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Found 14 results

  1. Year End Holiday Creative Camp Our MRC Kids™ Holiday Creative Camp is a holiday program for children aged 3-6 years old. The creative camp has been specifically designed to deliver fun learning in 5 major subjects, including: Kids picture conversation in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia Kids science experiments Kids picture card Kids Art & Craft This Year Holiday Camp Theme is Amazing Ocean Journey 魅力海洋之旅全脑假期营 MRC Kids is implementing creative approaches such as drama and speech activities to deliver language lessons across three different languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Together with math exercises and other enrichment activities, MRC Kids helps to: • Develop linguistic intelligence through multilingual development • Build confidence in public speaking • Promote logical-mathematical intelligence • Support whole brain development • Help children learn about character building and managing their emotions Learning Hour : i) Morning Session (9am - 12pm) ii) Afternoon Session (12pm - 6pm or 3pm - 6pm) iii) Day Care (9am - 6pm) Teaching Day Monday to Friday Hurry to register your kid with us. MRC Kids SS2 012-5725609( Ms Lee) /014-9138110( Ms Ng)
  2. I have recently signed up and paid full amount for pre-wedding photography at this bridal shop in ss2. I have to tell you, i totally regret my decision. I have limited time as my wedding date is near , so I just randomly chose one of the many bridal shops in SS2. First of all, their gown is limited and old fashion. I didn't have a choice as they did not allow me to view the studio when i first went there. They insists that i paid rm 2000 deposit. Thinking that i have limited time, so i paid. Still, they didnt allow me to view the studio but instead, took me upstairs to select gowns. So, the real day arrived where i finally had the chance to view the studio. My first impression was.....OMG, This is it? it is as small as a masterbed room. There were limited props. Next, the outdoor photoshoot. They were very unprofessional and take every shot in a hurry. As described, you can imagine how those photos turned up. I have collected my album recently and guess what, my friends think that my photos are outdated and not impressive at all for the amount of money i have paid. Every time when i visit the shop for further payment, they would insists that i pay extra. For example, artificial hand bouquets, photobook and etc. I think it is ridiculous as what comes out from their mouth is "PAY EXTRA" if you want this. I thought i didn't want to waste time searching for make up artist, so i selected their make up artist instead. they charged me RM 1600 for 3 make ups. 2 dinners and the actual day make up. When I ask if they will change my hairstyle each time i change gown, they told me, "PAY EXTRA RM 200" if you want. I was like, HUH? Didn't the amount they charge is included? Not only that, the make up artist keep complaining that my actual day ceremony is early and she has to wake up early. So now, how professional is this place. You can PM me if you would like to know which bridal shop is this in SS2. They claimed they don't participate in bridal fairs and they have almost 11 years experience. P/S: 1) 11 years experience and still does not improve 2) the so called special price they offered for photobooth , RM 1500 (which i can get lower elsewhere) 3) those "pay extra" if you want that really angers me 4) constant complain bout the time she has to arrive my house during the actual day make up 5) very unfriendly staffs 6) expensive and low quality products The total amount paid: RM 6500 Make up: RM 1600
  3. Hello, good day everyone.. This topic is specially for brides & brides to be... First of all, congratulations... I would like to know the comment/opinion about this bridal shop at PJ - Korea Artiz Studio.. Anyone took their package? And how is their service? Thanks for the feedback... Very much appreciate it...
  4. hi, i'm new here... anyone know about White House Wedding? any comment and feedback from this bridal shop? i'm looking for more information about this bridal shop thanks!
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