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Beware for those who pay bills using SAM

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something to note....



Juz want to share an encounter which my fren had recently, especially for those who pay

your monthly bills through S.A.M or AXS machine. And do help to pass it on

to your frens around you before they fall into the trap.

She was queuing behind a guy who is using the S.A.M machine an he is taking

his own sweet time. But did take a look at why is he taking such a long

time, coz he keep pressing the "previous menu" button.

Then he decided to let her use first. So when she used it, the screen already

show the main menu page. She proceeded with her transaction and paid the bill

using her ATM card. Luckily she has this habit of taking a look at her reciept, found that how

come the total amount is so much. She went through the list of bills she paid and found that

she had paid one that was not hers. So she turned around and looked, the guy who was

using before her, used the machine again, keying in the same amount. She approached

him and told him, she had paid his bill. So she said wait while she called the hotline

number on the machine for help. While she was on the phone, the guy juz quietly walked

away, went to the AXS machine not far away.

She has no prove if he did it on purpose, but her gut feeling told her other wise...

after he's done on the AXS machine, there were 2 guys using it, she went

forward to remind them to check their receipt.

Imagine, if this is true, he might be using the trick every month, people

are paying his bills for him. By right, he should have cancel the

transaction or exit but instead he keep on pressing the "previous menu"

button until it reach the main menu page...

Moral of the story, check the summary shown on the screen before you

proceed with the payment, always check your receipt, if it happens, call

the hotline on the machine. They will do a refund for you by cheque. Please

pass this on... You dun want your frens to fall into this trap.

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