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Yun er

Rivierra Bay

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Halo everybody,

I wander that I can still condider as new bird or not, cos since mid of dec till now I still have not get any reply or solution.

Luckilly I got advise from mhyap to browse to the right corner, thanks friend!!

ok, back to the topic.

I'm searching for anyone had ever have thier wedding dinner or attend b4 at Rivierra bay before? How is the food and atmosphere?

I'm going to organised my wedding dinner around Nov' 07 next year, dun noe the food is good or not....

actually I come from Kuching Sarawak therefore I will need many rooms for my relatives and friends who come from kuching.

That's why I'm trying thier package like maybe take their wedding dinner and they will free or give half price of the room price.

so... please please give me your opinion if you have any...

Thanks in advace...have a nice day !!

Wish you all have a great and prosperous New Year 2007!!!

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i haven't attended any functions there before, merely stayed there for 2 nights. i didn't quite like the rooms and the breakfast. rooms were abit old and leaking. dunno if they have undergone renovation or not... breakfast, well, let's just say we headed straight out for food after that. if ur relatives are not driving in Melaka, the place might be a little far off from town.

Plus point for this place is that the pool is close to the beach which is good if u're thinking of having a outdoor wedding.

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Yun er, I don't know if this comes in too late or not.. but Riviera Bay has changed management and it's now called Everly Resort Melaka... the last time I went there for the hi-tea (after change of management), it's terrible and I'll never go there anymore. Last time, I used to go for the hi-tea there with my family and we had a good time.. and also, Sporeans like to stay there whenever they come to Malacca.. not anymore though! And my cousin had his wedding dinner there 3-4 years ago, it was in the grand ballroom, very nice.. however, my brother attended a Malay themed wedding reception there 2-3 months ago, it's totally different liow.. maybe u would want to go there and see for yourself???

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