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sean limjx

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anybody here hire sean b4, pls share ur experience here, tks in advanced.

Hi cutieling,

I know Sean Lim. He is indeed a very experienced photographer with very reasonable pricing. His work is fantastic as well.

You may refer to his website for more of his recent work: www.seanlimjx.com.

If you are interested, make sure you book him as soon as possible because he is very "hot"!

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Hi, I engaged Sean for my pre-wedding and actual day. He charges very reasonably. To be frank, I did not have much faith in him for my pre-wedding shooting as he had not done much PS. However, the results of my pre-wedding shoot turned out to be excellent. I posted in my FB and got more than 30 likes! On top of the good results, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the shooting session. He's very easy-going.... It was supposed to be a half day shooting, but he did not mind shooting until about 2... in fact, it was me who requested to stop due to the extreme hot weather. He's really professional. He did his homework on the location prior to the shooting.

Coz of the good job, I even gave up on taking another PS and engaged him as my photographer of the bride side dinner, which was just over last Saturday. It was great seeing him again after about 8 months! All members of my family commented that he's very friendly and professional. They all thought we were friends! Yes, after the PS, I really take him like a friend...

I'm also a loyal fan to his website. Photos in his website speaks everything. You should refer to his work. On top of that, he really has no air... and I'm sure anybody can get along well with him. I always believe communication is key in a photoshoot. You wouldn't want to deal with some high profile photographers with attitude problem, I'm sure!

Good luck.. All I could say is he's really a good choice.

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