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Brown Sauce

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Dear all,

Any good brown sauce recipe to share???

i'm thinking to make some brown sauce for chicken chop and homemade mash potatoes


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hi aishiteru

i have 1 here but its a bit ma fan lah but its worth a try bcoz its all made of raw material n not artificial. I got this recipe from my lecturer when im studying in the hospitality college last time. This is the brown sauce that normally use by hotels n restaurants.


Mirepoux - consist of a carrot cut into cubes with the skin on or if u feel a bit waste to use the whole carrot then u can just peel the skin n cut the head n tail of the carrot to use in it then carrot u can use it to cook other things, a bombay onion cut into cubes, some celery - choose those not so nice 1 then just simply cut cut n throw it in

beef bone or chic bone but recommended to use beef bone taste better

Roux (made of oil n flour - ratio is 1 cup of oil with 1 cup of flour)


1. Burn the beef bone a little in a pot with some oil then add in the mirepoux (carrot, onion n celery) let it burn for a while.

2. Add in water and let it boil for at least 1 1/2 hour. Can add in abit of salt to taste.

3. Strain the soup out from the pot then leave it aside.

4. Prepare roux - in a small sauce pot put in the oil n heat it until its very hot, use a whisk to add in the flour little by little until u get a sticky white thing like glue.

5. Then reheat the soup n add in bit by bit of the roux until you get a thick brown sauce. U can add in some button mushroom or black pepper if you like.

Hope this can help u to get something out of it. Happy trying.


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Just some time ago, I made mushroom brown sauce for my mash. I think it'll go very well with roast or even dressing for noodles and salads.

No proper recipe as I modified from a few I saw.

Basically, I made chicken broth bu boiling some chicken bones for over n hour. You can use leftover bones from roast chicken/beef/pork. I used fresh ones because I was too lazy to brown the bones. Still worked anyway :happy: flavour with salt and pepper (lots!!! :biggrin: ). And so, I reserved 2 cups or more of the broth. Extras can always be frozen for later use.

Next, I sliced a can of button mushrooms. You can dice or chop them up. On a dry non-stick pan, brown about 1/3 cup of normal wheat flour or any plain flour you have. You need to go on moderate to lower heat , stirring all the time, because we don't want to burn the flour. This took me some time. The flour needs to me brown, almost like gold colour. Add equivalent amount of butter when flour browns (ie 1/3 cup flour = 1/3 cup butter). It will turn to roux but will then become runny. It's a good idea to let it simmer to roast the flour and get that nutty aroma.

When you are ready, get a ladle and pour in the broth ladle by ladle, stirring to smoothen the consistensy after every ladle. Once the sauce gets to a consistency that you like, stop adding the broth. Add the mushrooms, and let it simmer. Taste and season with more salt/pepper if necessary.

Sauce ready to be served!!

Basically, I find it to be a very versatile recipe. Broth can have veges like carrot & celery to sweeten the taste. Mine had some scallops :tongue: . Then, can add cooked chicken bits instead of mushroom. Or both! Or anything you like. Even herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary etc etc. Most important step is the browning of the flour. Otherwise, instead of brown sauce, you have white one! And the smell of raw flour. :wacko:

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