Natural Btirth - Gynea/ Obstetn to Avoid

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My Sis was with Dr Tang for her first 2 deliveries.
My brother in law was with my sis in the labour room.
It was 3am in the morning. Dr Tang was pretty professional up to the point where she became inpatient and asked my sis to push harder.
But my sis was injected with epidural. Epidural gave you all numbness and you cannot feel anything, how can you push when you cannot feel anything?
Then my sis is now using Dr Vijayavel from KPJ for pregnancy care/antenatal care for her 3rd baby which is due in end August.
Fingers cross.......

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I am really sorry for your bad experiences in this wonderful journey..

I have wrote a few articles in a website,

I hope it will help you!




Hope it helps you to find your perfect Gynae!

If you have try their services, let us know your experience as well..

And if there are other good gynae's out there, let me know!

Thank you!

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