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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have brought Cellnique No more blackhead duo pack last week friday and start using it right away because i cant stand of my face anymore. tried alot of brand for few weeks and result is not that good. but tried this and day by day i see great result, i am deeply surprise. Link is at below http://bit.ly/noblackhead let me know what you think about this because it is kinda powerful. any advise?
  2. Glowing & Flawless Skin Secrets Have you ever wondered how Malaysians maintain a good and healthy skin despite the heat from the weather? The answers to your question is right here! We'll be talking about several ways and methods in making your skin glow and flawless! 1. Organic Skin Products It is important for you to choose your products carefully because certain skin products contain artificial and harmful synthetic chemicals. Based on researchers, these chemicals are carcinogenic. Besides that, it could also inhibit your skin from breathing and harbouring harmful bacteria in your skin. By using organic skin products, you can obtain a vibrant, smooth, supple, elastic and moist skin. It also helps the skin in removing toxins and boosting immune systems. Check out organic products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: http://www.scurve.my/product/ 2. Stress Management One of the most skin damaging factors are stress. Stress could cause awfully a lot of damage to your skin. The stress experienced by a person may produce a certain chemical in your body that makes your skin more reactive and sensitive. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, you break out even more? This outbreak is naturally caused by cortisol and other hormones level in your body. As results, the hormones allow your skin to produce more oil and leads to acne, eczema and other skin problems. For people with existing skin problems may also worsen their skin condition due to the stress that they had. These are the few three skin conditions that may be affected by stress, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. There are many ways in handling stress levels in your daily life. You may follow these simple steps in managing your daily stress: Always take care of your skin, regardless the amount of stress that you have.Regularly exercise. Eg: Jogging, lifting, rock climbing and etc.Take 10 minutes of your time to relax and do the things that you enjoy.Walk around your place to relax your mind.Pick up stress management techniques such as, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and visual imagery.Getting enough sleep (Adults: 8 hours minimum).Rejecting workloads if you believe that it is too stressful.Visiting a beauty salon for relaxation and at the same time rejuvenate your skinSeeking professional's help3. Removing your make up before sleep Make up is part of women's beauty's regime and it is also the simplest way to improve the radiance and attractiveness of the skin. However, there is a major side effect for your skin. Our skin might have a major reaction between the chemicals in cosmetics. The reaction consists of two types, which are irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. An irritant contact dermatitis is the itching or burning feeling you get when you apply the cosmetics. On the other hand, the allergic contact dermatitis is "true" allergy towards the individual itself by causing swelling, itching and blisters. Since its impossible to avoid putting on make ups, here's a few simple steps for you to protect your skin after putting on your make up: Using baby oil/cleansers to remove your make upBaby oil are safe to be used as a makeup remover. The baby oil contains two types of minerals, which are mineral oil and fragrances. Both ingredients are natural and it is friendly to sensitive skin. Besides that, you could also consider using organic cleansers to clean your make up. For organic cleansers: http://www.scurve.my/product/ 2. Cleaning your face with cleanser After removing your make up, it is important to wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Warm water helps in opening the pores on your skin. As results, you can clean the insides of the pores. After that, wash your face again with organic cleansers. Organic cleanser contains natural minerals that helps in removing build up bacteria in your skin. 3. Apply toner After cleaning your face with the cleanser, rinse your face with chilly water. Chilly water will close the pores on your skin. Take two organic cotton pads saturated with toner and wipe it on your face. You should apply toner on face, neck and décolletage. Make sure the toner you use contains friendly ingredients to ensure your skin is healthy. For organic toners click here: http://www.scurve.my/product/ 4. Apply Moisturizer Lastly, this step helps in re-hydrating your skin after hydrating it with makeup. Moisturizers are used to prevent dry skin and oily skin. It is recommended to use organic moisturizer because minerals in the moisturizer may help in replenishing the nutrient loss in your face. By using moisturizers, you can have a softer and elastic skin. For organic moisturizer click here: http://www.scurve.my/product/
  3. Dear All, I am proud to introduce u the StemTech products... new technology to stay healthy... it is not stem cell from animal etc... it is organic (algae),vegetarian & halal... a product to support your bone marrow to produce your natural stem cell. I am introduced by my mom-in-law, she took the product & I can see the improvement on her (58yrs old), health, more focus & energetic, her face tighter & pigments reduces etc... I just took for 3 days, and my permanent back pain was gone & I feel more energetic although I have average 5hrs sleep only (got 2 kids - 2yrs & 8mths). I have the back pain after 2 pregnancies. Now, I introduced to my mom also. She is excited to share that her face pigments are fading after 5 days. I bought the cream as her birthday present. I share with u all because I care... check the website if interested. http://janicelrp1.stemtechbiz.com.my. I joined as member to get cheap products. Thanks! Janice janicelrp@yahoo.com
  4. Hey, My skin is always a little yellow, I often work in front of computer. Do you know any useful and fast ways to make my skin white? Thank you!
  5. NOW you can enjoy Facial Treatment Service at Home!!!! What is The Belletist? Let us bring the facial treatment to you. Here at The Belletist we bring the quality of the facial conveniently to your home. Between the team we have over 5 years experience and we pride ourselves on our exceptional level of client care. We endeavour to provide you and your guests with top quality products and services. We guarantee relaxing and luxurious treat leaving you feeling fabulous. We are using the World Top 5 Premium Skin Care Products to service our exclusive clients. What you can expect from The Belletist? The beauty of the mobile beauty service is that we can cater for all sorts of clients in the comfort of their own surroundings. If you are an individual client then why not have a look at our extensive treatment list. Once you have made your booking our team will arrive with everything to hand including fluffy towels and freshly laundered dressing gowns... we are literally beauty on the move and we are here to pamper you. Where we work? Klang Valley - Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Subang, Bandar Damansara, Sg Buloh, Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Kepong, Wangsa Maju, Setapak, Serdang, and Cheras. Like our Facebook "The Belletist" page and get RM20 Cash Voucher. https://www.facebook.com/TheBelletist PM The Belletist and tell Promo Code "20BELLETIST" immediately you will get RM20 Cash Voucher.
  6. Hello everyone! Just want to share with you guys this amazing product for the skin in terms of diminishing lines and wrinkles, increased brightness and clarity as well as making you skin soft for a more youthful-looking skin. After all, all eyes will be on you during your big day, it only makes sense to have beautiful skin, no? ;) Made by Univera , a company that sells Aloe-based products , Univera’s Aloe-based products are second to none. Their unique patented technology allows them to isolate the most effective polysaccharides within the plant – those that fall within a range they like to call the Aloe Sweet Spot. But they don’t stop there! They then standardize the amount of those perfectly-sized polysaccharides in each batch. That means more of the right kind of polysaccharides in every product. Cleanser, toner, lotions and even health drinks! Univera is determined in making people look good and feel good. Check out their website to find out more! https://www.newunivera.com/en-my/ or Pm or email me at ryan.lee@outlook.my Hope everyone has a good day! May the force be with you *cue imperial march song* Don`t join the dark side :P
  7. Solve your pimples, acne problem, acne scars, dark circle, dark pigment and many more... Do you have any skin problems stated above? Are you TIRED with certain cosmetic and skincare products? Have you ever spent tonnes of money on your skin problem? Expensive skincare products, facial treatments but yet still no improvement?? Before you give up, try one last product, you will get an amaze result which will helps to restore your confidence. LAMOR2 For Pimples treatment & Acne scars, remove dead skin cell, remove dullness & dryness, pore-minimizing, improve dark circle & anti-wrinkle (100% No side effect. It’s made by natural organic remedy) LAMOR2 is MIRACLE Collagen!!! It is suitable for male & female from age 7 and above!!! HALAL & VEGETARIAN also can consume!!! Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a well known by worldwide as the most healthy and popular ingredient for Skin. The most powerful function of HA is to against wrinkles. It had been treated as the secret of skin care beauty by most of the celebrities. There are varieties of HA products. The most commonly being used are in the form of injection and oral consumption. The comprehensive beauty and healthy product It contents potent ingredients like high concentration of hyaluronic acid, and also a proprietary blend of collagen, vitamin C, silk amino acids, Calcium carbonate, 3 types of berries. Water soluble nutrients can be highly absorbed by digestive system. The result is instant and very effective. Lamor2 is best replace the trend of single ingredient product like collagen, placenta and botox. The HA can be well-absorbed and tolerated by human body through oral consumption and injection is not necessary. Thus no need to worry about the side effect of HA injections. Benefit Anti wrinkle Natural shaping Facial Depression Filing Increase skin elasticity Improve the moisturizing Improve sedation and overcome stress Improves body system and enhances immunity Anti-cancer promotion ability Anti-Diabetic Ability Cytokine Producing ability PRICE : RM 1xx ONLY !!! Pakage Include: 15 Sachets (Per box) Dealing Method: By Post or Cash on Delivery (COD) Postage: WM FREE / EM FREE COD Area: Postage FREE or COD at SETAPAK area/ TAR College area/PAVILION KL area + new location!!! THE MINES/ SOUTH CITY SERDANG area CONTACT : sms/whatsapp +60123370677 or line: ance
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