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Found 11 results

  1. Note: This review was submitted to my photographer voicing my feelings about his service. He did not address my concerns or provided any justifications to his work. Instead he ignored it and unfriended me on Facebook. He does not have any customer service skills nor have the tact to accept my reviews as room for improvement. This is how I always imagined my wedding photos to look like. http://itgirlweddings.com/pretty-vineyard-wedding/ Our wedding was May 2016, in the Tuscan hills of Italy. It has been almost a year and to this day, I still am very unhappy when I look at the photos. Prior to our wedding day, I communicated with Kurt through WhatsApp for over half a year, showing him photos I loved and even suggested an idea of having a list of photos I definitely wanted to have on my wedding day. He constantly told me to stop worrying and to trust him and his job. I really regret not being more outspoken on the day of my wedding, but what bride and groom has time to micromanage their photographer. I felt since I communicated with him an entire YEAR before the wedding, showing him examples of what I loved, he would be able to envision the day the way I have asked. - I wish my ceremony photos were not all far away and from the ground looking up. The angles was unflattering and the photos did not represent how the event went. I felt my friends captured better shots from their phone cameras with a more direct angle. The first kiss was shot from so far away. The photo of my parents and I walking down the aisle was slanted and from a very unflattering angle. If all the shots were not from the ground looking up, it would have probably been better. Almost EVERY photo I've looked at from his portfolio, he didn't advertise this upward angle thing, where the hell did it come from and why did it have to be his eye for the entire day?!- During the ceremony, I only have photos of my guests and nothing close up of the bride and groom. The photos were SO zoomed out, showing all my guests covering their faces from the sunlight and wiping their tears. Honestly, that's great, but that's not what a photographer should have focused on! Where are the shots of the two of us up-close and smiling at each other? Why don't I have a photo with my officiant, one of the more important people of the day? I should NOT need to crop my own photos so I can find what the main focus point should be. - The poses taken when the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready are SO awkward. What ever happened to just the girls smiling at the camera in our dresses and looking at each other and pretending to laugh? We had to stand in the awkward poses that my maid of honor felt her body shaking when Kurt took over 5 minutes to take a shot. - There are far more photos of the groom and groomsmen taking photos. Guys do not care about photos!! As a bride, I would have assumed the attention would have been upon myself, but I do not have real-time photos being taken of me getting ready! There isn't even a single shot of myself in my bridal gown holding my bouquet. ZERO. Why would a photographer not have a photo of a bride in her gown, alone, on her very special day?? It's not hard to remember... - Zero photos with my family, especially my mother and father alone. - Harsh lighting for photos after ceremony. As a photographer, I counted on Kurt to tell us to move out of the harsh light and to take better group photos in the shade or even indoors. He rushed through those photos, that all of our photos have the guests squinting unhappily. Not once we were suggested to move elsewhere.- We only had a handful of photos as a bride and groom. We didn't get to take photos because Kurt's excuse was the sun being harsh. I felt we had a lot of time to move around the compound and find better areas, but I felt he didn't bother to scout out the location (although he was on premise with us for 3 days prior to the event). I understand Kurt did not have an assistant that day, but there were many points that were missed. He could have spent more time taking photos of the bridal party, and not the groomsmen because the boys obviously do not care about the wedding photos after the event. Hell, the boys just look at them with a glance! My engagement photos and elopement photos were done by one photographer and I loved 90% of her photos because she was attentive and really asked me what kind of shots I would like. As a bride, I did not have time to think of the nitty gritty. I assumed Kurt knew since we been in contact since May 2015 for my May 2016 wedding and that is where I really focused on the details I wanted. He spent the entire weekend with my friends and I, eating and drinking, and treated as if he was our friend. We showed him hospitality and I thought by then, he would understand what my husband and I envisioned for the wedding. Out of the 600+ photos, I wholeheartedly believe I love about 5-1o photos, but they are not photos I would want to frame to put in my house. The rest of the photos I have been really impressed with our photos from my guests as they really had the eye to capture the moments the way I wanted. I've cried several times about this matter because how much I regret moving forward with Kurt as the photographer. People elsewhere may love this type of photography, and I truly did from the samples he posts on his blog, but I can tell you from looking at hundreds of my own photos, they are not what any of my friends and family expected. I spoke so highly of his work and trusted him SO MUCH, only to be disappointed by the $4000 we spent. Our wedding is once in a lifetime, especially since this wedding was held over 5000 miles away from home, I expected captures I could feel proud of and share with my friends and relatives. More than half of my friends, even ones at the wedding, agreed the photos could have taken differently and with more detail. Bottom line, don't be so overconfident and egotistical about your work. If a client has chosen to pay thousands of dollars because they've chosen you out of 15 different vendors to shoot a day that cannot be recreated, take some time to get to know what they want and not just brush their ideas as "weird" or "strange" or "well this cannot be done because the style is different." Photographers are a dime in a dozen and this isn't an event that can be redone.
  2. Hi ladies and gents, The Snapshot Cafe provides engagement & wedding photography and videography services in London, UK and other Europe cities. ( No extra charge transportation fee ) https://www.facebook.com/London-Engagement-Wedding-Photography-and-Videography-1547845602171994/?success=1 https://www.facebook.com/TheSnapshotCafe/ Contact us now to book your consultation and wedding photography & videography session. Our packages are flexible and reasonably priced, we understand different clients have different needs. Suggest the best package for you. Look forward to further discussing your needs. Thank You Edward Green and Tina Au http://www.thesnapshotcafe.com/engagement-wedding/ http://www.thesnapshotcafe.com/gallery/wedding-videos/ http://www.thesnapshotcafe.com/gallery/hair-make-up/ https://plus.google.com/b/114463932634593481981/114463932634593481981/posts/p/pub?gmbpt=true&pageId=114463932634593481981 https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102650172158089824245/102650172158089824245/posts/p/pub?_ga=1.163963775.1982097050.1458436850 http://www.nationalweddingshow.co.uk/exhibitor-search/exhibitor/?id=1410
  3. Dear all, The Wedding Barn is new wedding gallery in PJ Uptown on October 2015. Our service : Bridal Gowns, Dinner Dresses, Make Up & Styling. Photography Of Pre Wedding, Wedding Actual Day, Engagement, Pregnancy & Baby, Party. Address, 28A, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama (PJ Uptown), 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. However, we are open to serve you better. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact +6016-2331568 or email us in info@theweddingbarn.com.my Thank you and have a nice day. The Wedding Barn Gallery +60162331568 theweddingbarn.com.my/ www.facebook.com/theweddingbarn.com.my/
  4. Dear all, The Wedding Barn is new wedding gallery in PJ Uptown on October 2015. Our service : Bridal Gowns, Dinner Dresses, Make Up & Styling. Photography Of Pre Wedding, Wedding Actual Day, Engagement, Pregnancy & Baby, Party. Address, 28A, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama (PJ Uptown), 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. However, we are open to serve you better. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact +6016-2331568 or email us in info@theweddingbarn.com.my Thank you and have a nice day. The Wedding Barn Gallery +60162331568 theweddingbarn.com.my/ www.facebook.com/theweddingbarn.com.my/
  5. Fellow Malaysia Brides Members, Hi, We are DFImages Photography, a growing company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We provide satisfying Wedding Events Photography services all across Malaysia. Feel free to visit our newly developed Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/DFIMalaysia Contact us at: Danny Tan (MLY) +60 14 919 5996 (SMS/Whatsapp) dfimagesphotography@gmail.com For celebrating our Third year of establishing, we bring to you DFImages Photography Promotions for year 2014. Package start from RM780 for Wedding Actual Day Records. Book Now or Inquiry at: Danny Tan (MLY) +60 14 919 5996 (SMS/Whatsapp) dfimagesphotography@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/DFIMalaysia
  6. Cool Digital Studios Wedding Photography For many years, we have captured unforgettable moments of lives. Our trusted skills in photography and digital imaging had impressed many couples,families and clients. Now, we graciously invite you to explore our masterpieces, most marveled by our grateful patrons at all times. Please view our official page : http://www.cooldigitalstudios.com/ facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/CoolDigitalStudios blog : http://cooldigitalstudioswedding.blog.com/ Location : B-3-20, Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1, PJU 3, PJ 47410 Selangor
  7. business solicitation is not allow in the forum, please become legal vendor to promote your service in the forum. You can email webmaster@malaysiabrides.com for further detail.
  8. Professional Wedding Photography is an important part of your wedding. Once the big event is over, you will want your memories preserved for a lifetime. The main thing is not to make a mistake in the choice of the Professional Wedding Photographer. Based on my experience, I suggest 35 basic questions that will help you make the right choice. 1. How far in advance do I need to book you (Professional Wedding Photography)? Are you available on the date of my wedding? You choose the time and date you need a photographer. But: 1) If someone else is scheduled for the date you request, I will be unable to help you. 2) Be aware that if you book an appointment with me now, the current prices will be honored. However, prices are subject to change. Once you know the date of your wedding, you can easily call and book with me (Professional Wedding Photography) at whether it’s a week or a year before the event. 2. What is the booking process? You can email me , complete the form on the website www.sergeygreen.com, send me message on FACEBOOK or call +1 626-673-56-39. I need to know: The name of the bride: _____________ The name of the groom: ____________ The date and time of the wedding: ____________ Address: ____________ Phone number of the bride: ____________ Phone number of the groom: ____________ 3. How and where can we meet? We can meet at any convenient place and time for you. 4. Do I need to sign a contract? When will I receive a written contract? Yes. A contract between the couple and the photographer is mandatory. 5. How Much Of A Deposit Is Required To Hold The Date? You pay 20% of the total cost. Total cost is dependent on package. 6. What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept? I accept check and cash. 7. Is Photography your main business? How Long Have You Been Photographing Weddings? I have worked as a wedding photographer for five years. Photography is my profession. My company is called Green Studio Inc. 8. How would you describe your work style, e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative, etc? Can you combine several styles during the day? I know how to combine a couple of styles very well. My favorite style is photojournalistic wedding photography. 9. Do you shoot in color, black and white, or both? Approximately 10-15% of the shots are in black and white, but I always base the shots on the desires of my customers. 10. What are your interests ? I am currently seeking a Master’s degree, I read a lot of literature, take part in special forums, and of course, take pictures. I take pictures not only for weddings, but also for actors’ portfolios and fashion. Additionally, I am constantly taking pictures on my iPhone. 11. Do you bring on my wedding an assistant or second photographer? Yes. My assistant and second photographer is Alexandra. We have worked together for 4 years and understand each other perfectly. It is crucial for a photographer to have an assistant at a wedding as I never want to overlook the small details, so my assistant always with me. 12. Are you the actual photographer who will be shooting on my wedding day? Yes, along with my assistant. 13. Can I give you a list of shots that we would definitely like to have? Of course. 14. Can I speak with your last clients? Of course you can contact my clients. If you are interested in doing so, I can provide names and numbers. 15. Do you have a spare camera in case of emergency on the day of the wedding? Do you have a photographer who can replace you, if for some reason you cannot shoot at my wedding? Yes, I have a spare camera. If the force majeure circumstances I can not be at the wedding, I will find you a photographer instead of not lower my standards. 16. How will you be dressed on my wedding day? Formal shirt, jacket and pants. If there are any special requests (costumes such as Spider Man, Batman), ask beforehand. 17. Is it possible for other guests to take a photo with a flash on the subject? Sure, so long as it does not interfere with my work. I want the photos I take for your wedding to be of the highest quality. 18. Do you work well with videographers? Yes, i do. I understand that wedding videography is an important part of preserving memories, I am more than willing to work with them. 19. From the time you arrive, how long will you shoot? If dinner is delayed, are you able to stay? Do you charge extra for that? Shooting begins and ends at a certain time, depending on the prescribed agreement in the contract. As conditions change, there is a clause in the contract about the additional hours. 20. If my groom and I geting ready in diffrient places, What we can do? On this case i have a second professonal wedding photographer. 21. What comes in my photography package (wedding and engagement)? Photographers Sergey Green + Aleksandra, digital photos on a wood flash drive, a slide show, and a photo album. 22. How many pictures will you take for my wedding? I guarantee 80 pictures per hour. 23. Can I change the service package according to my needs? Yes, of course. 24. Do you have an album in your package? Does this price include the album? The price does not include the photobooks. 25. Do you correct your photos? Does the price include editing? Yes, I do editing, retouching, and color correction which is all included in the price. 26. What is color correction? Why is it necessary? See an example on my web http://www.sergeygreen.com. 27. After The Wedding, When Can We Expect To See The Photos? It will take 2 months to edit your pictures. 28. How long will you keep my files? 2 years. 29. Do I get digital photos for Facebook? Will there be extra costs? You, you get all the digital photos. In addition, you will receive photos that can be printed and posted on the Internet. You dont’t need to pay extra. 30. How much time do I have to pay in full? You will need to pay in full after you receive all the photos from me. 31. Can I receive the negatives (RAW files)? Yes, we can provide the negatives (RAW failes) if you would like them. 32. What is your Equipment List? my Equipment List, Canon 5D Mark 2, Canon 5D, Canon 70-200 2.8 IS USM, Canon 17-40 4.0, Sigma 50mm 1.4, 2xUmbrella, 2xFlash, Mulit Collapsible disc 33. Do you do engagement photoshoots? 95% of my clients book engagement photoshoots. 34. Can you tell us about the places where you can take engagement photos? Of course. 35. Will I feel comfortable working with this photographer? This is an important question to ask yourself. I am happy to meet with you before you made a decision in order to ensure you are comfortable. From http://www.sergeygreen.com
  9. This couple prefer more casual wear on their wedding photobook, so we try to do some vintage feeling as well and i enjoy shooting casual like it. FB fan page: www.fb.com/studio.numb9r email: order.numb9r@gmail.com
  10. Dear Valued Customer, Warm Greetings From PICEXCEL "DESIGNING MOMENTS CAPTURED" A Photographer captures beautiful Moments, Such moments are stored either as a album or in Digital Format. It often requires that additional touch to create an impression that lasts forever. PICEXCEL make those Moments Memorable. Open Up the album on your 1st , 10th & 50th Anniversaries; it will not fail to bring Smiles and Tears Of Joy. DESIGNING ALBUMS IS OUR PASSION. We are a believer in Post Production. We believe creativity does not end at the moment of the click of the shutter. Reviewing the images of wedding, forming a story line, creating montages to convey the story & bringing them to life on an album is a fascinating process. “A GOOD ALBUM DEMANDS A LOT. A GOOD ALBUM IS WHAT WE PROVIDE AT A PRICE THAT IS LESS” Feature of our services: Best Price Various Designs Styles Fast turnaround time Unlimited revision No readymade templates or design ready software used. Free FTP Account Sample Work Page : www.picexcel.com/sample.pdf Website URL : www.picexcel.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/picexcel Email : info@picexcel.com
  11. -business solicitation is not allowed in the follow. please contact thru marcus@malaysiabrides.com
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