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Traffic Fines Increased To Rm1000

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Compound fines for traffic offences will be increased more than threefold from RM300 to RM1,000 under the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill.

Under the Road Transport Act, an officer authorised to issue compound notices such as policemen, Road Transport Department officers, council officers and others authorised to do so, would issue compound fines up to RM1,000.

The section is amended to increase the compound fine. This was stated in the amendment Bill tabled for first reading.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri tabled the Bill for first reading and the debate is scheduled for this week.

Also in the Bill is a new section to penalise anyone who manufactures, sells or distributes a registered number plate with a RM50,000 fine or three-year jail term or both.

The Bill also seeks to introduce new rules for the entry of foreign motor vehicles. The minimum age to apply for a driving licence for cars and motorcycle has also been raised from 16 to 17.

Those who drive below the permitted age will face a maximum fine of RM5,000, an increase from the original penalty of RM2,000.

Apart from this, road transport officers will also be given powers to conduct urine tests and detain those caught driving under the influence of drugs.


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RM1000? hehehe...this will give the useless cops more chances to earn bribes. Why?

If you get stopped for an offence...the cop will tell you " RM1 ribu saman! Tau? Tapi saya boleh tolong.

U bagi I RM 700 saja. Saya tak kan saman you." :angry:

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Published: Wednesday April 21, 2010 MYT 3:23:00 PM

Updated: Wednesday April 21, 2010 MYT 4:33:13 PM

Source: news

Bill to increase traffic fines from RM300 to RM1,000 withdrawn

KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Transport (Amendment) Bill which proposes compounds for traffic summonses to be increased from RM300 to RM1,000, will be withdrawn.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz confirmed that the bill, which had been tabled for first reading in Dewan Rakyat on Monday and scheduled to be debated in a day or two, will be withdrawn.

"The bill will be re-tabled in the Parliament meeting in June," he said, adding that he would have to explain to the Cabinet about the withdrawal of the bill, which has a total of 51 amendments.

Two other proposals - increasing the minimum age to apply for a motorcycle licence from 16 to 17 years and for only the Director-General of Road Transport to assign a number plate, will also be dropped.

He said the backbenchers had written to him, saying that the three proposed amendments were "not people-friendly."

Nazri also said the RM1,000 proposed fine was deemed too harsh for the lower income group and the increase in mininum age of driving licence for motorcycle might affect students in rural areas, where motorcycle is their mode of transport to attend school.

The proposed amendment on car number plate to be assigned only by Road Transport may not be able to solve problems of forged number plate as well, he said.

Asked whether the u-turn on the bill was related to Hulu Selangor by-election, Nazri said it was not in his mind at all when he made the decision.

Backbenchers club deputy chairman Datuk Bung Moktar Radin said the MPs spent two days with Road Transport Department, Transport Ministry and other agencies to discuss about the proposed amendment.

He said discussions with them would continue in order to have a people-friendly bill.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng also questioned the Government's move to increase the traffic offence fine from the present RM300 to RM1,000.

The Bagan MP added the authorities should have concentrated more on enforcement and education for motorists instead of imposing higher fines.

"This bill was hastily passed without proper discussion in Parliament.

"It should be withdrawn and brought to a select parliament committee for further discussion.

"The authorities should have looked into the problem of lack of enforcement instead of increasing the fines.

"Many people have complained to me that the fines are excessive and the amount is more than they can afford," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

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I think this is ridiculous. Like what Amanda said. This only giv more chance n more reason for police and the ppl to bribe and be bribed. Already now RM 300 the police will say.... RM 300 saman .... bagi sumbangan RM 200 tak payah saman.

Walao ... wit this RM 1000 , they lagi singa open the mouth big big ... no more RM 200. RM 500 liao !!

They (cops) get more daring asking for more ... Not only that, they even ask you go ATM withdraw money , they wait for u ...

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