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Girl Forced to Strip&BJ @ McDonald!

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Students sell bodies for hp prepaid card

FOR a RM10 top-up for their handphones, some schoolgirls are willing to sell their bodies, Harian Metro reported.

These so-called “top up” girls, first get to know the men through the Internet chat room and then go out on dates with them.

Sue (not her real name) said she started out just to look for fun and then it became habitual.

She would ask her men friends to buy her a RM10 prepaid card for her phone before going out with them and then, later, taken to a “port” to have sex.

“Usually, they take me to their rented houses. Sometimes, we just loiter around the city and watch movies.

“We do this normally during the weekends and most of these guys are the mat motor type,” said the 17-year-old, who said some of her schoolmates also indulged in such activities. Some of them provided phone sex.

Sue said it all started after she was jilted by a man, in his 20s, whom she had gotten to know through the Net.

“We exchanged telephone numbers and started having phone sex daily, before I finally met him after a month.

“His charming and romantic nature made me follow him to his house where we had sex,'' she said, adding that after a year later she found out that he was two timing her.

It was after that that she started to sell her body to anyone willing to top-up her phone credit.

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not stupid is naived. She only 14 yrs old. I guess. First time working. She always bare in mind .. wat her parents told her.. always listen to adult.. Pity right!

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