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Unprofessional Doctor at Klinik Mediviron USJ Taipan Branch

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I wrote a letter and will post it today thru registered post to Dr Lim Heng Huat, the head of the Grp. Lets see whether he replies or not by 27/09/2010.

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I wrote a letter and will post it today thru registered post to Dr Lim Heng Huat, the head of the Grp. Lets see whether he replies or not by 27/09/2010.

y dun u cc a copy to the press to ensure a prompt reply?

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I tot of giving the clinic a chance to explain be4 I go to the media... to be fair just in case they didnt receive the letter at the first place... could be destroyed by tat doctor as he was there when I sent my letter... i wrote in the letter tat if i dont receive the reply by 27/09/2010, i will go to the media and mmc

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kudos to you babysiew... i too have my share of bad experience with this clinic.

but generally doctors running their clinics must make sure the locum they hire are of a certain quality. what ever reputation that they are trying to build will just go down the drain!

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Mediviron Grp replied to my mail today, 20 September 2010. They apologized and deeply regretted the incidents and assured me that action will be taken. Dr Lim and Dr Baldev asked me to meet them at their clinic to explain, discuss and settle the matter amicably. I accepted the invitation to the meeting. I appreciate them replying to me. Case closed. :)

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glad to hear it :) hope they will give you a good response and these kind of bad uncaring doctor be gone from their clinic.

nowdays, instead of going to their clinic in seapark, i have opt to go to another clinic which have lesser people and a doc who is alot nicer when i talk to them about my health.

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First of all, I would like to clarify that I have no intention to make anybody's life difficult. I am just expressing my dissatisfaction on a particular doctor at a particular clinic that I strongly feel disgusted. I just want my friends to be aware of such unprofessional doctor in Klinik Mediviron in USJ Taipan.

It happened to me on 7 December 2009. I wrote a letter to the doctor in charge but no reply till to date. I thought of bringing this case to MMA but then I decided not to because I do not want the hassle and etc.

Yesterday my brother wasn't feeling well. He vomited at home and his tummy was bad. He went to the same clinic, attended by the same doctor. The doctor didn't examine my brother (same case with me) and concluded that my brother is not sick. My brother gave further explanation on his conditions i.e. he having diarrhea and etc. The doctor said "You can still go to work with diarrhea. Office has toilet for you to use". My brother said he travels to customers' office to service their machines and the doctor replied that all along the highway and road, have toilet. Then the doctor called my brother's company HR and told them that my brother can still go to work but wants an MC.

Oh my goodness, what type of doctor is this? Do we need to bring the evidence of our vomit and diarrhea to see him? Do we need to be dying to see him? Why he treats all his patients like this? My brother went to another doctor in another clinic and the doctor confirmed that my brother is sick. His tummy is like a hurricane in it.

Dear friends, judge yourself and beware of this clinic!

This is what happened to me… my letter to Dr Baldev, which he never replies…

14 December 2009

Klinik Mediviron,

45, Jalan USJ 10/1,

UEP Subang Jaya,

47620 Petaling Jaya,


Attn: Dr. Lim Heng Huat, Dr. Baldev, Dr. Chan Kim Hong, Dr. Neo Soon Hoe and Dr. Vivek

Dear Sirs,

Re: Improper Treatment Received In The Clinic

My name is ______. I have always frequented Klinik Mediviron at USJ Taipan whenever I was feeling unwell. I always trusted Klinik Mediviron as it is a reputable clinic with reputable doctors. The doctor-in-charge and the doctor that I always see, Dr. Baldev is a good, patient, friendly and commendable doctor. So I actually have good faith in this Klinik Mediviron at USJ Taipan.

Unfortunately on 7 December 2009, at about 10.45am I have met, in my opinion, the most unprofessional person that I have ever met at Klinik Mediviron with the name Raymond. I am well aware that he is a doctor but I would not address him as such after what he has said to me.

That morning, I was feeling unwell. I had a bad stomachache at the wee hours of the morning. When I dropped my son at my mother's place, I felt queasy and unwell. I vomited twice and I had diarrhea as well. I waited for a few moments for my stomach to settle down before going to the clinic to see a doctor.

I arrived at Klinik Mediviron at USJ Taipan at nearly 10.00am. The clinic was so crowded but yet I waited patiently for my turn with a queasy feeling. The urge to vomit was still there. At about 10.45am, it was finally my turn. I went into the usual doctor's room and for the first time, I met this doctor called Raymond.

He greeted me and I returned his greeting. While I was sitting beside the table, in front of him, the conversation went like this:

Raymond: What can I do for you?

Me : Doctor, I am not feeling well. I have vomited twice this morning.

Raymond: Then?

Me : I also have diarrhea. I tried to take a cup of Milo and a piece of bread…

Raymond: But you look healthy to me. Never mind. I give you what you want.

Me : Doctor, I am really not feeling well.

Raymond: You look healthy to me. Not like lembik or what…

Me : Why don't you listen to my stomach?

Raymond: I don't need to listen to your stomach. By taking your blood pressure, I am able to know whether you are well or unwell.

Me : Go ahead and do it.

While strapping the blood pressure equipment on my arm:

Raymond: How old are you?

Me : I am 29.

Raymond: 29!? And you are so bloated!

Me : What do you mean bloated, Doctor?

Raymond: You are fat and overweight.

Me : I have just given birth, Doctor!

Raymond: Oh, when? Are you breastfeeding?

Me : No, I have stopped.

Raymond: Then there is no reason for you to be overweight.

Me : Doctor, I am feeling unwell over here. I waited to see you for nearly 1 hour to see you and all you are saying is these unnecessary stuff. There is no need to say such thing to me!

Raymond: Why are you so emotional?

Me : I am feeling unwell here, Doctor! How could you say such things to me? I am not asking you regarding my weight!

Raymond: I am giving you my professional opinion.

A professional opinion (as claimed by the said doctor), which was not being seek for at the first place by me. I was at the clinic because I was feeling unwell, because I have vomited and because I believed I was having food poisoning. The doctor who attended to me DID NOT EXAMINE me at all when I entered the room. From the moment I stepped in the room, he was just talking away, making assumptions that I am pretending to be sick and come to see him for a medical certificate! All I was asking was to be treated, to be given medicine to stop my nausea and queasy feeling, to make me feel better! I left your clinic in a very devastated mood. I have never been insulted that way my whole life!

Dear Doctors, have I done anything wrong to your clinic to be treated this way?

For your information, I went to Klinik C.J. Kwek at USJ 2 immediately after I left your clinic. Dr. C.J. Kwek mentioned that I was feverish and was having food poisoning. In addition to that, the next day, I went to work and I ended up at another clinic, vomiting at the clinic itself. This is the evidence that I was really sick and I was not pretending to be sick! The doctor that attended to me at your clinic at USJ Taipan should not stereotype me as an oh-another-just-pretending-to-be-sick-and-trying-to-get-a-MC-employee-who-wants-to-skip-work-today before examining me! He could have worsened my condition by not giving me treatment! All he gave me that day was an opinion, which I strongly believed was meant to ridicule and belittle me!

Included in this letter, are the details of the two clinics that I have visited. The doctors would be able confirmed my condition.

Klinik C.J. Kwek

29, Jalan USJ 2/2C,

47600 UEP Subang Jaya,


Tel: 03 56340632

Klinik Araa,

7-1-2, Jalan Setia Prima U13/R,

Setia Alam, Seksyen U13,

40170 Shah Alam,


Tel: 03 33439857

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Hi babysiew. what happened to your brother happened to me as well this morning. this doctor said the exact same thing that he said to your brother. the one about office has toilet that we can go to. But mine even worse. he even commented about my religion. and accused me of 'mengambil kesempatan'. i was so angry that i cried. who does he think he is. i haven't read through all other posts and replies. What's the result of your complain? i won't go to that clinic ever again. i think i can even sue him.

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I met up with Dr Baldev and Dr Lim Heng Huat. Both of them apologized profusely. They are going to sack this doctor immediately in October 2010. Dr Baldev is currently overseas to solve his matters. So when he is back, this doctor will be gone. He will not be hired to practise at any Klinik Mediviron. Both Dr Baldev and Dr Lim assured me of this. They spent about 30 min talking to me and explaining and I appreciated the effort to gain back my confidence towards the clinic.

U can write to Dr Lim Heng Huat. His clinic is at Seapark. Address can be found at www.mediviron.com.my.

I wrote a registered letter and Dr Lim and Dr Baldev replied to my email and asked to meet me personally.

It is sick. This doctor is very sick. I am so sorry it happened to you Amalia.

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Omg, it happen to me something like this morning at Klinik Mediviron Sunway Metro..

I went to clinic to get med to stop my spinning head. when i reach there:

Doctor: wat is the prob

me: my head is spinning

doctor checks..

doctor: anything else

me: i got cough and sore throat

doctor: its obviously u did not have enough sleep.

me: i..

Doctor cuts off and say: Don't GIVE excuse. Excuses is no use. u should know that u must not sleep late. Don't need give Excuse

me: no i..

doctor cuts off again and say: u no this is 24 hours clinic, no need give excuse to come this morning. There is no use of excuse. No EXCUSE

me: (so angry and tell the doctor off) Y are u so PISSED off! Y like blaming me sleep late. its not i want it

doctor suprised: no im not..

me: its not like i go clubbing or drinking!!!

doctor quickly check blood pressure and say: u have no fever but its true u have head ache, cough and flu.

me: pissed off and walk away

doctor: wait sir, u didt not go to work today?

me: no! IM NOT HERE For an MC

doctor: it's ok i will give u.


Well, i took flu med and sleep the whole day hoping i wil get better tomoro thats y i did not go earlier.

PLUS i was on leave and only want to stop the bloody spinning head so that i can drive back to my hometown cos my cousin's wife passed away. Just found out this morning. (RIP)

Just because i have long hair and piercing u wanna judge me as a lazy bum who only wants mc?!

Your patient is Human not Robot! We got feelings ok!

Thanks Dr. Mrs S!

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i agree that Mediviron Doctors attitude are worse, not only USJ Taipan branch, the other branch also have same thing happen.

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Dr Casey at Medivron Bandar Puchong Jaya branch is not bad either... very caring about his patients.. nowadays my wife and I usually went there whenever he's on duty.

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Several of my staff encountered bad experiences with this doctor named Dr Sarojani Devi at Mediviron Taipan Branch.  Latest is a minor problem like an abscess that has subsided but still there, she issued a referral letter for her to seek further treatment at PPUM.  This doesn't make any sense at all!  You mean you are not able to treat this?  How can we trust you with serious health problem?  I m now questioning if the said Dr is even qualified at all?  

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