty of people by focusing on the little things that attract me to them. We prefer to shoot with all natural light when possible because it preserves the natural dimension and contrast in a scene. We constantly look for angles that include people in the background who are watching the subject with emotion on their faces. The right backgrounds can dramatically increase the power of a scene.
  7. KUNJUNGILAH PAMERAN BAYI & KANAK-KANAK NO 1 dan TERBESAR DI PULAU PINANG! Baby & Kidz Fair akan mempamerkan produk terkini untuk ibu-ibu yang bakal bersalin , bayi, kanak-kanak dan lain-lain. Masuk Percuma | 8000 Goodies Beg Percuma | Beli & Menang! Sebanyak 15 kereta bayi dan terdapat juga lebih 200 hadiah disediakan + 5 sesi cabutan bertuah setiap hari | Serta & Menang! 33 Aktiviti Pentas untuk kanak-kanak dan ibu bapa + Hadiah Terjamin + Tiada sebarang yuran kemasukan. PULAU PINANG Tarikh: 9-11 Oktober 2015 Tempat: Spice Arena, Bayan Lepas Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila ikut facebook.com/BabyNKidzFair atau hubungi 012-302 8080.
  8. COME and VISIT the NO.1 and THE LARGEST BABY & KIDS EXPO Penang! Baby and Kidz Fair exhibit numerous latest products for maternity, kids, and babies. Free Admission| Free 8000 Goodies Bag| Spend & Win!|15 Baby Strollers to be given away & more than 200 prizes to be won +5 sessions of lucky draw per day| Join & Win! 33 Fun-Filled Game Activities with Guaranteed Prizes & No Participation Fees. PENANG Date: 9-11 October 2015 Venue: Spice Arena, Bayan Lepas For more information, please follow us on facebook.com/BabyNKidzFair or call 012-302 8080.
  9. COME and VISIT the NO.1 and THE LARGEST BABY & KIDS EXPO Penang! \ Baby and Kidz Fair exhibit numerous latest products for maternity, kids, and babies. Free Admission| Free 8000 Goodies Bag| Spend & Win!|15 Baby Strollers to be given away & more than 200 prizes to be won +5 sessions of lucky draw per day| Join & Win! 33 Fun-Filled Game Activities with Guaranteed Prizes & No Participation Fees. PENANG Date: 9-11 October 2015 Venue: Spice Arena, Bayan Lepas For more information, please follow us on facebook.com/BabyNKidzFair or call 012-302 8080.
  10. Hi future WEDS!!! We are The PlayGround Events Photobooth based in Penang and we are committed to exceed our customers' expectation!! We specialize all sorts of events ranging from weddings,corporate events, birthday parties and many more. We also come out with ideas as to how to make your event or parties exciting and memorable!! So want to know more about us? Don't hesitate to e-mail or contact me!! E-mail: shaun@theplayground.com.my Tel: 04-2297289 Website: http://www.photobooth.my/ We are also active in our Facebook page so do check us out and like us on our Facebook page!! https://www.facebook.com/theplaygroundphotobooth?ref=ts&fref=ts Below are the lists of services we provide, Price: RM1800 Services/Items provided: - Logo, photo template design and background based on the theme of your event - 4 hours* of UNLIMITED photobooth session - A photobooth (3ft x 6ft), fits up to 3 adults - A box of props (funny hats, wigs, handheld props, sunglasses etc) - 2 friendly on-site crew/technicians for delivery, setup and removal of photobooth - A digital photo printer - Transportation of photobooth to and fro from the event venue shaun@theplayground.com.mysa
  11. Congratulation to the proud dad & mom! The arrival of child marks a new chapter of life for the loving couple. Traditionally, when a baby turns one month old, parents will hold a baby full moon celebration together with relatives and friends. Guest will bring gifts of money in red envelopes to bless the baby. In return, guess will receive plates of red eggs, rice cakes (ang-ku kuih) as a gift. Rounded shape of red eggs symbolizes luck, harmony, unity and new life. Rounded shape of rice cake (紅圓粿) inform to the guess on the arrival of baby boy. Little peach shape of rice cake (紅桃粿) inform to the guess on the arrival of baby girl. Justart offer variety of baby full moon packages which combine both traditional (red eggs, rice cake) and modernisms (tarts). 寶寶出生一個月後稱為滿月,傳統華人的習俗稱為 『 彌月之喜 』 或為 『 彌月喜悅 』。家人會在這一天致送各種賀禮,如紅龜粿、紅圓、紅桃、紅雞蛋、等物品,答謝親朋好友的祝福。 紅雞蛋 – 同時象征” 好运,幸福,和谐”之意。 紅桃粿 – 告訴親朋好友女寶寶的出生。 紅圓粿 – 告訴親朋好友男寶寶的出生。 Justart 巧塔有推出幸福宝宝满月礼盒配套。融合传统 (紅雞蛋, 紅龜糕) 与潮流 (巧塔) 的元素。保留传统的新巧思。
  12. Please visit www.bk-gallery.com Our wedding photography services start from RM599!!!
  13. BK Photography is having a promotion for wedding day photography. The package start from RM599 [limited quota]!! plz visit : http://www.bk-gallery.com any inquiry plz email to : bkgallery@mail.com
  14. Hello dearest all, NEED Advice / Help as much as I can get from anyone here.. Been reading through the forums anything that I can find about ROM but Majority based in KL. I really need help in Penang island here. My ROM will be on this September and I'm still looking for a venue for ROM though. JPN mentioned only on Mon, Wed and Fri. Mine's fall on Thursday. Called up Moral Uplifting and PCTH and both can't do for me as it clashes on mid-autumn fest. (Moral Uplifting "charged" RM500 should I choose on "special dates") Also after ROM I was thinking of doing a little appreciation lunch or hi-tea for those who attend. Any ideas on the venues? Budget wise for the whole thing would be roughly up to 5k. Sounds too much for a simple ROM? Basically, I'm super new with all this thing and I'm still learning and reading as much as I can to prep up. Really appreciate it alot if anyone could advise me or give me some help here...Thanks so much!
  15. Wedding Package Worth RM3300 in Kuang Yee Nibung Tebal Studio 1. Valid for 2 years. 2. Exluded actual day wedding dress for bride, but bridegroom will include 2 coat for actual day. 3. 5 dress and 5 hair do for photo shooting session in Kuang Yee Nibung Tebal Studio. 4. 50 photo in 2 album 5. 2 photo with frame for parent. 6. Included makeup for actual day and night. 7. Others For full details, please email me at rothtan84@gmail.com. This package want to be transfer because of personal reason.
  16. Hi , I am looking Live Band for my wedding dinner . Prefer 4 piece Which is guitar , drummer , singer and keyboard Can play for , Oldiest , slow rock , love song and modern song. Any idea for me? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi All, My FI and I live in NZ, and we are looking to have our wedding reception in both Penang and Kuching next year. Just looking for tips on where to start - venue, pre wedding photography, make up, etc. Can anyone help with a checklist of what we have to consider and recommendation from your experience? Thank you!
  18. Hi Girls, Penang wedding venue to let go. Anybody interested? Thanks =)
  19. Help! Help! Help! I'm new here. Just attend Penang bridal fair in gurney today n got signed up with crystal brides, without looking at other bridal studios. The photos of celebrities wedding gowns are too attractive to me n they told me that have all those exactly the same as the celebrities. I didn't know anything about bridal shop but after saw so many bad bad reviews, I almost shed tears. Please can someone tell me they have improved? Or what should I do to save this mess coz I have also just deposited rm1050. Stupid me make decision too fast. Some one please save me:(
  20. --business solicitation is not allowed in the forum, please contact webmaster@malaysiabrides.com for more information --
  21. Hi fellow BTBs, So, I have looked at more than 15 different photographers from Penang, KL and Klang Valley! I had LOTS of criteria for picking my AD photographer. Ultimately, it came down to QUALITY & STYLE (most important), price range in the MIDDLE-tier (not budget, but not super expensive either - you get what you pay for) and how easy they are to get along with (need to like and get along with them to be relaxed in photos). FINALLY THE DECISION IS MADE!!! I have choosen to enlist Victor Hew as my photographer for AD and portraits. After the hassles that i have had with some other photography vendors while searching for the right photographer for my Wedding next year, I've found Victor to be really nice, easy-going and accommodating ( I am a perfectionistic/fussy bride). 1). I really like his style of photography! 2). The quality of his work appears to be excellent. 3). He was quick to reply to my enquiry with package rates. 4). I dealt with him directly and he patiently answered all my questions via email and phone. This is better than dealing with him thru an assistant/receptionist who cannot always answer your questions. Also, he is very personable over the phone. 5). He was helpful and accommodating to tailor a photography package to my needs, as my AD schedule is a bit complicated. 6). The assistant photographer is his wife, Wan Ching, who specialises in baby photography ( http://www.o-peekaboo.com ) but also does wedding photography. I like the husband and wife team aspect because I know they are used to working with each other and will therefore, work well as a team on the day! 7). Uses all the appropriate, professional equipment. 8). Albums and product options appear to be of high quality and reasonable price ( I did quite a bit of research on this). 9). Final product deliver time is reasonable. 10). Has lots of good reviews and testimonials. 11). Have not had the AD yet, but he seems to be quite ethical and I TRUST him Victor's photography on his website is excellent quality, if you want to check it out, the website is http://www.victor-hew.com Email: info@victor-hew.com H/P: +60 169 513 308 P.S. - This is NOT an advertisement. Simply a bride who has had to do alot of research on photographers and found a good photographer who meets ALL the criteria hard to find, so I want to help other brides. Good Luck to all BTBs who are photographer hunting!
  22. Hi, Im newbie here. Nice to meet your=) I like to travel, hopre every1 cn share your experience here. Thanks. I oso share some useful website tat i often use here, http://www.easibook.com/ - Largest Express Bus Tickets Website (Singapore & Malaysia) http://www.singapore-expressbus.com - Introduction of Express Bus service from Singapore to and fro Malaysia http://www.travel2si...apore.com.sg - The most comprehensive tourists guide in Singapore! http://www.travel2malaysia.com.my/ - The most comprehensive tourists guide in Malaysia!
  23. Hello fellow member! :) I am Dennis, from Penang. As title stated, I'd like to transfer RM3,000 deposit to anyone who wants to hold a wedding reception at Traders Hotel, Penang anytime before 30th Nov 2012. I've been there and the place is nice. Unfortunately, my wedding reception has been called off and wanted to postpone until further date. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks and Regards, Dennis.
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